Alone in the Dark

Excellent video from UK conservatives about state of men’s rights in the UK

An ex-co-workers from 1996(!) sent me a conservative video series from the UK, called Heresies. I watched the video below on the state of men and men’s rights in the UK. The UK has some of the most terrible laws for men of any Western country. The video is a series of interviews with men (or with the lawyers of men who committed suicide) who were victims of the government and the courts.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the blurb:

Whether it be deserving men unable to progress their careers due to female quotas & all-women shortlists, the naming of men in rape allegations whilst the female accuser remains anonymous, or the appalling treatment of men in the family court system — such as denial of custody rights over children, crippling divorce settlements & child maintenance orders that invariably favour wives over husbands –, many are now asking whether men are now second-class citizens.

In this documentary, (Episode 7 in the New Culture Forum’s acclaimed “Heresies” series) the Rt. Hon Ann Widdecombe explores the issue of men’s rights in the modern age, an age when men & masculinity are consistently derided and attacked. The ubiquity of the new phrase “toxic masculinity” provides a perfect example of this.

Featuring interviews with well-known figures in men’s rights and experts in the psychological damage these experiences are regularly causing men.

Well worth the listen. It’s important for men to be guarded about how society sees them, so they can adjust and make good decisions.

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