You can learn a lot about Joe Biden’s “character” from his far-left nominees

The Federalist:

President Joe B1den’s top pick to lead the Department of Justice’s civil rights division peddled the Juss1e Smo11ett hoax on Twitter, criticizing anyone who questioned the black, gay actor’s falsified hate crime in 2019.

“Juss1e Smo11ett subjected to a racist and homophobic attack. 2 white men wearing ski masks attacked him, put a rope around his neck, and poured bleach on him and as they yelled slurs. Prayers to @Juss1eSmo11ett for a speedy recovery from this hate crime,” Kr1sten Cl4rke tweeted shortly after the alleged incident.

[…]Days after her initial post, Cl4rke, who will oversee hate crime investigations if confirmed, took to Twitter again, alleging that the Chicago Police Department was “demonizing survivors” after they requested access to Smo11ett’s cellphone and claiming that they shouldn’t be “casting doubt” on the actor’s claims that his assailants shouted racial slurs and beat him up while yelling pro-Trump slogans.

It was a hoax, but she believed it. Because she made the decision based on his appearance, not on the facts. And now she’ll be in charge of deciding which hate crimes are hoaxes and which aren’t. She’ll be making those decisions based on appearances and not based on facts. That’s why B1den chose her.

The Federalist:

During her confirmation hearing Tuesday morning, President Joe B1den’s Associate Attorney General nominee Van1ta Gupt4 insisted that she does not support “defunding the police,” although statements she made last summer would indicate otherwise.

Her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2020:

..she proposed a “shrinking [of] the footprint of the criminal legal system, including police, in black and brown people’s lives,” among other statements.

“It means shifting our approach to public safety away from exclusive investments in criminalization and policing, toward investments in economic opportunity, education, health care, and other public benefits,” Gupt4 said. “This paradigm not only furthers equity, but also constitutes effective policy: When we stop using criminal “justice” policy as social policy, we make communities safer and more prosperous.”

“Ultimately, it is becoming clear that Congress must redirect government dollars away from policing practices rooted in the criminal-legal system and the carceral state, and toward policy goals that reflect a vision of public safety that promotes community health and safety,” Gupt4 also said in June.

I just want to be clear here. These nominees are exactly what Joe B1den wanted. The people who supported Joe B1den, including prominent evangelical leaders, wanted these people to be the nominees. Their words NOW don’t matter. What matters are their actions before Election Day. No one cares about their evasions and excuses now.

And look, they get executive orders, too:

Days after corporate media outlets said Joe B1den is “rolling back the culture war,” the president continued his war on biological sex and due process on Monday with the introduction of two executive orders that seek to dismantle Trump-era protections in the name of “advancing gender equity and equality” and promoting it as “a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness.”

B1den’s first order mandates the creation of a gender policy council, disguising issues such as promoting access to abortions and pushing gender- and race-driven agendas as a way to “advance gender equity and equality, with sensitivity to the experiences of those who suffer discrimination based on multiple factors, including membership in an underserved community.”

[…]In addition to a commitment to fight “systemic bias and discrimination, including sexual harassment,” the council also plans to address women in the workforce, economic disparities including wage gaps, and “the caregiving needs of American families,” specifically examining “policies to advance equity for Black, indigenous and Latina women and girls of color.”

Again – this is what the evangelical leaders who fussed about Trump tweets for 4 years wanted. They’re not surprised by these executive orders – they agree with them. They voted for them, and they urged other Christians to vote for them, too.

5 thoughts on “You can learn a lot about Joe Biden’s “character” from his far-left nominees”

  1. I’m old enough to remember Dr. King very well. Today’s left is not color blind, like Dr. King so eloquently dreamed. They are color obsessed, the exact opposite.

    Demonstrating that today’s Dimm Party are really no different from the one in the 1800’s. They’ve merely changed the types of “plantations” that they want to keep people of color on.

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  2. This adm1ini5tration is downright evil. What else do you call a drag kween “health secretary” that believes kids as young as three years old should be forcefully “tran5itioned?” And if you think forcefully is too strong a term, what else would you call it for a kid too young to decide on his own?

    Woe to those who shed innocent blood.

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    1. I think the rule is that you don’t want to hinder little children from coming to Jesus. He doesn’t like that. Of course. We have huge numbers of Christians voting for things like this because they think feelings are more important than Bible. What children need is Jesus, and that’s how we should vote. Not to push them away from Jesus.

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      1. I was thinking of Proverbs 6:17 and others verses mentioning how God hates hands that shed innocent blood, and thinking about kids forced to transition just to be what someone else wants them to be and so someone else can feel good about themselves. That to me is shedding innocent blood and that’s what this administration advocates.

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        1. Absolutely!

          And Jesus is no fan of those who prey upon His precious little ones either:

          “It is better for him if a millstone is hung around his neck and he is thrown into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble.” – Luke 17:2

          Keep in mind that what Jesus is saying is that the people who support abortion and transgendering children are going to be BEGGING for a millstone and drowning (annihilation) in Hell – that is how awful their punishment is going to be, far worse than just being thirsty and lonely. But, no such relief will be forthcoming.

          Those who supported preying on children will themselves become the prey. And it will never end for them either.

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