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Can you trust the government to protect you and your family?

A lot of Democrats have been raving about banning guns and self-defense over the last week, in the wake of another school shooting by another fatherless child. We know that they refuse to confront women over their choices with men and sex. Choices that cause the fatehrlessness that results in violent young men. But what do they offer to protect the people who pay their salaries from threats?

Well, they don’t want armed security in the schools. The schools are filled with people who are terrified of guns, so we can’t have armed security. Instead, we should ban guns and self-defense. Then, when the fatherless boys commit crimes, we just call the police, and wait for the professionals to arrive and save our loved ones.

Does it work? Consider this article from The Federalist.

It says:

As more details emerge about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, it’s becoming hard not to conclude the worst about the local police response: Uvalde cops apparently stood aside and did nothing while the shooter killed 19 school children and two teachers inside a classroom.

A shocking news conference on Friday revealed that more than an hour passed after the shooting began and before an elite team of Border Patrol agents, whom Uvalde police had prevented from storming the classroom earlier, decided to ignore those orders and confront the gunman, ending the massacre.

During this time, about 78 minutes, as many as 19 police officers were reportedly in the hallway outside the classroom, while multiple students inside the classroom called 911 begging for the police to be sent in. But none came.

Why did no police go into the school? Someone in the police hierarchy made the decision that they should not go in. They knew that there were children still in danger inside the school, but they did not go in.


All this comes as news reports in recent days, along with video footage posted to social media, have detailed how desperate parents gathered outside the school during the shooting and demanded that police officers there go in and engage the shooter.

One woman, Angeli Rose Gomez, a mother whose two children were inside the school, was apparently handcuffed by police for insisting they take action. When she eventually talked her way out of the handcuffs she sprinted into the school, found her kids, and rescued them herself. That was after she drove 40 miles from her workplace after she heard about the shooting.

“The police were doing nothing,” Gomez told The Wall Street Journal. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

The first thing to note about big city police is that the police chiefs are usually politically correct. So, during the Black Lives Matter rioting of 2020-2021, you would often see the mayors and the police chiefs wanting to “give space” to the rioters. The police at the bottom of the hierarchy might believe in right and wrong, and self-sacrifice. But the people at the top often believe in black lives matter and critical race theory and banning guns and arresting parents at school board meetings. The people at the top are often soft on crime.

The second thing to note is that Democrats often exacerbate crises in order to drive public opinion towards the policies they want. So, that’s why Democrats are taking action now to make health care expensive (with regulations, and by important millions of illegal immigrants who use emergency rooms for health care, etc.). They want the price of health care to go up, so that people will look to the government to “fix the problem” with single payer health care. And why Democrats are raising gas prices to make you buy electric cars, and support wind and solar power. Companies that are often owned by Democrat “bundlers” who get Democrats elected. For them, you have to “break a few eggs to make an omelet”.

Broward county sheriff Steve Israel and Hillary Clinton
Broward county sheriff Steve Israel and Hillary Clinton

Do you remember the Parkland shooting, and the Florida Sherriff Scott Israel, who went on CNN and demanded more gun banning?

Here is The Federalist article about it:

During a heated CNN town hall last week, Israel admonished National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch for daring to suggest his department had failed to follow up on huge red flags regarding the suspect. At the time it was believed the department had responded to 23 calls regarding the shooter. Yesterday BuzzFeed reported that there were an additional 22 calls, bringing the total to 45. The shooter wasn’t just a blip on the radar, he was a blimp on the radar.

Israel claimed that none of these calls led to anything actionable by the department. But we now know that the suspect made a specific threat to commit the school shooting and that the sheriff’s department was not only aware of it, but they passed it along to the school resource officer at Stoneman Douglas. That threat was actionable, yet no actions were taken.

[…]The day after the CNN town hall, information emerged that the school’s armed resource officer under Israel’s command, Scot Peterson, had failed to enter the building and confront the shooter during the massacre.

The Sherriff is a Democrat. He almost seemed to want the shooting to happen, so he could go on CNN and demand a gun ban, and more funding for his unionized police department. Democrats really struggle with holding people accountable. They prefer to arrest concerned parents at school board meetings, than to have to go into a building and stop an actual crime. There’s often no accountability for these unionized police workers.

With a few more school shootings, people will become more supportive of gun bans and gun confiscations. People will distrust individuals, families, churches and small businesses, and turn to the government to “fix the problem”. When government becomes the monopoly provider of services,  then society will be more “equal”. No one will have the privilege of defending themselves from criminals. Everyone will have the same equal response: call the police and wait an hour for them to arrive. They have to let you suffer a little, in order to get the egalitarian society they feel is best.

It’s for your own good. Just let the experts make your decisions for you. Trust the people with the non-STEM degrees. They are more virtuous than you are. They care about your kids more than you do.

6 thoughts on “Can you trust the government to protect you and your family?”

  1. This part:

    “Choices that cause the fatehrlessness that results in violent young men.”

    I was one of those young boys who would get in trouble constantly in elementary school, father wasn’t in the picture, I was simply being bad, didn’t know why, until my grandfather took the time to teach how to behave which I started to calm down.

    Majority of women in modern America don’t understand the dangers of being of having a kid(especially a boy) out of wedlock with no father in the picture.

    The gunman actions was uncalled for. But the choices from the woman who gave birth to him played a massive part in the boy’s life decisions.

    Churches are not doing anything to combat this nonsense against women. Christianity in America is pretty much dead and we see the effects of America letting go of God.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Churches are, by and large, unwilling to confront women about the consequences of their choices. And I mean churches with conservative pastors.

      It’s a combination of cowardice and the soft bigotry of low expectations. I don’t think women realize that when church leaders act as though women have no free will and no accountability, that’s not a compliment. The conservative pastors think that women are children.


      1. Well women in general nowadays can’t handle criticism, and if the conservative pastors tries to criticism them for their bad behavior, then the tithes flow will dry up. I simply believe now there’s little hope when it comes to reversing the damage from feminism,secularism, and liberalism.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. That’s because this new generation of women has been influenced by radical feminism. I think the solution is obvious, although not easy. Men just need to withhold attention and interaction from younger women. Once they realize that their bitter attitude is not welcome, they’ll change.


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