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How will you marry and support a family as a conservative Christian?

I sometimes feel that I am very weird compared to other people when it comes to work. I have this terrible fear that the secular left will force me to choose between being a Christian and being able to earn enough money to not starve. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I never married, and never had children. And it’s only going to become more difficult for younger Christian men.

Here’s an interesting article that Randy posted from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

It says:

CEOs tripping over themselves to prove how “woke” they are has become de rigueur, but the news that American Express subjected its employees last year to what can only be described as Marxist “re-education” sessions has struck a chord—and rightly so.

[…]It would seem, though, that AmEx doesn’t want to hear any dissent. One ex-employee, Brian Netzel, just filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that he was fired for voicing his opposition to these sessions.

I’ve been blogging about how people get fired for being conservative and/or Christian from all sorts of big corporations, and not just in Big Tech. Even with good technical skills, it’s challenging to find a job where you can just earn money, and not have to deny your own convictions and worldview. That sort of thing is common in secular left regimes of the past and present, but I’m still getting used to it.


As one of America’s top investigative journalists Christopher Rufo has reported, American Express has demanded that its employees map out their degree of privilege, determine whether they are in an oppressor or marginalized category, and then asks whites to act subordinately to members of minority categories.

AmEx’s workforce has even heard speakers demand that the company discriminate racially by charging black customers lower premiums.

Moreover, the company’s handouts lead employees to the group Critical Resistance, which advocates for the dismantling not just of police but also of the prisons system.

[…]Critical Resistance was founded in 1998 by three committed Marxists: Angela Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Rose Braz. Davis herself ran twice as Vice President on the Communist Party ticket.

American Express also brought in Khalil Muhammad to harangue its long-suffering employees about how capitalism is racist and steeped in “racist logics and forms of domination.”

I’ve written before about how the problems and solutions of BLM / CRT people are different than the problems and solutions of Christians. No Bible-believing Christian can sign off on BLM / CRT. Destroying the family and implementing Marxism are not the Bible’s solutions to the problems of wealth and poverty.

How are Christian men who reject BLM / CRT problems and solutions for the Bible supposed to survive in corporate America? And if they can’t keep a job, then how can they marry and afford to raise children? It seems like the man would have to compromise.

For example, a Christian man who marries and has children might:

  • mitigate job loss risks by cutting back on charitable giving
  • not have a public ministry under his own name
  • not participate in any serious discussions at work
  • learn to compartmentalize their faith, which can lead to secularism and eventually atheism (I’ve seen this happen)
  • be exposed to harm from leftists in community and schools

What makes this situation even harder is that the Christian man is all alone. Most churches have embraced a new feelings-based version of Christianity that agrees with the priorities of woke corporate America. Christians no longer defend the Bible. Instead, the new feelings-based Christianity says that people can do whatever they want and never be judged. There is a horror of making anyone feel bad by not agreeing with them about following their heart. And if that blows up in their faces, then it’s the fault of other people who made better decisions and got better results. This is the new feelings-based Christianity – moral standards and accountability are out, affirmation and non-judgement are in.

The new Christianity teaches that you determine God’s will for your life through your feelings. If it doesn’t work out, then no one can judge you or teach you to do better – because that might make you feel bad. And if you happen to have some abortions, frivolous divorces or fatherless kids along the way? Well, too bad for them – we wouldn’t want to lose our non-Christian friends by warning them about the likely consequences of their actions. The goal of the new Christianity is to never tell anyone that they should obey God instead of doing what they feel like doing. The goal is to feel good and be liked.

As a Christian man, what I have learned is that if I try to promote a Bible-based moral view in public, that not only will there be trouble from the corporate world, but there will also be trouble from the no-judgment Christians. In the corporate world, telling people that their problems are the result of their own actions will get you fired. In the church world, telling a single mother that her problems are the result of her own choices will get you thrown out of the church. You can’t tell people anything that places the blame for their actions on them, even if the Bible agrees with you.

So, as a Christian man, you have to lie about your convictions at work to keep your job, and you have to lie about your convictions in church to avoid the wrath of the feelings-Christians. You can’t teach any exclusive theological truth claims. That’s intolerant. You can’t teach any exclusive moral truth claims. That’s lacking compassion. Just where are Christian men supposed to go to say what we really think?

The no-judgement Christian crowd needs to understand that in order for Bible-based men to marry, they have to be able to hold down a job. We don’t take on additional responsibilities like marriage and children when it is hard enough already to put food on the table for ourselves and still be faithful to the Bible. If feelings-based people want Christian men to marry, they better dump this new feelings-based version of Christianity, and start doing actions to make it safe for Christian men to earn a living without compromising our convictions. Otherwise, Christian women can marry men who don’t have those convictions. See if that works out.

6 thoughts on “How will you marry and support a family as a conservative Christian?”

  1. It’s even more than a thought experiment right now, because many Christians, and non-Christians, are getting fired for refusing the jab and medical Marxism. Now, I know many Christians who took the jab too, but here is my question for them: when they come for me and my fellow non-jabbers, and they are already doing that, will you raise your voice in principle or just silently watch us get fired and then trained off to the quarantine camps (that they are building in Australia)?

    Because make no mistake: every time we give in to Marxism on some level, we are one step closer to losing our soul. I realize that we cannot resist perfectly – nobody is expecting that – but I did modify Niemoller’s poem:

    First they came for the Unborn Babies
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not an Unborn Baby

    Then they came for the Maskless
    And I did not speak out
    Because I wore my mask like they told me to

    Then they came for the jab resisters
    And I did not speak out
    Because I took the jab like they told me to

    Then they came for those without the Jab Passport
    And I did not speak out
    Because I had my papers all in order

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

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  2. In a real sense compartmentalization, if I I understand the term is already a kind of atheism, it’s like trying to tell God “stay there and go no farther”. If you believed God was who He said He was, would that fly?

    If I recall part of John Wesleys message was encouraging Methodists to do business with other Methodists, hire other Methodists. Not just alms, but helping each other become economically viable.

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    1. The thing is, the feelings-based Christians don’t see a problem with forcing a man to comparmentalize. That’s because for them, Christianity just means “don’t judge, so people will like you, and you’ll feel good”. That’s all it means. Whatever is in the Bible (they think) only confirms the new feelings-based Christianity.

      It’s C.S. Lewis’ “Men Without Chests”. They neuter the men they want to marry, then they cry “Where Are All The Good Men?”. Um, they are underground – they have been forced to conceal their convictions, and they don’t have the employment stability to marry you and have kids with you.

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      1. “They are underground”

        Those are the very words I uttered when, in my last gasps of atheism, I came to realize that Christianity actually existed in America.

        “It’s real. They exist. They might be underground, but they exist.”

        I simply cannot describe how stunned I was. I thought that all Christians were just atheists with one fewer hour on Sunday mornings. Really.

        Believe it or not, you are converting a lot of people without even knowing it when they see men with chests like you. They certainly cannot accuse this blog of “easy believism.” :-)

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  3. I think part of what you describe is just modern progressive Christianity, which has always been married to cultural fads. There is, however, a shallow and cowardly faction within the invisible church, though.

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