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How are Christians treated in communist, atheist China?

Now, a lot of atheists are desperate to affirm that they have a rationally-grounded system of morality. They want to claim rational grounding for moral values, moral duties, inalienable human rights, etc. But you can find out a lot about atheist morality by looking at countries that have abandoned Christianity. Countries where atheists are in the majority, ruling over the moral minority.

Consider this article from the New York Post:

China is attempting to brainwash Christians by holding them in mobile “transformation facilities,” according to a new report.

Radio Free Asia relayed stories last week from a man given the pseudonym Li Yuese, who said he was beaten in a windowless room for nearly 10 months.

Li said he was detained after authorities raided his house church in 2018. “There were no windows, no ventilation and no time allowed outside,” said Li. “I was given just two meals a day, which were brought to the room by a designated person.”

He said authorities “threaten, insult and intimidate you. These were United Front officials, men, women, sometimes unidentified, usually in plain clothes. The police turn a blind eye to this.”

“You have to accept the statement they prepare for you.”

Li added that if “you refuse, you will be seen as having a bad attitude and they will keep you in detention and keep on beating you.”

His fellow inmates, he said, were released on bail and had taken part in church-related activities.

The suppression affected both Protestants and Catholics, with priests disappearing for “five, six, even 10 years at a stretch,” he said.

According to the The Black Book of Communism, published by Harvard University Press, over 100 million innocent people were killed in atheistic, communist regimes in the last century. In the past, consistent atheists like Stalin who had power enough to ignore objective morality caused millions of innocent deaths. And you can even see atheism killing lots and lots of people in countries like North Korea today – where the official state religion is atheism. Why is that? It’s because the worldview of atheism teaches that the universe, and human beings, are here by accident. We are all just molecules in motion, and there is no inherent dignity or purpose to any of our lives that would obligate others to treat us a certain way.

On the Christian view, every single person has dignity because they are made in the image of God, and made to know him. Christians can never treat another person (of any religion or no religion) in any way that would discourage them from knowing God and experiencing his love for us. We could never hurt anyone in a way that causes them to turn against God. We are careful with people, because we want to act towards them in a way that helps them to accomplish this purpose.

Contrast that with atheists. Almost all atheists are pro-abortion, and even those who aren’t tend to vote for political candidates who favor unrestricted abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, and even after birth. Barack Obama voted against restrictions on infanticide twice as a state senator. And this wasn’t a problem for the atheists who who supported him. In an accidental universe, there is no rational basis for human rights. There’s no way we ought to be. And no free will to allow for making moral decisions. We’re just machines made out of meat. So, why would a powerful machine care about honoring the needs of a weaker unborn machine? Or consider atheists who seek to weaken and overturn natural marriage. Why would powerful adults have to restrain themselves to provide children with a biological mother and father? If atheism is true, anything goes. They act nicely when things are going their way, but when their right to happiness is threatened by your conscience rights or your religious liberty, then get ready to be destroyed.

Of course there are lots of atheists in the Judeo-Christian West who live more peacefully, because they are living in a background of objective morality and human rights provided by Western religions. But in countries like North Korea, with a state religion that cannot ground free will or objective morality or human rights or judgment after death, there are fewer restraints. You really have to judge atheists not by how they act when they are in the minority of a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. You have to judge atheists by how they act when they take control, and are unopposed.

4 thoughts on “How are Christians treated in communist, atheist China?”

  1. It’s almost as if they feel threatened by Christianity. I think at least on some level they do.


  2. I can give you a bit more:
    Yes, the CCCP is worried about Christianity. There are certain “state-run” churches which are okay. I guess if you have your own puppets spouting state sanctioned propaganda…
    They do see Christianity as possibly causing unrest or sedition.
    Distributing Bibles? Definitely a no-no.
    Christians in the past had to use various code words because even their emails were scanned. “I am talking to my father” (instead of praying), “[serving in] Far East Asia” instead of China, etc.
    Certain people are monitored, tailed, followed.
    There’s also lack of freedom of speech, for instance, while I understand it is a bit of a complicated issue (Tibet used to be part of China, a long time ago) — one cannot express anything contrary to the Party Line. For instance, you can’t say, “Well, sure, historically, Tibet was part of China, but then China had to give up Hong Kong and a bunch of Nationalists ran off and formed Taiwan while Mao formed the People’s Republic of China … so times have changed, and Tibet could decide they want to be autonomous.”
    Some of my Hong Kong Chinese friends are also interesting to read and to watch. Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese control in 1997 and China has increasingly tried to overtly and subtly control / rule / influence it. (Long-time Hong Kong people largely don’t self-identify as Chinese or from Mainland China. Mainland Chinese see it otherwise.) That’s the interesting hotbed of topics.
    And of course, you could also note the Chinese One Child policy having very catastrophic consequences. The imbalance between the genders is pretty significant (I think it’s something like 54 male/46 female under 25). (Amusing sidenote: I saw a history? sociology? evolutionary biology? paper that mentioned that when the male:female ratio goes too high, there are wars, which largely decreases the number of men, and then male births are more than female births after a war.)
    Unfortunately, with a significant imbalance, some men will either:
    – not marry
    – become gay
    – get women from surrounding areas
    (… to which one should ask the question if this is good for stability.)
    But anyway. Unfortunately with the [largely urban enforcement of the] One Child Policy, you had a lot of abortions of girls and anyone with even perceived birth/genetic defects.

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