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Scotland passes controversial bill criminalizing “hate speech”, even at home

The far-left The National reports:

ONE of the most controversial pieces of legislation ever undertaken by the Holyrood Parliament has been approved by MSPs. The Scottish Parliament voted by 82 to 32 with four abstentions to pass the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill.

[…]Conservative spokesperson on justice Liam Kerr MSP said the bill went too far, arguing: “The bill contains no defence regarding private conversations in people’s own homes. The police could come to someone’s home, having received a report of their having stirred up hate around the dinner table, and could take witness statements from those present, which, presumably, could include their children.”

So, I follow a lot of bills like this in a variety of countries, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that went this far to discourage free expression. And I’ve seen some very bad bills. Basically, if you have a conversation in your home or in your own yard that someone is offended by, it’s a criminal offense. Armed police will come into your house, breaking in if necessary. They will interrogate everyone present, and they will take anything that might contain information about your “hateful” views to be used in evidence against you. Like the Conservative MSP said, they will even ask your children what you said if order to get you arrested and jailed.

Can you imagine trying to have a conversation with a non-Christian in your home about Christian views on abortion or sexuality in Scotland? You couldn’t. You couldn’t even have a conversation with your wife or your kids. You couldn’t discuss something you disagree with that you saw on television. Or that your children learned in the schools. You couldn’t do your job as a husband and father, in short. And you couldn’t even speak about these things in church (or at work) for fear of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. How are you suppose to defend your faith, explain your Christian convictions, or lead your family? But you still have to pay taxes to the people who make these laws – and to the police who will arrest and imprison you. Then run your lives. You get the bill.

If you like legislation like this, keep voting for the Democrats. They’ll get it done for you. And if you focus on mean tweets (or whatever else the mainstream news media dangles in front of your face) instead of policy, then you’ll get laws like this, too. Politics matters. You have a worldview to put into practice, and laws like this Scottish law will make it impossible for you to achieve your goals.

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    1. That is great information I was unaware of!

      I love Poland because they outlasted both the nazis and the commies, but the other 3 countries are admirable too.

      One advantage to Poland is that they have nearly outlawed all abortions. God is not going to overlook that kind of faithfulness. And of course, this is where Irena Sendler and many others did their heroic work.

      A nice bonus for WWII buffs would be visiting this location:

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