Tim Scott SOTU Response

Democrats and corporate media press racist attacks against Senator Tim Scott

I added a new section to the blog to track by appearances on podcasts. In those podcasts, I’ve been explaining about my race, culture and immigration story. My ancestry is West Indian black. We have a culture that is more like Asian culture with respect to education, career and finances. I run into a lot of white progressives who accuse me of “acting white” because of that.

This is actually not uncommon. White progressives get very confused when they encounter black men who are conservative and successful. It makes them very angry. In fact, the only real racism you’ll ever see from whites comes from white progressives, when they meet a black conservative.

Here’s an example, featuring South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. He gave the response to Biden’s recent State of the Union, and the white progressives were not pleased that their little black pets were straying off the reservation.

Here’s the video:

Let’s start with a little bit of his speech:

When I was a kid, my parents divorced. My mother, my brother, and I moved in with my grandparents. Three of us, sharing one bedroom.

I was disillusioned and angry, and I nearly failed out of school. But I was blessed.

First, with a praying momma. Then with a mentor, a Chick-Fil-A operator named John Moniz. Finally, with a string of opportunities that are only possible here in America.

This past year, I’ve watched COVID attack every rung of the ladder that helped me up.

So many families have lost parents and grandparents too early. So many small businesses have gone under. Becoming a Christian transformed my life — but for months, too many churches were shut down.

Most of all, I am saddened that millions of kids have lost a year of learning when they could not afford to lose a day.

Locking vulnerable kids out of the classroom is locking adults out of their future.

Our public schools should have reopened months ago. Other countries’ did. Private and religious schools did. Science has shown for months that schools are safe. But too often, powerful grown-ups set science aside. And kids like me were left behind.

The clearest case for school choice in our lifetimes.

So that’s where he’s coming from. He’s trying to get people to succeed through family, Christianity, school choice and private sector jobs.

In fact, he thinks that’s what all Republicans want:

Just before COVID, we had the most inclusive economy in my lifetime. The lowest unemployment ever recorded for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans. The lowest for women in nearly 70 years. Wages were growing faster for the bottom 25% than the top 25%.

That happened because Republicans focused on expanding opportunity for all Americans.

We passed Opportunity Zones, criminal justice reform, and permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities for the first time ever. We fought the drug epidemic, rebuilt our military, and cut taxes for working families and single moms like mine.

The Federalist noted how the Democrats on social media responded to his speech:

The words “Uncle Tim” began trending on Twitter, tying Scott to the pre-Civil War slave character “Uncle Tom” in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1850s abolition book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” “Uncle Tom” is used as a slur against black people. Yet the racially offensive trend was amplified by Twitter in its trending topics for hours following the speech.

And Daily Wire added:

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross, the host of “The Cross Connection,” on Saturday dedicated an entire segment on her show to a “rebuttal” to Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) speech earlier this week. According to Cross, Scott is “thirsty for white approval.”

“Let’s be clear: Tim Scott does not represent any constituency other than the small number of sleepy, slow-witted sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this country that makes conservative white people feel comfortable,” Cross claimed.

She called the black conservative Senator a “token”, a “dude”, a “slave”, and a “shame” to his ancestors. But she couldn’t refute any of his factual claims. She just called him names because of his skin color, the way racists do.

Daily Wire noted:

According to the MSNBC host, Scott had “many contradictions” in his rebuttal speech that she “could go into great detail refuting each of his asinine points.”

If the Left was serious about refuting Scott’s points, they would talk substance and not resort to calling him “Uncle Tim” or “token.” As the South Carolina senator previously said, the Left won’t “attack my policies, but they are literally attacking the color of my skin. You cannot step out of your lane according to the liberal elite Left.”

Don’t forget about black conservatives, especially ones like me who commit to Christianity and succeed. We don’t hate America like the racists in the corporate media.

8 thoughts on “Democrats and corporate media press racist attacks against Senator Tim Scott”

  1. Funny how the left says they are anti racist but hate not only white people but also anyone else who doesn’t hate them.

    Funny how the left says they are anti sexist but hate males and anyone else who doesn’t hate them. Look at how they treat stay at home moms who love their husbands for something else than a walking ATM.

    It’s also funny how the left claims tolerance but hates Christians.

    It’s funniest how the left claims inclusiveness but hates anyone not in goose step with their extremism.

    It used to be these lunatics were considered radical and extreme fringe. Not anymore.

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  2. This should be mentioned by the GOP as often as possible and they should be running ads about this. The Dems and the left are now exposed as racists who will smear anyone who doesn’t fall in line.

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  3. “In fact, the only real racism you’ll ever see from whites comes from white progressives, when they meet a black conservative.”

    I can affirm from experience that this statement is categorically false.


  4. Dr. King dreamed of a nation that was color blind, not color-obsessed like the Left is. Dimms are still the racists – they have just changed the color they are obsessed with and the location of the plantations. Their greatest fear is black America coming together with white America.

    If black lives really mattered, BLM would be protesting the abortion mills, the worst destroyer of black lives. In the final analysis, Dimms love everything that God hates.

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  5. I agree with your use of the term token. As in those on the far left want token women, minorities LGBT, etc.

    The moment one steps out of like like this gentleman of that Jenner in Cali that is being attacked for being a fake trans now for not following their views.

    We live in countries where it seems you are free to follow the current far left changing agenda of the day. As long as you agree and submit you are free to live your life if you are not a part of the deemed evil groups.

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