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LGBT fascists persecuting Christian business owners for their faith in Colorado

People throw around the word “fascism” a lot without really knowing what it means. Fascism means using the government to violate someone else’s Constitutionally-enumerated inalienable human rights. Things like free speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, etc. Do you know who is really good at using the government as a weapon against others? LGBT activists.

This story is from The Federalist:

Lawyers representing a Colorado web designer who was slapped with a gag order in July that forced her to celebrate causes she believes are wrong filed a petition to appeal the case in the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday.

Lorie Smith, the founder of 303 Creative, lost a 2-1 ruling in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit which mandated that she create custom graphics and websites for LGBT customers despite messages that contradict her religious convictions.

It’s always interesting to see how the the government justifies forcing Christians to act against their consciences – something they would never do with other religions, such as Islam.

Here’s what they said:

The 10th Circuit rejected Smith’s case against CADA, writing that the law “permissibly compels [Lorie Smith’s] speech,” and concluded, “a faith that enriches society in one way might also damage society in [an]other.” Smith was also reprimanded with a gag order that keeps her from placing a note on her page about what sites would be consistent with her convictions.

Got that? Faith isn’t about your personal freedom and your conscience rights. Faith is about “enriching society”. And who decides who enriches society? The secular left fascists, that’s who.

And violating a Christian’s conscience is really what’s at stake:

“I have clients ranging from individuals to small business owners to nonprofit agencies. I have served and continue to serve all people, including those who identify LGBT,” Smith explained to reporters on Friday. “I simply object to being forced to pour my heart, my imagination, and talents into messages that violate my conscience.”

Do you know what’s worse that the state of Colorado doing this to Christians? All 50 states doing this to Christians.

The Equality Act

In a previous post, I explained that only states that have “non-discrimination” laws are able to punish Christian bakers, photographers, florists, etc. We are seeing the punishment of pro-marriage people in the states with these “non-discrimination” laws, e.g. – Oregon, New Mexico, Washington and so on. See the map below for more.

States with non-discrimination laws
States with non-discrimination laws

But the Democrats in the House and Senate are actually trying to ram these SOGI laws into all 50 states, so that Christian businesses in all 50 states would become vulnerable to LGBT fascism.

These SOGI laws really are anti-religious-liberty laws, because they force you to agree with the gay agenda, or else face consequences. They force you to violate your conscience, just because you don’t agree with redefining marriage. If this law passes, it means that anyone who disagrees with gay marriage being the same as child-centered natural marriage would be a potential target for the federal government. How would you like to choose between having a job, and being a Bible-believing Christian? That’s what the LGBT fascists want you to do.

8 thoughts on “LGBT fascists persecuting Christian business owners for their faith in Colorado”

  1. The Gaystapo is on the move for sure. You are correct that they don’t dare try this with Muslim owned businesses. They throw gays off of buildings in the religion of “peace.”

    Meanwhile a lot of Christians back down from what will be the ultimate destination for LGBTQPWXYZ. But, God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for far less than what these people are engaging in today in our country. On some level, perhaps they know it. I see that RINO traitor Liz Cheney conceded to the Alphabet Mafia recently too.

    So, it is nice to see rare Christians like this woman stand up to the “love and tolerance” crowd.

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    1. You’re on about gaystapo. When Hitler formed them, most were former members of the Vogul Jungen, a violent gay teen activist organization. Too many officers in our military would like to go a la Spartan as Hitler did.


  2. I still say don’t worry about a few bad reviews it is cheaper that a legal fight if your gov’t does not care about you.

    Do a minimal job and if they complain offer a refund or they can go to somewhere else for the business.

    You aren’t obligated to do a quality job

    It shouldn’t be this way but people aren’t wanting to back businesses and standing up for your rights likely costs more business loss and expense than doing a bad job

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  3. One thing we can do to stand up to the LGBTFHJVGUJ bullies – and bullies is exactly what they are – is patronize the businesses they harass.

    They’ll keep pushing and pushing until people stand up to them. It’s beyond time to counteract them.

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    1. That’s what happened when Obama picked on Chick-Fil-A – customers were swamping their restaurants.

      Unfortunately, they later went woke.


      1. One that comes to mind is Masterpieces Cake Shop in Colorado. They’ve been harassing that poor man for years. It’s disgusting.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, and yet the church is more concerned about masks and vaccines and opening the borders and spreading the wealth around, because we care what atheists think of us.


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