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What specific decisions did Joe Biden make to drive up the cost of gas and electricity?

I noticed that social media, e.g. – Facebook, is marking photos of gas prices as “Misleading” and “Missing Context”. That is because fact checkers with English degrees don’t like the idea of voters blaming Biden for the skyrocketing price of gas. So, in order to get around that little problem, I’m going to list out the specific decisions and policies of the Biden administration that led to this mess.

The New York post reports:

If Biden signaled full-throated support for US drillers to get to work — and perhaps allowed the re-starting of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada — global oil prices could similarly fall sharply, the industry experts told The Post.

“Biden could go to the oil and gas industry and say, ‘OK, I’ve said we’re going to get off oil and gas and that you guys are yesterday’s industry, but I’m going to drop that,’” surmised Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment. “Part of the run up in oil prices is the psychology of it,” he said.

[…]Just last week, CEO Rick Muncrief of Devon Energy — a large driller worth around $40 billion — told Bloomberg that he’d be happy to talk to US officials about upping production. But there’s been no call. “I’m a little mystified that there hasn’t been some dialog,” he said. “It’s not been that long ago that we were asked to drill less, not more,” he said. “They need to be talking about what is it they would really like U.S. producers to do.”

That’s the kind of inaction that’s keeping prices high — up more than 40% since Russia invaded Ukraine and the war has worsened — and up nearly 90% over the past year when looking at the global Brent crude benchmark, which has risen as high as $123 a barrel in recent days when compared to its level of around $63 a year ago.

Note that: the price of oil was rising LONG BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine. And that’s because of Biden’s anti-energy policies.


The administration is reportedly in diplomatic talks with longtime foes Venezuela and Iran as it looks for alternative sources to stave off the financial crunch facing US motorists — but outreach to US firms has been limited.

Republicans and other Biden critics say his actions and proposals since taking office – such as canceling the Keystone pipeline, suspension of new federal oil and gas leases, higher drilling fees on federal land and a Democratic-led push for the Federal Reserve to implement climate change policies – have sent a clear signal to US producers.

Tom Kloza, the global head of energy analysis for OPIS, noted the Biden administration has developed an “adversarial relationship” with US producers who now face calls to increase their output.

“You’ve got diplomacy on Ukraine. You’ve got diplomacy with Iran. Now you’ve got diplomacy with Venezuela,” Kloza said. “You know, it might be advisable to have some diplomacy with oil and gas companies.”

The Biden administration has put people in power who hate oil and gas, and believe nonsense like the “Green New Deal”.

The Federalist reported this early in Biden’s term:

The Biden White House plans to cancel all oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge…

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland… will publish an order to formally rescind existing leases months after the new president mounted a White House crusade against fossil fuels on day one with moratoriums on new drilling in the Arctic and other federal lands.

[…]The Biden administration’s animosity towards fossil fuels, featuring Haaland at the top, a climate activist-turned two-term congresswoman described as “Green New Deal Champion,” has promised to make survival harder for the industry with new restrictions which could last beyond a four or eight-year term.

I asked myself whether this “climate activist” person would have a Bachelor’s degree in English, and thought “no, that’s not possible – they wouldn’t be that stupid. She has to have earned degrees and private sector work experience in the hard sciences!”

But, no. English degree:

After graduating from Highland High School, Haaland worked at a local bakery. In 1988, she enrolled at the University of New Mexico, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English in 1994. She earned her Juris Doctor in Indian law from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2006, but is not a member of the New Mexico State Bar.

The Biden administration is filled from top to bottom with unqualified non-STEM people with no work experience in the private sector related to their jobs. They want to migrate to renewable energy sources, but that’s already been tried in places like California, Canada and Germany – and it always fails.

What green energy policies did to electricity costs in California
What green energy policies did to electricity costs in California

Let’s start with California. California has long been at the forefront of converting their energy production to “green” sources.

Here’s an article from Forbes that talks about their results:

California’s big bet on renewables, and shunning of natural gas and nuclear, is directly responsible for the state’s blackouts and high electricity prices.

“We will be forced today to ask utilities to cut off power to millions today, and tomorrow, and beyond,” said Stephen Berberich, the President and CEO of California’s Independent System Operator, CAISO, on a Monday morning conference call. “Demand will greatly exceed supply.”

The immediate cause of California’s blackouts is a mismatch between electricity supply and demand.

[…]The underlying reason blackouts are occurring is because California lacks reliable, in-state supply. And the reason for that is California has been closing both natural gas and nuclear power plants.

[…]Despite these capacity shortfalls, the state is moving ahead with plans to remove 2,200-MW of reliable electricity from the grid.  That’s the amount of power produced by Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, which will be closed in stages in 2024 and 2025.

Well, how about Germany? They closed down their nuclear power plants in favor of wind and solar. It didn’t work.

Daily Caller explains:

Germany’s power grid almost collapsed in January due to poor performance from wind turbines and solar panels, according to data from a major trade union.

