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Christian baker back in court for refusing to bake a Satanic cake for an LGBT activist

You might remember a previous case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, in which two gay activists and the Colorado government went after a Christian baker who declined to provide a cake for a same-sex wedding. His reasoning was that his religious beliefs would not allow him to endorse same-sex marriage – a view of marriage that Jesus opposed in the gospels. The Colorado government and the gay activists thought that the Christian baker needed to accept them as Lord instead of accepting Jesus, and bake the cake anyway. He was persecuted by the state for years, until he finally won his case at the Supreme Court, thanks to the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom).

But, here is the latest on another gay activist who is suing him again.

The Federalist reports:

Autumn Scardina, a transgender female-identifying attorney in the Denver area, called Phillips to demand a custom cake celebrating his gender transition after he heard the Supreme Court would consider the initial case against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Twice, Scardina had already emailed Phillips to call the baker a “bigot” and a “hypocrite” while mocking his religious beliefs in 2012 when the controversy first arose.

[…]The cake shop denied Scardina’s 2017 request for a pink and blue cake after he said it was to celebrate his gender transition. Scardina responded with a new complaint picked up by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that was dismissed in 2019 by the group after Phillips filed a lawsuit against the state in federal court. Months later, Scardina chose to pursue charges of his own seeking damages, fines, and attorney fees to wreck Phillip’s finances rather than appeal the commission’s decision to drop the discrimination claim.

[…]In court, Scardina explained how at one point, while his discrimination claim was being processed by the state, he called the Christian cakeshop to request a custom cake that featured Satan smoking a joint, to test the store’s repeated claims he would be treated just as anyone else.

You see, gay activists can’t go next door to get whatever baked goods they want, they have to use the government to force people to go against their moral convictions. They have to use armed police and criminal courts to force Christians to believe what they cannot believe, as followers of Jesus.

This reminds me of the case of the Canadian transgender activist who wanted to force women to wax his genitalia, and sued them to make government force them to do it. Is this what it means to be LGBT? I think it’s fair for people to form opinions about what LGBT people are like, based on the actions of LGBT activists. If LGBT people don’t want to be identified with people like this activist, then they need to do a better job of policing their own.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Another article from The Federalist talked about the views of the government employees who ruled against Jack in Colorado:

ADF attorneys found current commissioners publicly agreeing with 2015 comments from commissioner Dianne Rice that compared Jack’s Christianity to the ideologies motivating slavery and the Holocaust. Rice’s comments were specifically singled out by the Supreme Court as evidence of the commission’s bias.

That bias aimed to jettison Jack’s constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association, and free expression of religion, all over a cake that could be had from any number of nearby shops. Yet when the commission discussed the Supreme Court ruling in summer 2018, two commissioners openly supported Rice’s comparison of Christianity to Nazism and racism. Here’s ADF:

During that discussion, Commissioner Rita Lewis said, ‘I support Commissioner Diann Rice and her comments. I don’t think she said anything wrong.’ Later, Commissioner Carol Fabrizio added, ‘I also very much stand behind Commissioner Rice’s statements…. I was actually proud of what she said, and I agree with her…. I’m almost glad that something the Commissioner said ended up public and used, because I think it was the right thing.’

Rita, Diann, and Carol. Three Democrat women bringing the power of the state to bear on a Christian man of principle and moral character. Are you comfortable with that? Do you think that other Christian men should expose themselves legally to rule by progressive women, by getting married, having children, running a business, etc.? It seems to me that men ought to hold onto their money and make a difference without getting involved with people who are motivated by “compassion” like these fascist women. And these women are paid by taxpayer funds – some of them collected from Jack himself.

By the way, the Equality Act, which has been championed by Christian leaders who spent the last four years attacking Trump, makes Colorado’s SOGI law a federal law. You might think that you are safe because you are in Oklahoma or Tennessee or Arkansas, but thanks to the efforts of people like John Piper, Russell Moore, Beth Moore, and other fake Christians, you’re going to be a potential victim of gay activists if you own a Christian business, or work in a Christian organization. Including schools. Including churches. That’s why it’s important to choose policy over character in elections.

11 thoughts on “Christian baker back in court for refusing to bake a Satanic cake for an LGBT activist”

  1. Absolutely infuriating. This is harassment. Nothing more.

    Did it ever occur to anyone involved, besides Jack, that special order cakes are just that, special order, and thus not offered to the public and thus do not fall under equal public accommodations?

    With any luck, those fine Democrat ladies on the commission will soon have to share their bathrooms and locker rooms with biological men. I won’t have a whit of sympathy for them either. The women I mean.

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    1. That’s what I expect. Most of them see their jobs as signaling virtue to the masses, so if the government redefines virtue, that’s what they’ll embrace. It was always about them projecting their holiness and piety, never about defending Christianity using reason and evidence. David French was out there during Trumps term urging Christians to believe that a Democrat president would have no effect on the liberty of Christians or abortion law. They have their priorities.


      1. Precisely!

        Just like at how they made idols of masks and vaccines and declared their churches non-essential, which, technically, they are correct on that last one, IMHO.

        It was extremely disappointing to see Franklin Graham commit 3 basic logical fallacies in one short paragraph when he advocated for vaccines, not to mention the serious ethical and medical concerns associated with them, which he failed to address.


  2. If anyone truly believed that Masterpiece Cakes was the only source of fancy cakes in Colorado and was a “mean and nasty” discriminator denying people cake, there would be a prosperous business called “Amoral Cakes” making a big profit. Instead, people would rather harass the one baker (out of many area bakers) who has Christian religious convictions.

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  3. I wish he would learn to follow minimal legal compliance. If an activist comes you can make them a cake. It doesn’t have to be good enough that they would accept it.

    I would do a quick low effort job and they can take it or leave it.

    I would apply that to any situation I don’t like

    If you are forced to write a song so a quick five minute one take song and if they don’t like the result they can refuse it.

    Take an angry review as the financial cost of eating a ad review and not getting paid is less than the legal cost of a trial


    1. Just to be clear, if an atheist asked you to make a cake that said “I Deny Jesus Christ,” you would write those words on a cake?

      God’s laws supersede man’s laws.

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      1. It would have illegible writing in the cake. So no it would not say anything I don’t like.

        Dkfofofooeifof or whatever would be on a script if it even resembled English letters.

        If it made me not face a lawsuit I would make a small cheap cake with who knows what on it. And of they don’t want to pay dont buy it they can leave it there unpaid.

        I would do no art or actual writing I am uncomfortable with. It is just if forced they would receive an unsatisfactory cake on the day they want because no law forces me to make a good cake. I would bake it do my art and their legal right is to accept it or not.

        Worst they can do in that case is write a bad review which is cheaper than a lawsuit


          1. I agree you may get a few bad reviews and targeting but it breaks no laws and lawsuits are not cheap.

            But many of them lose focus and move on if you don’t acknowledge them.


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