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Football club fires new CEO for being a Christian and attending a Christian church

Lately on the podcast we did an episode on “making wise decisions“, where we talked about the choices that Christians make in education and career. We talked about was the need to study something that cannot be cancelled by the secular left. And we talked about the need to work a job where even if you get fired, you have skills that are valuable to other employers.

Here’s a story from the UK Daily Mail that talks about a very talented Christian who ran into the threats that we were warning our listeners about.


A Christian lobby group says former Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn is the victim of a ‘frightening’ and ‘toxic’ wokeness in sport that targets Christians but has double standards when it comes to Muslims.

Mr Thorburn was forced to quit on Monday after only one day in the top job at the Essendon AFL club when he refused to stand down as chairman of a controversial church.

[…]Mr Thorburn was announced as the Bombers’ successor to Xavier Campbell in the CEO job on Monday.

But within hours of his appointment, his links to a City on a Hill were thrust into the spotlight, and by Tuesday evening, the embattled Bombers were left searching for their third CEO in less than two months.

In a statement on Tuesday, Essendon president Dave Barham said the board had accepted Thorburn’s resignation after they had made it clear he couldn’t hold positions at both his church and his football club.

‘As soon as the comments relating to a 2013 sermon from a pastor at the City of the Hill church came to light this morning, we acted immediately to clarify the publicly espoused views on the organisation’s official website, which are in direct contradiction to our values as a club,’ Barham said in a club statement.

This is the part where I always laugh out loud, and thank God that there is a place called Hell for secular leftists like these:

‘Essendon is committed to providing an inclusive, diverse and a safe club, where everyone is welcome and respected.

I really want to recommend to Christians that they think carefully about making public statements on social media under their real names. I recommend studying in no-nonsense STEM fields like accounting, computer science, petroleum engineering, etc. And be careful about working with progressive women and LGBT activists, who are addicted to virtue signaling.  There are no limits to what the secular left will do to silence and destroy Christians.

In my opinion, the worst sin possible isn’t murder, although secular leftists certainly support that (in abortion). The worst sin is making it more difficult for Christians to follow Jesus. Secular leftists might thing that they deserve mercy because they force Christians into silence, poverty or death. But in this universe, the real crime is making it harder for Christians to be being faithful to God. Even when the secular leftist wins, they ultimately lose. Big time.

3 thoughts on “Football club fires new CEO for being a Christian and attending a Christian church”

  1. It’s amazing that they actually believe that they are “tolerant, loving, and inclusive” when they bully Christians, murder babies in the womb, and mutilate children outside of the womb.

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  2. Very sad what America is now facing in terms of discrimination and real attacks on those the Left does not accept as having a right to express their opinions. This is what Socialist/Communist/Fascist governments have done for centuries as they took over as dictators. We must pray for those who hate so badly anyone who disagrees with them. Give us back our freedoms and give us real justice as the Constitution guaranteed.

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  3. Thanks for posting about this.

    Yeah, this frightens me — it’s happening in Canada, UK, now “tolerant and open-minded Australia.” It’s happening a bit in the US (some people were threatening to boycott Chris Pratt movies because of his affiliation with Vineyard — more known for producing modern worship music than their stance on various progressive issues but I digress).

    God forbid you actually care about proper biblical interpretation or are affiliated with a church that also has a view that’s in agreement by the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

    1) Seems like this is purely homofascism.
    Don’t agree with them, you’ll be out of positions of power and/or influence. Even out of a livelihood.

    2) Cancel culture is alive and well.

    You’re right that one should not make public statements using one’s own name (or even identifying information).

    Even donations … I think you have to be a bit careful about those. Certain CTOs have lost their jobs after they have supported certain causes.

    3) Yes, this is bullying.

    Far be it to go after say, a religion that is six centuries younger than Christianity and the second most populous in terms of adherents but has some similar social views…

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