Wind and solar power plants under-performed in January, 2017, because of cloudy weather with little or no wind, setting the stage for massive blackouts.

[…]Green energy approaches failed to meet Germany’s stated energy goals, even after spending over $1.1 trillion. The country’s “Energiewende” plan to boost wind and solar production to fight global warming hasn’t significantly reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and may have actually caused them to go up.

[…]Due to the inherent unreliable performance of wind power and political opposition to nuclear power plants, Germany has been forced to return to coal to generate electricity. Coal now provides 44 percent of  Germany’s power,  This shift caused Germany’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to actually rise by 28 million tons each year following the policy shift.

All of Germany’s subsidies and support for green energy have sharply increased power prices, with the average German paying 39 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity. The average American only spends 10.4 cents per kilowatt-hour by comparison.

Well, third try is the charm. How about Canada? They’ve gone Green New Deal for more than a decade. How is that working for them?

The National Post reported this in 2016:

Back in 2010, deep green environmentalist Rick Smith, then head of Environmental Defence Canada, hailed Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act regime as a cost-free operation that would catapult the province into the big leagues of renewable energy. Through fat subsidies and high prices offered to wind, solar and other renewable industry players, jobs and growth would boom and Ontario would be free of its dirty coal plants. It was the End of Coal, the government said. The birth of a renewable miracle.

Now, Canadians are paying more:

The doubling of electricity prices since 2005 is big politically, but it is just the top-line item on a long list of problems, misconceptions and outright fabrications that lurk within the Liberal government’s decade-long pursuit of radical greenism.

Because they didn’t listened to engineers… they listened to their hearts:

Ontario’s Society of Professional Engineers has issued more than half a dozen critical reports on the Liberals’ tendency to let green talk and politics override sound policy. Instead of following the expert advice of engineers and people who understand the intricacies of electricity production and distribution, the government took to issuing directives right out the Premier’s office.

We have to do what works to reduce electricity prices for the poor. What works is more natural gas (fracking) and more nuclear power.

17 thoughts on “What specific decisions did Joe Biden make to drive up the cost of gas and electricity?”

  1. Yeah, since Biden is begging countries that hate us for more oil, why not then check with Cuba and North Korea and see if they can spare a few barrels?

    I’ve never seen such an exceedingly incompetent administration. It has to be the worst in American history.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s still mind-boggling that even with record gas prices this administration still refuses to do the easiest and most beneficial thing, namely to increase domestic production. But that would be too common sense for this bunch. I could go for a few mean tweets right now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’d be with you on the “youth needing gas lines” however I fear they are too ignorant and brainwashed for that to make a difference. They will just stand there “in solidarity” with whoever the Democrats say is being victimized which is causing the shortage while praising Democratic leadership for having the “strength” to force price controls due to their concern for the environment or whatever.
        I really don’t know what it will take at this point for the youth especially to wake up the the insincerity, “unintended” consequences and selfishness of leftist policies. I hope they realize it though.


  2. If you accept the fact that burning fossil fuels at the present rate is causing climate change/global warming, then you have to agree to drastically reduce consumption. We can suffer now or suffer later. Either way, civilization, if the scientists are correct is going to undergo monumental change and possible collapse.


      1. i don’t understand why we don’t use more nuclear or why Germany closed theirs down. At present we don’t have the technology to build and maintain nuclear without using fossil fuels to make the concrete, steel and other materials necessary for their construction and maintenance. Fracking is a temporary and costly. The only solution I see us reduced consumption. Hydrogen may work but technology is not there yet.


        1. It’s all about the baseline, this author of this graph chose the 1991-2020 average as the 0. If it were reproduced with 1988 as the 0 we would see massive cooling, inversely if 1985 were picked we’d see massive warming. The bigger picture is the temperature data now is within 0.1 degree of the “average” and there have always been wild swings.
          Who’s to say what temperature it is supposed to be anyway? No matter what some species will thrive and others will die, shouldn’t our motivation be to adapt to the changes so we can survive? I just have a difficult time drawing any solid conclusions about either warming or cooling based on the limited data set available to us – even if it were 250 years, in the scope of Earth’s existence that’s rather meaningless.


          1. Graph and statistics don’t mean a lot by themselves. It is how they are interpreted. In this case it is whether or not you believe that co2 increase is causing global warming..


  3. Biden administration caused this mess to push electric vehicles. We need to abandon this green energy push and restore our oil independence. Everyone is struggling due to this and it’s going to kill our economy as a result.

    Anyone with a conscious mind that has an electric vehicle needs to get rid of them. Use an alternative method. We need to put a stop to these green bullies and get our oil production back up.

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  4. The watermelon greens (red inside) are about control of humanity.
    Commies never care one bit about the environment and control is their overriding prime directive.
    Living in pods and eating bugs on the neo-feudal serf plantation is the plan.

    Liked by 2 people

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