Feminism Is Cancer

Woman ignored father’s objections about her boyfriend, then boyfriend murdered her

There is a big battle between feminism and patriarchy. Feminists tell women to imitate the values and priorities of the hot no-commitment bad boys. These men are the “best” men, because they they don’t want to end the woman’s fun times with “boring” marriage. That’s feminism. On the other side are the patriarchs, who tell women to choose good men, and not to delay marriage.

Here is a good story from the New York Post about a father who tried to lead his daughter, but was ignored by her.

A 27-year-old mother of two has been identified as the victim beheaded on a street in Northern California last week.

Karina Castro, who worked as a Door Dash driver, left behind 7-year-old and 1-year-old girls, KGO-TV reported.

Her youngest daughter was fathered by the man who’s been arrested for her murder, 33-year-old Jose Raphael Solano Landaeta, who goes by the name Rafa Solano.

Her father, Marty Castro, told the outlet, “Every time I saw her, I would beg her. Don’t talk to him. Leave him and it seemed like the more I did that, the more she would see him.”

Solano had been violent with Castro before, and she got a restraining order against him in April, but continued to see him, Castro’s family said.

Deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office found Karina’s body Thursday in San Carlos, south of San Francisco, after being flagged down by a witness, law enforcement sources told KNTV.

Her head had been cut off with a sword, the local outlet reported.

The trouble with feminists is that they see traditional male and female character traits as “sexist”. Chastity is sexist. Sobriety is sexist. Choosing mates based on their marriage-ability is sexist. Marrying early is sexist. Being a stay-at-home mom is sexist. Any kind of expectation on women to act like traditional women and prepare for wife and mother roles is “sexist”. Any kind of expectation on men to act like traditional men and prepare for husband and father roles is “sexist”.

So what ends up happening is that women just pick whichever man looks good to them, and gives them tingles. And guess what? The tall, hot bad boys with tattoos give more tingles than the average height guy with no tattoos or piercings who makes 80K working as an electrician. Women have been taught to avoid men who demonstrate ability at traditional male roles: protector, provider, moral leader and spiritual leader. They don’t want to be judged, and they don’t want to be led. What’s left to choose once you eliminate traditional male roles as “sexist”? What’s left is this murderer guy.

When I was interning with a big Information Technology company, I met a girl named Carolyn. Carolyn had a boyfriend who she was sexually active with. She would complain to everyone about how her boyfriend just stayed in school and studied philosophy. And about how he would not propose to her. And about how she could not get him to act morally. So I said to her, why would you choose such a man if all you do is complain about him?

The answer I finally got was that she chose him precisely because of the things she complained about. He was a philosophy student, so he could not judge her for being lazy in her career. He was an atheist, so he couldn’t judge her for drinking, smoking, or forgetting his birthday. Any time he tried to hold her accountable for something, she could easily get him to shut up about it by giving him sex. She wanted to choose a man who would not make moral judgments of her or lead her toward marriage. And he didn’t. Then she would complain that he didn’t behave morally or propose marriage.

Patriarchy is the idea that women’s fathers should be able to advise them about how to make wise decisions, especially about men. Fathers don’t have any tingles about hot, bad boys. They hate hot, bad boys. Instead, they like marriage-minded good men who read their Bibles and have long, gapless resumes. When you see radical feminists raging against patriarchy, they are raging against the biological fathers of women. They don’t like the idea that biological fathers lead their daughters towards marriage and motherhood. Right now, we are playing an interesting game in society, where good fathers are demeaned and degraded. What you see in the story above is what happens when young woman accept this view.

8 thoughts on “Woman ignored father’s objections about her boyfriend, then boyfriend murdered her”

  1. Patriarchy protected women from themselves and from bad men. Feminists love diluting the history between men and women. I have yet seen a feminist produce credible evidence for any of their beliefs.

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  2. It shouldn’t be any surprise that a culture that does not know what a woman is would have no idea what a man is. The view that men and women are interchangeable has confused young people. Single men are predators and are seeking prey. Women should no more trust a single man then they should trust a leopard. Marriage and fatherhood turn men from predators to protectors (at least for those who seek marriage and fatherhood out.) Modern society has allowed men to stay predators and then is surprised when they act like one.


    1. “Modern society has allowed men to stay predators and then is surprised when they act like one.”

      But when the negative effects starts coming back to haunt them they cry for protection. Women now don’t understand they cannot compete against a man. Women suffer when they believe they can compete against a man.

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  3. I had a girlfriend that dumped me for one. Now, after four kids she’s trying to get me back. I cut that off immediately. One, I refuse to have anything to do with someone who’s married. Two, I don’t date women with kids, especially when I wasn’t good enough for them in their prime.

    It was there I learned in part just how loosely the word “Christian” is tossed around now. She claims the faith, yet by rejecting some of its main tenants like no adultery, she demonstrates either no knowledge or plain disregard for that faith.

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  4. By letting them focus on the sin alone as the issue they get sidetracked. It isn’t the actual sin outside of marriage that is the sin alone.

    It is the active rebellion in the heart that gets them to live against the will of God. I find that the troubling issue because even if they claim they aren’t sleeping around it shows that they need to do a lot of work and submitting of their will to God before they are close to being ready for marriage

    It isn’t being judgemental to not accept someone with moral issues it is refusing to be unequally yoked with some one that lacks evidence in their life, regarding their faith

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  5. Used to be that was a good example of white trash. Nowadays, its all tattood young gals, throwing F-bombs, with a father having an intact homelife, and the family may even go to church. A chastity belt the nuclear answer.


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