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Fascist Washington Post doxxes woman who exposes groomers in the schools

One of the accounts I follow on far-left Twitter is a lady who finds and shares public TikTok videos made by school employees who talk to very young children about sex and sexual topics. You would think that the secular leftists in Big Tech and the Corporate News Media would be opposed to sexualizing children. But you’d be wrong. They actually go after the people who expose the groomers.

First, let’s review what LibsOfTikTok is about.

Daily Wire:

The wildly popular Twitter account known as “Libs of TikTok” simply holds a mirror up to the radical Left, but apparently that’s just too embarrassing for one media figure who doxxed the woman behind it.

The move, by Taylor Lorenz, a reporter at The Washington Post and formerly of The New York Times, prompted a massive backlash from prominent figures on Twitter. Critics say revealing the identity of the woman, who scours TikTok for extreme hot takes from the far-left and posts them without comment, serves no newsworthy purpose.

[…]The Libs of TikTok account, which has about 663,000 followers, also shared an update. The founder, who The Daily Wire is not naming, said she was safe and thanked everyone for their concern and well wishes as her identity, job details, and other personal details were published Tuesday morning.

[…]Libs of TikTok has attracted more than a half-million followers and tens of millions of views on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube since launching the account in 2020. She has given several interviews, but always anonymously.

There’s a good summary of some of the things that LibsOfTikTok tweeted here.

Far-left Twitter suspended her account twice, for posting PUBLIC videos posted by the teachers themselves on TikTok. There was no newsworthy purpose for doxxing this woman – the Washington Post did it because they want to protect groomers from parental oversight. They don’t want the things that groomers say to children being exposed to the parents of those children.

The Washington post reporter literally showed up at the houses of her family, on their doorsteps, demanding more information, and intimidating her family. And the Washington Post is backing her up 100% on her harassment and intimidation.

Given the spotty record of LGBT activists (remember Floyd Lee Corkins, who stormed the Family Research Council building with a gun, and was convicted of domestic terrorism?), it’s arguable that this doxxing of an individual was a willful attempt by the Washington Post to expose her to harm – to incite violence from the secular left against her. So it’s no surprise that she is now in hiding.

Here's a bunch of violent fascist thugs

Obviously, the Washington Post journalist had help posting this private information. Software developers may find this post interesting. I find it ironic that these secular leftist hackers try to describe themselves as “anti fascist”. Their behavior is exactly and entirely fascism. These are not people who meet free speech with free speech. They are not capable of rational persuasion. They try to use threats, intimidation, and violence to suppress and destroy those they disagree with. If a secular leftist mentions being anti-fascist, you can be assured that they are willing to use force to compel you to speak and act as they do.

Please pray for the LibsOfTikTok lady. I don’t want her to suffer violence at the hands of the secular left fascists. But if that happens, I hope the Washington Post people responsible for the story, and their hacker ally, will be charged and sentenced for inciting violence against her. They should go to prison for the rest of their lives.

One thought on “Fascist Washington Post doxxes woman who exposes groomers in the schools”

  1. Don’t forget either that this WaPo lady that did the doxxing, just two weeks ago, declared on the Twitter that it is never acceptable to doxx anybody.

    Leftists should be thankful they don’t suffer physical whiplash from how quickly they say the exact opposite thing from what they asserted less than a month ago. Their necks would snap.


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