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If Republicans take the House and Senate, could they impeach Joe Biden?

According to RealClearPolitics, polling for the mid-term Senate races is projecting 47 Republicans, 46 Democrats, and 7 toss-up seats. The House projections are showing 219 Republicans, 182 Democrats and 34 toss-ups. So it’s possible that Republicans win the Senate and the House. If they did, would they launch an impeachment of Joe Biden? On what grounds?

Here is a wonderful article by David Harsanyi, writing for The Federalist, which talks about possible grounds for impeaching Joe Biden:

  • Illegal student loan bailout
  • Going after parents with law enforcement
  • Hunter Biden corruption
  • 13 Americans dead from Afghanistan retreat
  • Using FBI as secret police to silence political enemies

Illegal student loan bailout:

Biden again knowingly subverted the will of Congress when he transferred loan payments for millions of affluent students to taxpayers in hopes of affecting the 2022 midterms. The president does not possess the statutory power to “forgive” or “cancel” loans. Just ask congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi, who correctly noted that “[p]eople think that the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness — he does not.” He did it anyway. Unilaterally. The president used the emergency powers found in the HEROES Act, passed after 9/11 to help U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, to justify his decree.

Going after parents with law enforcement:

In October 2021 the National School Boards Association sent a letter to the Biden administration requesting the FBI investigate school board protests, offering a handful of alleged acts of criminality as justification to treat millions of parents as potential “domestic terrorism” threats. The letter uses this phrase (twice) to provide the administration with the justification to trigger a PATRIOT Act investigation. Then again, all of it was coordinated. We learned later, through a FOIA request, that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona had likely solicited and helped with the verbiage of the letter. Garland, who regularly ignores violence and threats directed at conservatives, acquiesced and directed the FBI and U.S. attorneys’ offices to investigate parents.

Hunter Biden corruption:

[The GOP should] scrutinize whether the president benefited financially from his brother’s and son Hunter’s leveraging of the family name and the United States government to extract millions from Chinese and Ukrainian energy concerns—for which there is plenty of circumstantial evidence. We already know Biden lied about the extent of his knowledge regarding Hunter’s “work.” And, in a functioning democracy, it is imperative we know everything about the president’s finances.

13 Americans dead from Afghanistan retreat:

While they’re at it, it would also be nice if we could learn more about the chaotic and inept Afghanistan pullout that left 13 service members dead and thousands of Americans stranded in theocratistan. Did Biden dismiss intelligence reports warning about a swift collapse of our Afghan allies for political considerations? Why did the administration mislead the public about the number of citizens and green-card holders who were stranded? We have yet to hear a coherent explanation for why the administration handed a list of allied names to the Taliban. Nor do we know the story behind that face-saving drone strike that ended up killing 10 innocent Afghans, seven of them children. Let’s find out.

Using FBI as secret police to silence political enemies:

Maybe they could also get to the bottom of the FBI’s role in limiting speech on social media platforms during the 2020 election. The White House, after all, has proven to be quite comfortable attempting to dictate speech. In July 2021, the White House admitted it was “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” The White House not-so-subtly threatened social media platforms to suppress certain political opinions and stories. Under what constitutional power does the president get to dictate what should be considered mis- or dis-information? And under what power does Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas get to create an Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board?” How pervasive is the law enforcement agency’s contact with media companies?

What people didn’t like about Trump was that he reminded them of the hot bad boys they were attracted to who treated them badly. That’s bad, but it’s not impeachment-level bad. On the other hand, Biden and his corrupt regime are impeachment-level bad. I’d like to see the Republicans spend the next two years getting to the bottom of all of these stories. So I hope everyone votes Republican in the House and Senate races next month.

8 thoughts on “If Republicans take the House and Senate, could they impeach Joe Biden?”

  1. I’ll answer the question.

    No. I don’t think Republicans will impeach Joe Biden. Republicans in my opinion has no influence to the general population. Democrats have the total control over the media and the majority of the population believes everything they say. For example memebers in my family still believe Trump will go to jail for the capitol and Russia conspiracy because of CNN. Even though CNN is not a reliable source.

    I don’t think Trump or possibly any Republican is going to be elected.


    1. I don’t think Trump or possibly any Republican is going to be elected.

      Not a difficult prediction to make when you know that the elections are going to be as rigged as a booby trap.


      1. You don’t think ANY Republicans will be elected?? Or are you “Hoping” they won’t? Because the polls are showing otherwise . but then at the last minute we may see the other sides totals double out of the blue right?


  2. I beleive they could based on evidence. I don’t know if they should or if it will matter.

    If they can get some fear back into some gov’t agencies to know they will be held to account and that proper procedure of gov’t can be restored is more important than taking out a senile old figure head.

    There are many more corrupt people that would love to let Biden take the fall and place all blame on him.

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  3. It comes down to spine and the will to act, and as suggested above, there are more than just Biden who need to be held to account.

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  4. I think impeaching Biden over the student loan bailout would be the stupidest thing they could do. The bailout itself may have strong arguments against it, but impeaching the president over what is widely seen as just trying to help people crushed by a mountain of debt would just make Republicans look like the bad guys. If they impeach I hope they stick to obvious violations like FBI surveillance and raids or the Biden dealings with China and Ukraine.

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  5. If the Election is done fairly I can’t see the Dems winning with all they put us through. Will the Republicans Impeach Biden? Possible . But as Marshal Art said above, there’s more than just him that needs to be held accountable in Washington. The Media also needs to straighten up and also FB and Twitter with their supposed Fact-Checking. They’re social platforms with people with all different opinions. It’s not their place to do that and they’re very Bias too. What about endangering the lives of American people by supporting ANTIFA to carry on with killing, beating , destroying businesses, etc. Harris was actually bailing them out and Biden said they’re just an Idea along with letting all these illegals into our country and they too committed many vicious crimes. They shouldn’t have been here to begin with. They BETTER do something about it If they DO win.

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