Knight and Rose Show update: 24 episodes finished, here are the numbers!

Rose and I are swamped this week, so we decided to take a week off and work on new shows. So, I thought I would make a post showing the numbers from our Knight and Rose podcast so far, and remind everyone how to listen. A few of my friends told me that they are still behind on the episodes, so take this week to catch up.

Let’s start with the numbers. We started the podcast on April 15th, so we’ve been at it for just under 6 months. The most important platforms are the platforms that suggest us to other users. So, we have to care about YouTube for that reason. We have 157 subscribers, and 5,926 views so far on all 24 episodes. That’s about 247 views per episode. We don’t get a lot of comments on the videos, but if people do click like on the videos and leave comments, YouTube will show the videos to more people. Even comments like “Yikes” and “Wow” count in the YouTube ranking algorithm.

More people listen to the audio of the podcast, which is just an MP3 file that people download using Apple, Spotify, PodBean, etc. You can see all the episodes and the number of downloads across all channels here. You can actually download the episodes to your computer from that big list, but you have to click on each one, then click on Download. We have a total of 9305 downloads, which is about 388 on average. 21% of people listen on Apple, 14% by web browser, 9% by Podbean, and 8% by Spotify. I use AntennaPod on my Android phone, because it’s simple and open source.

We care about reviews on Apple, because Apple promotes podcasts with lots of 5-star reviews.  We have 19 ratings in the US market, and 3 more in the Canadian market. All of them are 5-star ratings. And we have a few reviews. We also have ratings on Spotify, 13 of them, and all 5-stars. Spotify ratings are helpful too. I also upload the episodes to Google Podcasts and a bunch of other places. And the video version goes to our Rumble and Odysee channels, in case Susan yeets us off of YouTube. We have been quite scared that would happen to us because of the discussion of Islam, homosexuality, feminism, etc. But so far, so good.

I added a section to the blog where you can see all the past episodes, with links to the blog posts. The buttons at the top of that page link to all the places where the podcasts are distributed. I’ve been embedding the YouTube video in the blog posts, because when I tried to do Spotify, Spotify would only let you hear 30 seconds. I’ve also updated the Multimedia page with a couple of audio interviews we did with Apologetics 315 and Her Faith Inspires. We’re supposed to do another video one with Tim Stratton of Free Thinking Ministries soon.

So far, a few of the young people in my office have been able to find the podcast or the blog by stalking me. I am thankful that this has not resulted in a trip to Human Resources. I wish I could tell everyone I know about the podcast. It’s pretty fun when people tell me what they think of an episode that they liked. I had a few people who really liked the recent 3-part series on common atheist objections to Christianity. Other people liked the episode on crime, police, guns and self-defense. We also got good reviews for the episode on the gospels. The most popular episode is the one on whether atheists can be moral. I got a bit excited in that one.

Some of my Christian friends are having to deal with major problems. One has cancer, one is  unemployed, one is tied up with legal problems, etc. It really makes me think about using the time I have available to take a stand on every issue that’s interesting. I don’t worry too much about how many people are listening. The important thing is to look in the Bible, make a list of Biblical views and Biblical experiences, then start ticking them off.

I definitely wanted to be on record favoring male-female relationships and natural marriage, for example. So we did two episodes on those topics (6 and 7). We wanted to say something about the right to life of the unborn, so we did an episode (16) on that. Rose and I just want to make sure that we are on record on every interesting topic. It’s fun to talk about all of these topics with Rose. We hope you’re having fun listening, too.

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