Biden howling hate at Christians for the Human Rights Campaign

Did Christians who voted for Joe Biden not foresee his anti-Christian policies?

Great article from Dr. Michael Brown in The Stream.

Read the whole thing, here’s some:

[Trump-voting conservatives] agreed that Trump’s character and personality could be negative and destructive. But we hoped that the good policy decisions he would make, decisions of massive, life and death proportions, would outweigh his character flaws.

And so, when it came to fighting against the slaughter of the unborn, numbering more than 60 million to date in America since 1973, Trump was our clear choice over Hillary Clinton or Biden. Jesus cares about “the least of these,” which most certainly includes the defenseless babies in the womb.

When it came to preserving our religious liberties and our freedoms of conscience and speech, Trump was our clear, hands-down choice.


When it came to standing up to radical Islam or facing down tyrannical China, Trump was our definite preference.

One of my colleagues in the Middle East recently told me how the bloodbath which took more than 650,000 lives during the Obama administration virtually stopped with Donald Trump.

My friend recounted to me the horrific torture and abuse of women in his region at the hands of Islamic extremists, including their repeated gang rapes (and worse). In his mind, Trump was a champion who helped put a stop to such horrors.

A Chinese émigré to Australia told me early last year he was terribly afraid of President Xi and saw Trump as a hero, especially as Trump stood with the Hong Kong protesters.

Needless to say, the same Israelis who felt betrayed by the Obama administration were profoundly grateful to Trump for canceling the Iranian nuclear accords, knowing the real dangers of that terrible deal.

Foreign policy? What’s that? Christian Democrats didn’t see any foreign policy on NPR or PBS or CNN or MSNBC. They were in a leftist echo chamber. They had no awareness of reality outside their own lives.


Are you surprised that Biden signed into law a radical transgender bill that has even caused consternation among gay, feminist, and transgender leaders and individuals? Do you feel good about the fact that by voting for him, you have negatively impacted women and girls throughout the country, as well as strengthened Big Tech’s crack down on our freedoms?

Are you surprised that there is already great concern within Israel that Biden might derail the amazing peace progress made by the Trump administration? Were you unaware that he might well give back to terroristic Iran a potential path to nuclear armament?

I first wrote about the Equality Act – an LGBT bill deisgned to crush dissenters from the LGBT agenda – in 2015. I had been warning about it all along. But I have yet to meet a Biden voter who knew anything about it, even though it passed the Democrat House and only failed because Republicans held the Senate. No longer.

It seems to me that Christians wanting to find work, keep their earnings, and be public about their Christian convictions did a lot better living under Trump’s laws, policies, judges, etc. That’s what matters to me. I want to work without comprimising my values. I want to keep what I earn instead of handing it to people who aren’t moving towards God. I want to invest in people and organizations who are working for God, not against him.

I’m not interested in making the lives of non-Christians happier or more prosperous. I don’t think I should have give money or compelled speech to make irresponsible, immoral people feel better about their immorality or recklessness. I’m talking about people who turn their backs on God with things like LGBT lifestyles and having fatherless kids with hot bad boys.

I liked Trump’s laws, policies, judges, etc. That worked best for my Christian life plan. I had more money and time for people who really wanted God. Now I have to be scared about my job, do with less money (higher taxes, inflation, regulation and growing national debt), and watch what I say and do for fear of offending reckless, immoral, irresponsible non-Christians. The sort of authentic Christian life I enjoyed has suddenly gotten a lot harder. And I don’t like it. I don’t like being taxed and controlled by non-Christians.

8 thoughts on “Did Christians who voted for Joe Biden not foresee his anti-Christian policies?”

  1. If only Biden voters had to suffer for their votes, I’d say serves them right. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people will pay the price for their votes.

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  2. No, “CHRISTIANS” WHO VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN are happy now that there is no longer any mean tweeting. They have been taught in their pretender churches for decades that the highest “virtue” is being nice to others and that slapping the Name above all names over their sins allows them to continue in their sins. They confuse slavery TO sin with freedom FROM sin.

    They hate Trump, because they have never learned how to stand up to evil. In that sense, Trump is far more “Christian” than the overwhelming majority of American “pastors,” very few of whom would ever be persecuted, much less crucified, for their sermons.

    Meanwhile, the children continue to suffer: in the wombs, bathrooms, locker rooms, and pedo rooms. But it is all for a “good” cause when some fake “christians” can pat themselves on the back amid a sea of virtue signalling.

    Until Judgment Day, that is. Jesus has a very dim view of religious hypocrites. They will find themselves much deeper in the Pit than my family members, very few of whom were Judases.

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  3. Please tell the Pope to tell Mr. Biden that environmental protection begins in the womb. Ironically, the scientific evidence points to the fact that every last one of us required that environmental protection more during the first trimester of our early lives than the second two, despite the “wisdom” of the 1973 “Supreme” Court.

    Wisdom begins with awe and respect for our Creator.

    Reason – Science – History

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  4. A new woman in town was so please biden was elected. Now all will be right with the world and life will be grand. Yes, she is very young. No one replied to her posts, so I did. Having lived thru liberal ownership before–and that’s how they see it–I told her minimum wage is the poverty rate. Prices will rise to meet it, so will taxes, and that means she and her family will pay a lot more rent, fees, and bills. It’s a tax gimmick, nothing more. Long and short of it, she no longer talks to ‘Pop’ but a lot of her generations now waves and stops by to see how I am and so on. some give the high sign, some give the finger and a grin–the Hawaiian good-luck sign. ame me, I was banned from FB for posting ANTI-Nazi documents, again. a whole week vacation from FB! Cool!


  5. I heard a preacher who had the courage to actually say from the pulpit that he could not see how anybody who claimed to be a Christian could vote for a democrat if they actually looked at what the democrats stood for. And that was 15+ years ago! Think how much more immoral, and downright evil, things the democrats stand for today than they did 15+ years ago.

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  6. No President has been perfect. No President ever will be. Having once been a Never-Trumper, I have to admit that I am very much impressed with his accomplishments overall. If he was a problem, let’s just say that the solution has already proven to be a disaster. He’s making Trump look like one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had. At least Trump wasn’t as divisive as Abraham Lincoln who started our only Civil War to date. (Tongue in cheek on that one.) ;-)

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    1. Um, Lincoln started the Civil War by winning the white House, yes. But, it was the dems who fired on federal property, Ft. Sumpter and that started the war. Dems love to start wars, then shriek and whine against repubs, who win them.


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