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Man receives death threats and loses his job for calling vulgar teen thug an idiot

In this case, a CEO of a Nashville, TN company named Visue11 was fired from his job after he was caught on video saying that a gay man who was screaming obscentities at him and following him around filiming him was “acting like an idiot”. That was a great crime against compassion, diversity, inclusion and tolerance, so he had to be fired. After we see the story, I have some comments about this.

Amanda Prestigiacomo reports at Daily Wire:

Nashville resident S4m John50n was fired from his position as CEO of healthcare company Visue11 on Monday, his family was doxxed online, and he has received a deluge of threats. But that “enormous volume of hate,” John50n told The Daily Wire, is based on a false, media-inflamed narrative stemming from an out-of-context viral video.

The onslaught was sparked by a video of John50n that recently went viral online, appearing to show him engaging in alleged “homophobia,” though, notably, not once in the video does John50n utter any homophobic slur or use any profanity.

The mainstream narrative, based on a 59-second video clip, contends that John50n targeted, harassed, bullied, and spewed homophobia to an 18-year-old male for wearing a dress to his prom.

Here’s what the video seems to show:

The video, taken at a hotel before prom, opens with the teen, Dalton 5teven5, telling John50n, “I chose what I wanna wear so you can f*** off.” John50n, hands in his pockets, quietly responds, “Is that right?” John50n is then followed and asked leading questions by 5teven5’ boyfriend, Jacob Ge1tm4nn, the teen filming John50n. “You think he looks gross? Looks disgustin’?” he asks. “You look like …,” John50n starts to say. In response, 5teven5 screams at him, “I look like what, you f***ing b****?” “You look like an idiot,” John50n calmly says in reaction to the cursing. “Get the f*** away from me!” 5teven5 screams. “Keep talking. You look like a moron,” Ge1tm4nn tells John50n. “I’m sorry, I’m gorgeous,” 5teven5 says. “Are you?” John50n responds. John50n then appears to try to block Ge1tm4nn from filming him. “No, sir, I can f***ing record you all I want,” says Ge1tm4nn.

All this vulgar language and threatening behavior was being done in front of the man’s family, in a restaurant where he was a paying customer.

John50n contends that the video is missing context:

John50n spoke to The Daily Wire on Tuesday and refuted the mainstream narrative by adding context to the video.

“They had been at the hotel/restaurant for an hour, causing a scene and being loud and obnoxious,” John50n said. “I was perturbed that the management wasn’t doing anything to protect the rest of us who were paying customers with our kids present. These teens were only there to take pictures and cause a public scene.”

“There are many lies in the mainstream articles and interviews including the allegations of homophobic name-calling and ‘following’ him,” John50n said, referring to 5teven5.

So the first thing is that I think you definitely want to consider how the two thugs were acting, and also read the tweets calling for the firing of the CEO. It’s disturbing that people on the secular left think that behavior is OK – death threats and firing.

Men are watching, men are learning

So, I’m thinking about this story from the perspective of a Christian man, trying to make a difference in the world. I know that any advocacy for the moral teachings of Christianity will be met with reactions like that. Not just from the far-left thugs, but from their allies within woke Christianity.

I know church-attending Christians who claim to be conservative politically who voted for Biden. They know nothing about court cases where Christians are attacked by LGBT activists for refusing to celebrate non-Biblical views of marriage. They know nothing about specific Democrat policies that attack free speech, freedom of association or freedom of religion. They consider it “loving” to affirm far-left thugs in their fascism. Their actions declare that they have accepted the new morality of the secular left above Biblical morality. And their peers accept them as Christians. So, you won’t get any help from them, and you shouldn’t confide in them. Standing up for Biblical views of moral issues has become very lonely.

And what about the death threats made by the secular left mob? What about the news stories that include demonstrably false allegations against this man? What about the calling for his termination by woke corporations? I’m thinking about this, and thinking how happy I have to be single and have a million dollar net worth. I’m glad there is no woke wife in my house. I’m glad I don’t have to face woke people in a church, or in schools, nor even in the workplace once I retire. I simply do not want my liberty to express myself and practice my religion infringed by left-wing psychopaths.

I wish people would stop asking me why I’m not married. I can’t tell them the truth, because the truth would offend them. The truth is that their “tolerance” and “compassion” for fascists who are deeply and unrepentantly involved in sinful behaviors has made the world unsafe for good men. I’m a man. I’m not taking on obligations to a wife, family, church, etc. in a world where my free speech can be punished with death threats and job loss. If Christian women and pastors want men to engage, they’d better start fighting back against the secular left, instead of virtue signaling to them.

5 thoughts on “Man receives death threats and loses his job for calling vulgar teen thug an idiot”

  1. I saw where Jennifer is fighting no fault divorce in Texas. I think the story was on Breitbart.


  2. Re your last paragraph, I would encourage you to trust God regarding getting married and having a family – allow him to be in control regarding whether you remain single or get married.
    One son in his early 30s had resigned himself to remaining single, then he met a Christian woman (who had also resigned herself to remaining single), with whom he is compatible on so many counts, and they are now married and have a baby.
    Fearing what might happen is not what we are called to do. Jesus said we would be falsely accused, mistreated, etc., so it goes with the territory of being his disciple. Fear can rob you of what God has for you. “Perfect love casts out fear.”


  3. Great analysis! “Their allies within woke Christianity. ”

    That actually brings comfort to me because I see why I can be lonely at church even though I want to talk about the Word and our church. The allies want me to shut up and talk about the Word and how to love the State.

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