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UK’s government-run NHS healthcare system wants to kill a child against parents’ wishes

Every day in the UK, the government-run health care system kills patients so they can pay their unionized work force lavish salaries and benefits. As with any government-run system, waste and inefficiency is rampant. Far-left politicians spend taxpayer money on elective / cosmetic treatment and call it “health care” in order to buy votes from the reckless and irresponsible voters.

You can get sex-reassignment surgery, breast enlargements, in-vitro fertilization, etc. for free, but if you get cancer, they’ll put you on a waiting list until you die. All the better to give themselves 30-year pensions at taxpayer expense.

Here’s a story from the Daily Wire that shows how things work when secular leftists run health care:

Parents are fighting to keep their two-year-old daughter alive after a United Kingdom judge ruled in May against the family, stating it’s in the girl’s “best interests” to allow the hospital to remove her life support.

The parents of Alta Fixsler, 2, contend that their Jewish faith bars them from allowing the hospital to remove their baby from life support and that they are trying to have Alta relocated to a hospital in Israel or the U.S. at no charge to the government-run National Health Service (NHS).

“There is no reason to kill my daughter like this,” the baby’s American father Abraham Fixsler told the New York Post.

The Jerusalem Post reported on the case, Sunday:

Alta Fixsler is a two-year-old girl who was born prematurely and sustained a severe brain injury. She and her parents are Israeli citizens and hassidic Jews. The hospital decided that Alta was “experiencing pain” and has no quality of life and therefore petitioned the British High Court for permission to remove her life support. Numerous pediatric neurologists contest the hospital’s position and insist that Alta does not feel pain. Still, the court gave the hospital the unilateral decision-making power over the girl’s life.

Motivated by the Jewish outlook on the unconditional worthiness of every human life, Alta’s parents have made every effort to save her life and vigorously oppose the hospital’s intentions. Removing life support is prohibited by Alta’s Jewish religion, and is against Israeli Law.

Hospitals in Israel and the U.S. have offered to take Alta into their care, the report noted. United Hatzalah Air, too, has offered to fly the baby to any destination needed without charge.

“The life-saving effort would not cost the UK National Health Service a penny, yet in scenario that can only be described as Kafkaesque, the doctors in the UK are not willing to release the child to the parents’ family, determined to kill the child instead,” The Jerusalem Post argued. “The entreaties of dozens of politicians, hundreds of clergymen, and numerous human rights activists from around the globe have fallen on deaf ears.”

“There are a lot of places around the world where I can take care of my daughter and they would be happy to take care of her long term,” 28-year-old Fixsler said. “Let me go. That’s all I am saying.”

“The doctors don’t think she has quality of life. But I think she has quality of life,” the father argued. “This is something very, very painful.”

Family spokesman Yossi Gestetner told the New York Post, “Our value of life is built into our religious upbringing. Orthodox Judaism encourages the continuation of life until all means are exhausted.”

This sort of thing happens all the time in the UK, and if anyone speaks out about it, the police are there to monitor their dissenting speech, and take action.

UK Police enforces the decrees of the government-run NHS
UK Police enforces the decrees of the government-run NHS

Remember the Alfie Evans story from a few months ago? They would not release a sick child back to the parents, but instead chose to guard the hospital with armed police to keep the parents out.

The NHS killed the (born) child through asphyxiationstarvation and dehydration. And it was done against the will of the parents.

The parents wanted the child back so that they can take the child to a country that has modern private-sector healthcare facilities and skilled, moral medical personnel. Italy volunteered to provide these things, and has even sent an air ambulance to transport the child. But the NHS insteadkilled the child, because they have decreed that the child is unfit to live, i.e. – “life unworthy of life“. This is not surprising, as the NHS also kills millions of unborn children as well.

The judge who initially ruled against the parents of little Alfie previously ruled that a patient in a minimally conscious state be starved to death, according to Life Site News. The appeals court judge also ruled against the child because the parents were hostile to the NHS. So, the NHS can’t release the child because his parents are “hostile to the NHS” after the NHS kidnapped and starved their child. This is the kind of legal reasoning that you can expect from the judges in the UK.

Still think that government-run health care is a good idea? It’s never a good idea to pay unionized thugs money up front, and then beg them for goods and services later. Keep your money in your pocket so that you can get what you need when you need it. You cannot trust secular leftists to act morally. There is no rationally-grounded concept of objective morality in the atheistic worldview.

6 thoughts on “UK’s government-run NHS healthcare system wants to kill a child against parents’ wishes”

  1. That is so creepy how they are monitoring social media. The cowardly leaders are primarily enforcing stupid laws on the compliant people, while ignoring the truly violent – just like in the U.S.

    About a year ago I had lost 25 lbs. because of my cancer and was losing another half pound a day. I was blessed to get rapid and thorough treatment here. I would have almost certainly died in the UK.

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    1. They don’t have a good reputation for cancer treatment.
      The feminized society is opposed to moral judgment. They encourage people to be risky and reckless by refusing to judge. Then the heath care system is overwhelmed.

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  2. It’s bloody murder – plain and simple.

    The same country that was once outraged by Gestapo murders now mimics the Gestapo.


  3. As a healthcare worker, it would have been more helpful to get an idea of the state this child is in, tho I understand it may not have helped the emotional strings they wanted to tug at. If the child is on a ventilator and would require one long term, what type of brain activity, if any, does the child have if she does not feel pain? PEG tube/G tube feeds? I’ve worked in the ICU and watched families grasp at straws for “life” that is completely gone in their loved one if it weren’t for all the tubes and machines barely sustaining their very basic bodily functions. I understand how hard it is to let go of a child and I can’t imagine the hardship I’ve seen parents go through but I applaud the ones that realize that living life as essentially a vegetable is not life. I’ve worked in Texas, one of the most conservative states in the US, and even Texas law allows hospitals to take patients off ventilators who are considered brain dead with a considerable amount of time for their family to find other accommodations (another hospital or facility willing and able to take a total-care patient on life support).


    1. If they have a hospital in another (more civilized) country and transportation to it for the child, which has happened in numerous cases, and appears to be the case in this situation, are you still in favor of this sort of medical kidnapping by the NHS?

      Does the child being Jewish have any bearing on your life or death decision? Would it make a difference if this happened in a cattle car instead of a “hospital?”

      Were you in favor of putting down Terri Schiavo by dehydration with a glass of flowers in water next to her bed and police in the room to ensure that nobody relieved her suffering by dipping their fingers into that glass and wetting her lips as she died a gruesome death?


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