New Census Bureau data: U.S. marriage rate reaches all time low

Marriage rates in the United States over time
Marriage rates in the United States over time

This is the latest data from the American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau.

Over the last few decades, feminists thought that they could redefine many of the core aspects of marriage, and that men would still continue to marry. But the truth is that marriage used to be a pretty fair deal for men, now it just isn’t under the new rules.

Marriage used to mean:

  • Being the legally and socially recognized head of the household.
  • An expectation of regular sex.
  • Legal rights to children.
  • Lifetime commitment.
  • That you are guaranteed a chaste bride on your wedding night.

Feminism has destroyed all of these facets of marriage. Feminists want marriage to be all about them, and their needs. And they don’t want marriage to put any responsibilities, expectations or obligations on them.

I am pro-marriage, but for me pro-marriage means rolling back the feminist redefinitions of marriage.  That’s the only way to get men to be interested in marriage. Today, men are responding to the anti-marriage incentives created by feminists. Feminists offered men free sex without commitment, and they made marriage into a dangerous legal deathtrap. Men aren’t going to take risks like that. Especially when they have lost the authority to lead the home, and the other benefits of marriage for men. It’s a lot of risk, without any of the benefits. It’s a bad deal.

But it’s not just the legal risks, it’s the fact that men can’t afford marriage in a socialist country. Socialism requires higher taxes, and that leaves men with too little to take on the husband and father roles.

When you look at marriage rates in Canada and Europe, you understand that men are even LESS likely to choose marriage when they have to pay over 50% of what they earn in taxes. And so the marriage rate is declining. I think young, unmarried women are excited by the idea of raising taxes in order to get free stuff from government. That makes it unnecessary to marry at all, so they are free to play the field and obey no man. But there comes a point where taxes are so high that men simply can’t affort to take on a wife and multiple children. We are at that point now, and I expect it to spread up to the higher income brackets so that the marriage rate declines even further.

One final reason for men not marrying is because men don’t like secular leftist women. Young people are sliding to the left, and those values and beliefs are UNATTRACTIVE to marriage-minded men. Just because a secular leftist woman is able to get attention and sex from men, it doesn’t mean that she is able to get a lifelong commitment to love her, protect her, provide for her, and so on. No one likes secular leftist women, and no one wants to marry them.

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10 thoughts on “New Census Bureau data: U.S. marriage rate reaches all time low”

  1. I don’t understand why you say feminists “thought” or wanted to maintain marriage. The leading “feminists” are not heterosexual. Declining marriage rates are consistent with their anti-hetero agenda. Girls and young women who are still hetero are being groomed to reject men altogether.

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  2. The last girlfriend I had wasn’t even leftist, but she was apparently very well versed in what women can get away with, so she tried to manipulate me by calling the police on me out of spite. I’d known her for several years too. I typically anyone was safe, she was. Until she wasn’t.

    I’m out. The only way I’ll consider a relationship again is if I meet a woman from a country without such a toxic legal and social environment and move there.

    Otherwise, I’m out. Permanently.

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    1. I was literally telling a female friend about this today, about the effect that seeing other men have the authorities called on them has on men’s ability to reach out to women.

      My female friend sometimes looks at me with this delighted look of happiness to see me, and I realize how hard it is for me to reciprocate. And she’s safe! The damage was done by others, and she hates those women.


      1. Yeah, well I thought this one was safe too. And she knew exactly what she was doing. The smirk on her face said it all. That was seven years ago and I’ve turned away relationships since then. It isn’t that they all will stoop to that level, but that they can and they can get away with it.

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        1. Nobody seems to understand what effect their me-first attitude to men has on that man and the other men watching. I’ve never been divorced but I read enough books about it to be very cautious about marriage.


          1. LOLOL!

            I remember seeing a woman with a bitten apple on the front of her shirt that said “Not Our Finest Moment.”

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  3. Women have enjoyed the “benefits” of socialism for so long that I think many of them do not even realize that they are feminists, and not the first wave kind either. What passes for “women” in the churches these days is pagan. I saw a sign last year that said “Feminists are Witches” and it took me a minute to conclude that, yes, even what we consider to be a beneficial form of feminism these days is arguably witchcraft.

    I would not expect to see very many Western women from this age in the Kingdom, nor many men, but if change is going to be made, it is going to have to come from women. Men have been beaten down in our culture for the last 30 years, and yes, we have a lot to work on too, but the women who have enjoyed the benefits of our crumbling culture while remaining silent are not going to be pleased on Judgment Day. Even Eve repented, after all. I guess?


  4. I wish the church would just start to have their own marriage certificate like baptism etc.

    And Christians would just recognize it before God but allow a couple to legally have the tax benefits of not being married.

    That way Christians can give less to a godless gov’t. And in Canada it means less money to indoctrinate perform abortions etc.

    I don’t care at all if the government sees me as married and I only care about a blessing before God

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    1. So do it Greg. Do not invite the GUV into your marriage. Marry with the church blessing alone.


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