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Support for secular left policies increasing among young, unmarried feminists

Young, unmarried women vote overwhelmingly for Democrat party policies: abortion, same-sex marriage, daycare, public schools, no-fault divorce, etc. Cultural dominance of radical feminism has led to surging unhappiness, singleness, infertility and mental illness for these women. Nevertheless, young, unmarried women refuse to abandon radical feminism. They are doubling down.

First, lets review this article by Amanda Prestigiacomo from Daily Wire, that talks about a recent study on women’s declining happiness.

According to a recent study from Yale University researchers, liberated, college educated women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with before their natural childbearing years expire. In the U.K., for instance, one in five women is childless when their natural reproductive years expires, as opposed to one in ten women a mere generation prior.

So what’s to blame for this onslaught of college-educated yet terribly empty women?

The short answer is feminism.

Feminism teaches women to delay marriage for college. College is worth it if you study nursing, computer science, etc. But it’s not worth it to get a worthless non-STEM degree in grievance studies. Especially if the degree comes with secular left indoctrination, promiscuity, misandry, contempt for male leadership, and student loan debt. None of these things are attractive to men who are considering marriage.

And guess what? The marriage rate is plummeting:

Marriage Rate 2020
Marriage Rate 2020

So, how are women reacting to the failure of feminism to deliver the things that make women really happy and fulfilled, i.e. – traditional marriage, and stay at home motherhood, a big family, successful moral children? Are young, unmarried women pulling back on their support for feminism? Are they looking for marriage-ready men to lead them? Are they returning to Christianity? Are they becoming more pro-life, and more opposed to sexual anarchy? Are they voting for school choice? Are they voting for smaller government and lower taxes, so that men can afford marriage and children?

Consider this article from The Federalist, my favorite news source, written by Joy Pullmann, my favorite Federalist writer.

She writes:

NBC News recently compared several polls to find huge shifts from Democrats to Republicans in 2022 midterm voter preferences. The big exception to these shifts across many demographics was college-educated women, who in NBC’s aggregation showed even stronger support for Democrats now than ahead of the last midterm election.

“[T]he gender gap between Democrats and Republicans is actually a marriage gap,” noted columnist Mona Charen in 2014, another midterm year. “Single women vote disproportionately for Democrats and married women vote by a comfortable margin for Republicans. The decline of marriage inclines more women to vote Democrat.”

When women undertake a life plan that delays marriage, they are less attractive to marriage-minded men. Marriage-minded men want to marry early, so they have help during their struggles in school and work. They want lots of well-behaved, successful children. They want to have a legacy, especially Christian men.

When young, unmarried women vote for Democrat policies, men are faced with higher taxes, more regulation, more pressure from cancel culture, more invasion of the home by secular leftists. Men don’t get married in order to have their kids stuck into daycare and public schools. Men don’t get married to have their kids transed by anti-male teachers, doctors, lawyers and judges. Men get married to lead a home. They don’t marry women who have been indoctrinated against male leadership in the home.

Women who make themselves unattractive to marriage-minded men tend to vote for bigger government. They want to be reckless and irresponsible in their young years, then have a safety net later that makes finding a husband “optional”. Remember Barack Obama’s “Life of Julia” plan for women?

The Federalist article continues:

Beyond the obvious fact that big government functions for some single women as a husband substitute, at least financially, it’s also true that women respond more strongly than men to emotional arguments of harm and victimhood of the kind that the Democrat Party of today specializes in. Women are also on the forefront of making the leftist kind of emotional “grievance politics” arguments in both academia and the public square, as Richard Hanania and others have noted.

Men don’t marry women who decide what to believe based on feelings and peer-approval. But that’s the kind of women that society has been making in recent years. Men don’t want that. Men marry women who have solid worldviews that provide a rational grounding for moral values and moral duties.

She also notes the study I blogged about before, about high rates of mental illness among progressive white women:

Pew found in 2020 that more than half of white women who identified as political liberals had been diagnosed by a professional with a mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety.

Men don’t marry women with mental illnesses, either.

Normally, I would write a conclusion here. But her conclusion was too excellent to skip:

Women have been earning more bachelor’s degrees than men have since 1982. From 1982 to 2013, women earned 10 million more degrees than men did. Not surprisingly, women dominate even more the social science fields that incubate leftist political extremism.

It’s well-documented that most colleges now function more as political grooming and social signaling centers than centers of learning. College graduates have for some time demonstrated, on average, no intellectual development from attending college, while college attendance now does correlate with a massive increase in affiliation with the Democrat Party.

At the same time colleges have become essentially academically worthless, if not toxic, they have become saturated with women, and have increasingly marketed and reorganized themselves in feminine terms. The feminization of our culture led by this academic dominance has fueled popular and pervasive messages of cruel and unrestrained female domination of men, rather than the loving cooperation with men that marriage and family encourage.

I love when older, wiser women hold young, unmarried women accountable for their reckless, irresponsible choices. Women today have a visceral hatred for being evaluated for marriage or mentored by men. They don’t think that men with achievements have any ability to lead them. That’s why it’s wonderful when older, wise women step up and teach young, unmarried women that they are their own worst enemies. That’s what Titus 2:3-5 says, isn’t it?

Men aren’t going to solve the problem of young women’s skyrocketing unhappiness. It’s not our responsibility to save women from their own embrace of self-destructive ideologies. Young women don’t listen to men with moral convictions and solid theology. The problem will only be solved when young women choose to make better decisions.

2 thoughts on “Support for secular left policies increasing among young, unmarried feminists”

  1. Also don’t marry a woman that has a corrupt soul.

    Many today are just not a good person and you are violating the idea of being unequalled yoked.

    Today even in the church you need to be alert and in prayer be careful as there are more women that don’t follow after Jesus and have a willingness to submit to anyone including God. If someone is not submitting to God and his plan in their life they will never be a good partner


  2. It actually indicates young, educated women, not unmarried women. I agree that single women are far more liberal than married women, but the graphic underscores their education level more than their marital status.

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