Far-left activist charged after Washington, D.C. incitement of violence incident

Guess what? A far-left activist has been charged in connection with the recent rioting in Washington, D.C. No, no, it’s not the CEO of Facebook or the CEO of Twitter or the CEO of Google or the CEO of Amazon. Those are not the far-left activists I am talking about this time.

Fox News reports:

A left-wing activist who told Fox News last week that he’d followed a pro-Trump mob into the Capit0l in order to “document” the siege is now the subject of a criminal complaint in connection with his alleged participation, according to the Justice Department.

J0hn Su11ivan can allegedly be heard egging on protesters in video he provided to the FBI, according to a federal criminal complaint. He has also shared the video to his YouTube and Twitter accounts under the pseudonym Jayd3n X.

He was charged Thursday in federal court in Washington, D.C. after being arrested by the FBI. He remains in custody in Toeele County, in his home state of Utah, on a U.S. Marshals Service hold request.

Inside the building, he told rioters that “We gotta get this s— burned,” and “it’s our house m————,” according to an affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Matthew Foulger.

He faces federal charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

[…]Su11ivan, the founder of a Utah-based group called 1nsurgence USA… has denied ties to Ant1fa in recent interviews, his group 1nsurgence USA had advertised an event called “Kick These Fascists out of DC” on Wednesday around the same time as a pro-Trump rally near the National Mall that preceded the Capit0l chaos.

If you’re wondering why I said “incitement of violence” in my title, it’s because I think that “we gotta get this s— burned” is an incitement to violence.

National Pulse adds:

Su11ivan, the founder of “an activist group formed after the killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020” entitled 1nsurgence USA which “calls itself anti-fasc1st and protests police brutality,” insisted he was only inside the U.S. Capit0l on January 6th to “record.”


Politifact, which is one of the fake-news “fact-checkers” employed by Big Tech, issued an entire fact-check, in which they claimed that this person isn’t linked to Ant1fa at all:

Su11ivan denies antifa affiliation

Social media users have linked Su11ivan to ant1fa and Black Lives Matter because of his past protest history and social media activity. His Twitter accounts have frequently used #antifa, #blm, and other anti-Trump or anti-police hashtags, PolitiFact found. The cover photo for one of his accounts advertised a Jan. 6 1nsurgence USA event to “Kick These Fascists Out of DC.”

Su11ivan has also been filmed using incendiary language in the past. At a small August rally in Washington, D.C., he described the need to “rip” Trump out of office, according to Fox News. Photos highlighted on his personal website show him holding a firearm.

But Su11ivan said he’s not a part of the ant1fa coalition often blamed for violent events, noting that Trump supporters at the riot were shouting “f— ant1fa.”

So if he says he’s not linked to Ant1fa, then he’s not linked to Ant1fa. That’s called journalism. No need to check any evidence. That’s real journalism with a journalism degree right there. That 200K in student loans was well worth the money, for the useful journalism skills you learn when you’re spending 4 years being a drunken slut and getting indoctrinated with far-left propaganda till you can’t reason your way out of a paper bag. But Big Tech has a use for you.

This fact check was used by Big Tech corporations like Facebook to suppress any criticism of far-left fascist groups. That’s their goal. The journalists write their “fact check”, they label your actual facts “missing context” or “mostly false” and then every dissenting voice is banned from social media. I remember when they labeled a video of Joe Biden talking as “Missing Context” and reduced my page’s audience for quoting Joe Biden in his own words talking continuously for over 2 minutes. They just didn’t want people to see it, so they censored it. They censored me. They hate free speech. They’re totalitarians who suppress anything they disagree with.

4 thoughts on “Far-left activist charged after Washington, D.C. incitement of violence incident”

  1. Thank you for this article!

    It was earlier posted somewhere that he had gotten a call from the FBI and told he was NOT going to be charged. Then the conservative outrage began, and apparently they sort of backtracked out of embarrassment. I’m sure he will get special court treatment, being on the Left.

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  2. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    I heard about that yesterday; it’s important to highlight this, not because of any intent to try to pin the blame for all that happened on antifa and BLM – that would be absurd and wrong – but to highlight the fact that when this kind of event happens, one can’t control who decides to join in and exploit the situation. And just as not all who participated in the riot were like this guy, neither were all like the guy who carried the Confederate flag or the one with the Auschwitz t-shirt. In other words, you had a mix of people; some were just ordinary folks who had attended the protest march and decided to join those pushing past the barricades and go inside, while those who pushed down the barricades, or who egged on people like this guy arrested for incitement, were indeed literal ‘rabble-rousers’, some from the BLM/Antifa crowd, some from QAnon, etc.

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    1. (Not that I have any issue with the Confederate flag; I don’t; but I recognize that it’s become a symbol that others associate with prejudice, and therefore incites progs to prejudice themselves whenever they see it, against those displaying it.)

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  3. Media and activist groups look for events that are an excuse to change law or strip rights.

    Most don’t agree in the worse things that happened here but I laugh at the hypocrisy of justifying months or activities for a preferred group of extremists that were politically useful.

    But a few hours by a few extrimists in another group and then a few tag alongs that just came such as the one you mentioned.

    That can’t be allowed


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