Disney China Mulan Concentration Camp

What’s more important to woke Christians than opposing genocide?

So, by now you have probably heard about how D1sney fired actress Gina Caran0 for disagreeing with people who are intolerant of conservatives. It’s a serious concern. We’ve been seeing a huge increase in progressive insults, silencing, firing, vandalism, violence, attempting murder (e.g. – attack on Steve Sca1ise) and actual domestic terrorism by gay activists (e.g. – F1oyd Lee Corkins). Not to even mention 6LM and Ant1fa domestic terrorism going on for MONTHS AND MONTHS, supported by Democrat politicians.

So, this morning, I asked a Christian friend who is obsessed with Star Wars and supports Democrats what he thought of the canceling of Gina Caran0. He gave D1sney a pass and blamed her for being unwise with her words.

So what did Caran0 say to get herself fired by D1sney?

Newsbusters explains:

It looks like woke Hollywood cancel culture has claimed another victim. Controversial The Mandalorian actress Gina Caran0 has been officially fired from the series according to a recent statement by Lucasfi1m.

[…]On February 10, Lucasfi1m put out word that Caran0 is “not currently employed by Lucasfi1m and there are no plans for her to be in the future.” The statement makes no secret as to the reason behind this decision by noting, “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.” Shortly after this announcement, the agency UTA also announced that it would officially drop her as a client.

This clearly follows the latest Twitter round of #FireGinaCaran0 after the actress shared an Instagram post on Wednesday likening current political discourse with Naz1 Germany that read:

“J3ws were beaten in the streets, not by Naz1 soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Naz1 soldiers could easily round up thousands of J3ws, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being J3ws. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Keep in mind that D1sney does business with Ch1na. A country that operates concentration camps for about 1 million U1ghur prisoners (ethnic minority). Inside the camps, you have things like forced labor, forced abortion, sexual assault, rape, and indoctrination in communism. They are replacing the U1ghur culture with Ch1nese Communist culture at gunpoint. None of this is a problem for D1sney, though. They do business with Ch1na and thank Ch1na for their help.

Life News explains:

The entire ordeal is hypocritical given D1sney’s filming in communist Ch1na, home to decades of pro-abortion population control.

At the end of Mulan, filmmakers thanked Ch1nese government agencies connected to massive human rights abuses, including forced abortions, in the Xinj1ang province.

These agencies have been linked to a “mass genocide” against the minority U1ghur population. Experts estimate more than 1 million U1ghur Mus1ims have been imprisoned in concentration camps, and an unknown number of mothers have been forced to abort their unborn babies through all nine months of pregnancy.

“D1sney, in other words, worked with regions where genocide is occurring, and thanked government departments that are helping to carry it out,” Isaac Stone Fish wrote in a column at the Washington Post.

D1sney’s thanks included to the “publicity department of CPC Xinj1ang U1ghur Autonomy Region Committee,” which is the Xinj1ang propaganda arm of the Ch1nese Communist Party, the Guardian reports. It also thanked the Public Security Bureau of Turpan, a city in the province where experts say more than a dozen concentration camps are located.

Parts of “Mulan” also were filmed in Xinj1ang in 2018, “the same year Ch1na’s ‘strike hard’ campaign in Xinj1ang ramped up with the construction” of the “re-education,” or concentration, camps, according to the reports.

Now, given a conflict between Gina’s tolerance of conservatives and Disney’s doing business with GENOCIDAL MANIACS WHO RUN COMMUNIST CONCENTRATION CAMPS, you would expect that a “Christian” would side with the person who promotes tolerance. But you’d be wrong.

Regarding politics, you would think that Christians would vote for a president who supported religious liberty and the rights of unborn children. But you’d be wrong about that too. Many low-information Christians spend their time reading low-information charismatic teachers who focus more on life-enhancement than Biblical worldview. They are often more concerned with Trump’s mean tweets than by Biden making deals with 1RAN and CH1NA – human rights violators.


And that’s the point I wanted to make. I am surrounded by low-information Christians who shovel their money at entertainers who oppose the Christian worldview. Authentic Christians should support free speech, freedom of religion and right to live. Even for Muslim minorities in Ch1na! Even for Mus1ims in 1ran! I disagree with Is1amic doctrines but they shouldn’t be treated like that. We should oppose forced abortion, rape, forced detainment, forced labor, communist indoctrination. We should study economics and support economic systems that lead to free speech, religious liberty and right to life.

Entertainment-obsessed Christians today are so focused on clown-level “Christianity” and charismatic leaders that they have no discernment about policy or stewardship. Faced with a conflict between their own entertainment and basic human rights, they choose their own entertainment EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am sick and tired of being told by Christian idiots with worldly success that my concern for apologetics, history, economics, policy, politics, etc. is a “hobby”. No, that’s what Bible-believing God-fearing Christians read about and care about.

If you know more about Star Wars than you know about politics and policy, may I suggest that you are not good at being a Christian. If you consider apologetics to be a “hobby” on the same level as knowing Star Wars lore, then may I suggest that you are not good at being a Christian. You may be very good at your education. You may be very good at your job. You may be very good at making money. You may be very good at marrying. You may be very good at making children (to be handed off to day care and public schools). BUT YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT CHRISTIANITY. And that’s more important than knowing Star Wars, NBA, NFL, Netflix, etc.

3 thoughts on “What’s more important to woke Christians than opposing genocide?”

  1. What’s interesting is she said nothing untruthful.

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. 1984 in 2021.

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  2. This poor woman’s firing is just infuriating. What she said is what any sane, tolerant person should be ok with. Apparently the country is filled with insane, intolerant people. At least Twitter is.

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  3. “Entertainment-obsessed Christians today are so focused on clown-level “Christianity” and charismatic leaders that they have no discernment about policy or stewardship.”

    The churches are a sad joke these days, still playing at “church” and Singing a Little Louder while Rome burns around them and they still have SOME freedom of speech left to legally oppose it, though it is going away fast precisely because it has not been exercised in the churchianity of the last half century.

    Even in high level apologetics, we have seen a recent downfall – I think some of the more famous apologists need to spend a little more time on the streets and less time in the comfortable lecture halls. Then, they will see the real pushback and evils of our culture, up close and personal.


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