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Virginia’s new Latino Attorney General will investigate sexual assaults in public schools

By now, everyone has read about the Virginia public school scandals, and how the Democrats lost the statewide elections for Governor,  Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. I’ve been seeing a lot in the news about Virginia’s new black Lieutenant Governor. She’s very conservative. But there’s news about the new Attorney General (Cuban) is also very conservative.

Story from the Daily Signal.


Virginia’s Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares, a Republican, said during a press conference Thursday that he plans to investigate Loudoun County Public Schools and the recent sexual assaults that took place on its campuses.

[…]A ninth grade girl was sexually assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt who entered a girls’ bathroom at Loudoun County Public Schools’ Stone Bridge High School on May 28. The same suspect allegedly committed another sexual assault just a few months later at a different school.

Juvenile court prosecutors told the first victim’s father that the suspect was under house arrest at his mother’s townhouse. But on Oct. 6, a 15-year-old boy was charged with sexual battery and abduction at Loudoun County Public Schools’ Broad Run High School for forcing a girl into a classroom, where he inappropriately touched her, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Miyares also said he plans to push for legislation, which was discussed on the campaign trail, that allows his office to take over when chief law enforcement officers think the state’s prosecutors are not sufficiently doing their job.

Miyares added his support for “a bill that would essentially say if the chief law enforcement officer in a jurisdiction, either the chief of police or the sheriff, makes a request, because the commonwealth’s attorney is not doing their job, then I’m going to do their job for them.”

More, he clarified that he is thinking “specifically” about “some of the so-called social justice commonwealth attorneys” who have been elected “particularly in Northern Virginia.”

Meanwhile, the new Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, has promised to push for school choice, which will allow parents to pull their kids out of schools that allow biological males in female bathrooms and showers.

The far-left Washington Post reports:

Political analysts say her value to a GOP ticket led by Glenn Youngkin, the party’s nominee for governor, will depend on how successfully Democrats can highlight another side to Sears: a Trump loyalist who supports a controversial Texas ban on most abortions and whose most prominent campaign ad showed her gripping an assault rifle.

“She won the nomination in part because she was able to appeal to the most conservative base in the Republican Party,” said Bob Holsworth, a longtime analyst of Virginia politics. “But her positions byandlarge are: pro-life, Second Amendment, school choice and ballot integrity. None of those issues are necessarily winners in a statewide race right now.”

The Washington Post is appalled by these positions, but it seems like a big improvement from the policies they have now. At least for parents, not so much for government schools.

2 thoughts on “Virginia’s new Latino Attorney General will investigate sexual assaults in public schools”

  1. Lol! They don’t like it that a black woman is against womb lynching???

    Nothing ever changes in the views of the Dimm Party. It’s always the 1850s for them. They won’t let black people off of their plantations without a fight.

    Where are the “bad orange man” churchians right now?

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    1. It’s so funny because people like Joy Reid are actually the ones who think that unborn humans have no rights. She is the ideological heir to the black slave traders of africa, who sold slaves to Arabs and Americans.


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