Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)

Google whistleblower: Google “rewrote algorithms to go after Trump”

I know that I am not alone in experiencing a MASSIVE drop in page views from the Google search engine since Trump won the election in 2016. My traffic from the search engine went down 95% almost overnight. Others have reported similar drops. In this post, I wanted to review the evidence that has convinced me that Google’s products are designed to favor the Democrat party.

Here’s the latest on a Google whistleblower, reported by Breitbart:

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, co-author with Kent Heckenlively of the new book Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship, explained how Google “re-wrote their news algorithms to specifically go after Trump” in an interview with the Epoch Times.

Vorhies passed hundreds of internal documents to Project Veritas in 2019, including items from the company’s YouTube search blacklist showing direct interference in democratic votes.

In his interview with the Epoch Times, Vorhies displayed internal files showing how Google ranks news stories. “This is called realtime, hive-mind scoring,” said Vorhies.  “They literally built it, they re-wrote it according to the fight that Trump was having with [James] Comey.”

Leaked videos of internal presentations by Google executives confirm pro-Democrat bias.

Breitbart reports:

A few days after the 2016 election, at an internal meeting later leaked to Breitbart News, top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, and Kent Walker, lamented President Trump’s victory, comparing Trump voters to “extremists” and discussing their desire to make Trump’s election and the populist movement a “blip” in history.

The Google search engine was investigated for blacklisting conservative web sites.

The Federalist reports:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai brushed off questions Wednesday before the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust related to the tech giant’s apparent blacklisting of conservative groups last week when about a dozen major websites were temporarily de-platformed.

[…]The websites targeted in last week’s blacklisting, according to NewsBusters which itself was temporarily de-platformed last week, included the Washington Free Beacon, The Blaze, Townhall, The Daily Wire, PragerU, LifeNews, Project Veritas, Judicial Watch, The Resurgent, Breitbart, the Media Research Center, and CNSNews among others.

Google is reported to be hostile to employees who dissent from the Democrat party.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Republican Google software engineer has written an open letter describing a culture of left-wing “outrage mobs” that make use of the company’s anonymous bias reporting channels to shut down dissent.

The article quotes him saying that he was forced out of Google.

The far-left Washington Post also reported:

James Damore, the former Google engineer who was fired after distributing a memo questioning the company’s diversity policies, filed a class-action lawsuit Monday claiming that the technology giant discriminates against white men and conservatives.

According to the Washington Examiner, Google, YouTube and other Google-linked companies gave 90% of their political donations to Democrats:

A study released Thursday found that 90 percent of political donations by Google, YouTube, and other subsidiaries of Alphabet have gone to Democrats.

In 2016, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Alphabet employees donated more than $5.8 million to Democratic candidates and causes, while only $403,042 was contributed to Republicans. Ninety-four percent of Alphabet contributions in that year went to Democrats.

Breitbart News reported in March 2019 on how Google used their products to influence elections:

New research from psychologist and search engine expert Dr. Robert Epstein shows that biased Google searches had a measurable impact on the 2018 midterm elections, pushing tens of thousands of votes towards the Democrat candidates in three key congressional races, and potentially millions more in races across the country.

The study, from Epstein and a team at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), analyzed Google searches related to three highly competitive congressional races in Southern California. In all three races, the Democrat won — and Epstein’s research suggests that Google search bias may have tipped them over the edge.

This confirms a previous study from 2016:

The research follows a previous study conducted in 2016 which showed that biased Google results pushed votes to Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Here’s another study reported in May 2019 by the UK Daily Mail:

Google’s bias towards left-wing media outlets has been laid bare by an algorithm which detected that it favors sites including CNN and The New York Times over others.

According to data compiled by researchers from Northwestern University, the search engine promoted those sites over others repeatedly in November 2017.

Of the 6,302 articles that appeared in Google’s ‘top stories’ page that month after a term was searched, more than 10 percent were by CNN.

The New York Times was the second most favored and accounted for 6.5 percent of articles. The Washington Post was third with 5.6 percent.

By contrast, Fox News, the most right-wing outlet in mainstream media, was the source of just three percent of the stories which appeared.

See for yourself the difference it makes:

Study: Google uses its products and services to supports Democrat Party
Study: Google uses its products and services to supports Democrat Party

Leaked internal Google documents label Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis”.

The Daily Wire reports:

A newly-published leaked document contains what appears to be an email exchange among Google employees participating in a “transparency-and-ethics” discussion that includes a reference to PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro as “nazis using the dog whistles.”

Youtube, which is owned by Google, has censored conservatives who disagree with the Democrat party.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In the latest example of bias against conservatives, YouTube is censoring videos from conservative group PragerU by placing them on “restricted mode.”

The category, which is applied to videos that may contain “potentially objectionable content,” was applied to 21 PragerU videos, the group announced on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

It may be too late to do anything about Google now. We had the chance to do something when we had majorities in the House and Senate, and the White House. That was the time to investigate Big Tech, break up the monopolies, press charges against the executives and pass laws to allow victims of censorship to sue. It’s probably too late to do something now.

My advice now is to stop using Google Chrome, Google’s search engine, and any other Google products. I use the Brave web browser, the DuckDuckGo search engine, and I don’t buy Google phones, tablets or laptops. I think Google is anti-American.

3 thoughts on “Google whistleblower: Google “rewrote algorithms to go after Trump””

  1. They also scrub and suppress any links negative to their pro-abortionism. You can still find some, but it’s really difficult.


  2. Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis”. ? When someone makes a claim like that against any conservative, I reply, how could they be Nazis? they’re not democrats.
    Most people have no clue what Hitler wanted done, or that the DNC is our Nazi Party and doing all Hitler wanted.
    The question is, who’s blackmailing these people? Zuckerberg’s wife is Asian and hates the chicoms, yet he supports the DNC which supports chicoms. Watch them when they talk and see it, the men, at least. Simply by explaining, then showing, I’ve seen a lot of liberals walk away from the DNC. Teach! All of you are more intelligent than average. Gather information and show people why liberalism destroys.


  3. I’ve also been moving away from Google services for the same reasons you’ve stated.
    From google.com to Qwant as my search engine
    From the Google Chrome browser to Brave
    From gmail to ProtonMail.
    From an Android (Google operating system) to a de-googled Android phone
    From Google Docs to skiff.org
    From Google Maps to a Garmin.
    I wish you well!


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