Libs of TikTok Twitter Ban

Major corporations pull ads from far-left Democrat Twitter over child sex abuse

If you had to pick one of the worst Big Tech companies that interferes with elections, censors conservatives, and enables secular left domestic terrorism, you could do worse than to choose Twitter. Now they are in hot water with their customers over allegations that they are involved with child sex abuse.

Story from Daily Wire:

According to a Reuters report, tweets soliciting child sex abuse material have appeared alongside or on profile pages of at least 30 major advertisers’ Twitter accounts. Some of those companies are now pulling their ad services off the social media platform.

Ghost Data, a cybersecurity group, released a new research report reviewed by Reuters about child sex abuse online that allegedly identified links to exploitative material containing child pornography. The information has led companies like Dyson, Ecolab, and Mazda to pause or pull their ads or campaigns from the platform.

“There is no place for this type of content online,” a spokesperson for Mazda USA said in a statement to Reuters.

The carmaker now prohibits its ads from appearing on Twitter profile pages.

According to the report, more than 500 accounts openly shared or requested child sex abuse material for 20 days during September 2022. Of those accounts, more than 70% were still active during the study.

In other Twitter news, Twitter has suspended LibsOfTikTok, an account which just shares the public videos from people on the secular left who want to sexualize children.

Here’s the story:

Once again, I have received a wrongful 7-day suspension as the result of a targeted harassment campaign from the Left to deplatform me. In response, we sent another letter to Twitter putting them on notice that we will sue them if they permanently suspend my account.

Twitter claims I have violated their “hateful conduct policy,” but like my last suspension, they have provided no explanation as to how I violated this policy. Was it hateful to expose an all-ages drag show where a stripper performed in front of children? Was it hateful to expose a drag queen who allowed a small child to repeatedly rub their crotch?

Was it hateful to expose Dr. Katherine Gast for openly stating that she “will operate on minors” for gender-affirming surgery?

The truth is I haven’t engaged in hateful conduct. I’ve just exposed the Left’s depravity by reporting the facts. There’s no rule against that, so they have to make up violations I’ve never committed.

I’m not sure which of these things Twitter supports, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they supported all of them, and that’s why they allowed secular leftists to use Twitter to allegedly facilitate child sex abuse. It seems to me that this is what Twitter really believes.

When I look at how much the secular left is doing to protect people who want to sexualize children at an early age (against the wishes of their parents), it’s hard to resist the impression that a strong streak of pedophilia is running through the secular left. They’ve always thought that children were expendable, when it comes to adult desires. That’s why they favored no-fault divorce, infanticide, and same-sex marriage (where the child is denied access to one or both biological parents).

According to Democrats, parents who express concern about their children being groomed for sex with adults are “domestic terrorists”. Interesting to see big corporations finally drawing the line. It’s about time.

2 thoughts on “Major corporations pull ads from far-left Democrat Twitter over child sex abuse”

  1. The devil uses the fact that Christians often think it is mean to point out evil in the world.

    Any Christian that sees this and is not bothered doesn’t know the Jesus that overturned the money changers tables

    The wickedness doesn’t even hide in the shadows or darkness anymore it is taunting everyone on the corner and giving out insults

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