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Has greater acceptance of the Sexual Revolution improved the mental health of kids?

I found a very interesting in my favorite site for current events – The Federalist. In it, the author (Scott Yenor) talks about whether society’s ever-increasing embrace of sexual anarchy has produced better health and safety for children. And he’s not just giving his opinion, either. He has several studies, so we will see some numbers.

It starts with this:

Sexualizing childhood in the name of harm reduction is the latest roll in our rolling sexual revolution. We are told that childhood sexual education is necessary to prevent suicide and interpersonal violence, prevent AIDS, avoid pregnancy, and build a safe environment in schools. According to what is known as “minority stress” theory, people with non-heterosexual orientations experience an endless series of microaggressions, overt rejections, invidious discrimination, or stigmatization that undermines their psychiatric and physical health.

Secular leftists are sure that the bad feelings that people who are reckless and irresponsible have are not the natural consequences of their own choices. No! Their bad feelings are the result of your lack of acceptance. It’s not that they are choosing behaviors that are dangerous for them. It’s YOUR lack of acceptance and celebration that is dangerous to them – YOU’RE forcing them to harm themselves… YOU’RE forcing them to be mentally ill.

The problem with this view is that society is MORE accepting of reckless, irresponsible behavior today, and yet the people who do these behaviors feel even worse than they did in the past.

Here’s a study from PLoS One (2021):

And indeed, the social environment has become much less stressful for sexual minorities than it was 50 years ago. The average age for coming out of the closet among Americans has decreased from 26 years old for those roughly born in the 1970s to 16.9 years old for those born in this century. The average age for same-sex sexual activity is decreased from 19.2 years old for those born in the 1970s to 16.3 for the younger cohort, driven by “marked improvements in the social and legal environments for sexual minorities,” according to UCLA epidemiologist Ilan Meyer.

[…]According to Meyer’s study, “we found little evidence that the social and legal improvements during the past 50 years … have altered the experience of sexual minorities people in terms of exposure to minority stressors and resultant adverse mental health outcomes.” Younger cohorts have higher suicide attempt rates (30 percent) than the older cohort (21 percent). The younger group reports more everyday discrimination, more psychological distress, more stigma, and more internalized homophobia. All in all, according to these scholars, “our findings are clearly inconsistent with the [minority stress] hypothesis.”

And another study from Archives of Sexual Behavior (2020):

In another study, J. Michael Bailey, an early adopter of the minority stress model in the 1990s, could find “no evidence to support” minority stress predictions and, he acknowledges, that “there is much evidence against it.”

Greater tolerance of sexual minorities has not led to better health outcomes or lower suicide rates or to decreases in neuroticism among gay men. Health and psychological results in the tolerant Netherlands, Bailey points out, are not much different from the results of the supposedly intolerant United States. Suicide rates barely budged in nations that have adopted same-sex marriage.

This is why LGBT activists in government, when they are confronted with the facts about how monkeypox is spread, are not concerned about setting boundaries on people’s behaviors. In their view, boundaries are harmful, because boundaries cause the people who are engaged in reckless, irresponsible behaviors to feel bad. And their feeling bad is WORSE than getting monkeypox. So, you are actually helping the monkeypox crowd if you lie to them about the direct consequences of their actions. Lying to them will hurt them less than warning them. Because nothing is really dangerous. The only thing people have to fear is being disapproved of.

Weighing 400 pounds isn’t bad for your health, the “compassion” crowd says. What’s dangerous is people who say that this is unhealthy. That’s what actually causes the diabetes and heart disease – the disapproval. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a 1000 lifetime sexual partners. That is perfectly moral, and it wouldn’t cause any harm, as long as we can use the laws and the government to force everyone to approve of it as much as they approve of stable, long-lasting heterosexual marriage, and a minivan full of well-behaved homeschooled kids.

People who behave badly turn to big government to force everyone else to subsidize and approve of their bad behavior. This is where poverty and tyranny come from. And that’s why we should be battling against the secular left and their war on morality, marriage and children.

3 thoughts on “Has greater acceptance of the Sexual Revolution improved the mental health of kids?”

  1. A clear and accurate assessment of what has been going on in our culture the last few decades — and this is something that everyone needs to understand and come to grips with, as well as figure out how to respond in truth and love.


  2. If the ministry of Jesus occurred today his opponents would ask him to call the demons in people by name to affirm them and make them feel better but not be judgemental by casting them out. Even if the spirit makes them try to harm themselves by tossing them near a fire.

    Not saying we need to cast out a demon in every person that is acting wrong today but Jesus didn’t just affirm the sin in people and celebrate it, especially if it caused harm in their life.

    If religious people did wrong that put unnecessary things in front of people he called them out and he also called out the sin in all people

    The bad side effect of pushing the myth that atheism and secularism is truly neutral is that now blatant sin has lost meaning of its spiritual cost to even many Christians

    A Christian can not celebrate sin


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