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Can atheists be moral? Let’s look at a “rising star” in the Democrat party

I’ve heard from atheists how easy it is to jettison a moral Lawgiver from one’s worldview, and still be able to rationally ground objective morality. No matter how many times these atheist’ “philosophers” are caught supporting pedophiles, rapists, and the policies that enable pedophiles and rapists, they never seem to learn the lesson – dump God, and you will end up championing immorality.

Story from National File:

Arizona State Senator, Tony Navarrete, an openly gay Democrat and founding member of Arizona’s LGBTQ Caucus, has been arrested for child molestation. Phoenix Police confirm that Navarrete, widely considered a “rising star” within the Democrat Party, faces multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, among other charges.

While few details surrounding the charges and arrest have been made immediately available, local media has confirmed with Phoenix Police that Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrete “was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 5, and charged with multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor among other charges.”

[…]Navarrete has been a member of Arizona’s legislature since 2017, first winning election to the State’s House of Representatives where he served one two-year term before being elected to the Arizona Senate, entering that body in 2019. As a member of the legislature, Navarrete, who is openly gay, has made his homosexuality a centerpiece of his political schtick, helping to found the Arizona LGBT Caucus during his first year in office.

Navarrete has made several appearances alongside high-profile Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris and far-left New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Considered a “rising star” within the Democrat Party, Navarrete was expected to announce a statewide run for Treasurer of Arizona.

What do atheists who support Democrats and celebrate redefining marriage to embrace atheist values of non-exclusivity and non-permanence have to say about this? They say “well, I didn’t do it – I only voted for it. I only voted for it for decades, and promoted it through my voting and political advocacy”.

The problem with atheism is that it isn’t really a rational position or a cognitive worldview at all. It’s just the denial of moral accountability, and the denial of whatever parts of reality challenge that.

Why do atheists deny science, such as the origin of the universe or intelligent design? Because science points to an objective moral lawgiver, and they don’t want that. Why do “moral” atheists vote for pedophiles and support rapists running for office? Because the most important overriding concern is autonomy from that pesky moral lawgiver. It doesn’t matter what science they have to deny.

It doesn’t matter which children – born and unborn – have to suffer. It doesn’t matter what the lives of fatherless children are like. They cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door, to mess with their pursuit of hedonism. They vote for a world where every trace of objective morality and moral accountability has been erased.

It really is that simple. Atheists become atheists when their desire for happiness is first thwarted – LONG BEFORE they ever look through a telescope or a microscope at the evidence. It’s not the result of some long, dispassionate chain of reasoning. Logic and evidence DON’T MATTER.

If they have to elect a few pedophiles and rapists in order to protect their right to an abortion, that’s what they’ll do. Too bad for the weak, because it’s survival of the fittest in an atheist universe – that’s the way they like it. The goal is to keep God as far as possible from their reckless, irresponsible actions.

7 thoughts on “Can atheists be moral? Let’s look at a “rising star” in the Democrat party”

  1. There’s a pervert in the White House who has openly and publicly fondled children numerous times, and continues to do so, with no remorse – or concern from the media.

    The rapist in the White House in the 1990’s is still a “rock star” of the Dimm Party. And Cuomo the Executioner just isn’t going to resign for murdering nursing home patients, unborn children, or sexual harassment.

    These are Dimms doing their dirty deeds while in office. Not former nasty Dimms, like Trump, who turned away from their nastiness and pro-abortionism. That’s the difference between being on the wrong path and the right one.

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  2. I think they are doing what’s right in their own minds, and we know what The Word says about that.


  3. You nailed it. Nietzshe said “God is dead”, meaning Western intellectuals had stopped believing in God. But God was only a collateral casualty (like the wife of a terrorist). The real target was the moral law.


  4. This was Hitler’s goal, to remove and morality, any sign of good. Hitler said, “I want to raise a generation of young people that will be void of a conscious, relentless, imperious, and cruel.” Atheists have achieved their goal.


  5. Agreed. I would just add that if we are following Christ, we are on a path of increasing sanctification, Glory to God. So, yes, you are correct that “no one is good, not one” but also “be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”

    If our lives have not changed (in terms of morality and loving our neighbors as ourselves and loving God) following our conversion, then maybe it didn’t take.

    So, by the Power of the Holy Spirit only, we can be “moral,” but whatever good is there is the Good of God and not due to us. I’m agreeing with you – just pointing out that in terms of morality, there should be an obvious difference between our pre-conversion and post-conversion lives. And that difference is Christ and Him alone.

    I know you realize this, but I wanted to make that very fine point for other readers.

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  6. “Christians are not “moral”, they try, and often fail, to act morally.”

    Right, but we are not talking about Christians.

    Most people don’t become Christian or atheist because of intellectual reasons, because most people don’t do anything because of intellectual reasons. The intellectual part of the brain is much weaker than the instinctual or emotional part. Human beings are not rational animals, but animals that rationalize.

    In the case of atheism, it cannot be denied that most atheists are so because they want to practice their desires (especially, their sexual desires) without guilt.

    Christians can have other emotional reasons to become Christian but they don’t include the reason of practicing desires without guilt.

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    1. A Christian, I’m under grace not under fire. People who obey will still fail. Paul did. But, we have a Teacher whereas others do not. Ask and you shall receive. Ask for teaching and prosperity of the soul and you’ll have it. Jesus did. Ask always to be kept in Father’s perfect will and to be delivered of what needs to go, then meditate on that. You’re comfort zone is Psalm 23, and always friendship with the Holy Spirit. walk in His beauty


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