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Biden’s FBI raids home of pro-life activist, aiming rifles at his wife and kids

If you listen to the Knight and Rose Show, you will have heard Rose talking about the pre-dawn raids ordered by Democrat DA John Chisholm against Wisconsin conservatives. All they did was support right-to-work legislation, and this DA had their homes raided. Guns drawn, dogs, body armor. Moms were being told to open their doors or they would kick the doors down, and shoot the dogs.

This is my worst nightmare. And even ordinary pro-lifers are getting pre-dawn raids, now.

Here is the latest, reported by Daily Wire:

FBI agents reportedly raided the home of a pro-life activist in Pennsylvania on Friday and arrested him.

A group of between 25 and 30 FBI agents raided the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, home of pro-life activist Mark Houck early Friday morning, his family told LifeSite News. Houck is the leader of a nonprofit group that provides sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics in Philadelphia. The arrest seemed to stem from a court case that was dismissed by a federal court in Philadelphia, but was somehow picked up by the Department of Justice, his family said.

“The kids were all just screaming,” Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, told LifeSite. “It was all just very scary and traumatic.”

Ryan-Marie Houck told the outlet that the group of agents in SWAT gear arrived in 15 vehicles outside the family home at around 7:05 a.m. Friday morning. The agents quickly surrounded the house and began pounding on the door, demanding they open up. Houck reportedly tried to get the agents to calm down, noting that his seven children were scared, but the agents kept shouting. “[T]hey had big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house,” his wife said.

Houck and his wife asked the agents why they were there, to which the agents allegedly replied that they were there to arrest him. His wife asked for a warrant, but “they said that they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not,” Ryan-Marie Houck recalled.

What did he do to get his house raided by 25-30 armed FBI agents in 15 vehicles?


According to his wife, Houck was providing sidewalk counseling at abortion centers in Philadelphia last year, and had taken his then 12-year-old son. On multiple occasions over weeks, a “pro-abortion protestor” allegedly shouted vulgarities and insults at the boy. Houck repeatedly told the protestor not to speak to his son, but the protestor continued to encroach on the boy’s personal space, still spewing vulgarities. Finally, Houck shoved the man away, causing him to fall down. The protestor was not injured, but tried to sue Houck. Though the case was thrown out this summer, it was somehow picked up by the DOJ, Ryan-Marie Houck said.

There is a GiveSendGo here, if you are feeling generous. Note that this is not a Go Fund Me, so it won’t be shut down by the secular left.

I hope everyone remembers how the secular left views people who think that powerful adults should restrain their hedonism a tiny bit, so that they don’t murder unborn human children. If the secular left is willing to kill babies, they’re certainly willing to pre-dawn raid your house with assault rifles.

We have elections in about 6 weeks. Time to stop the fascism.

4 thoughts on “Biden’s FBI raids home of pro-life activist, aiming rifles at his wife and kids”

  1. The only difference between Gestapo and the thugs is, the thugs didn’t torture him. But, it is coming to that.


  2. I notice that all of these incidents where the FBI has played Stasi/NKVD have so far taken place in “Blue” states where the CPUSA dominates the state and local government. Can we count on this remaining the case?

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  3. And still people on the conservative side will say, “Don’t act! Don’t take the bait!”. Fools! The time to act is slipping out of the people’s fingers! I’m sure we’ll all feel good about being the civilized side from our boxcars.


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