Expect Biden / Harris to overturn all state-level restrictions on abortion

Major pro-abortion group endorses Joe Biden for President
Major pro-abortion group endorses Joe Biden for President

The Democrats already have legislation to remove all state-level restrictions on abortion. It stalled in the Senate because Republicans stopped it. But now that the Democrats are in charge of House, Senate and Presidency, it will probably get passed.

Fox News reported on it early in 2020:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee met on Wednesday to discuss legislation that would override state regulations on abortion, a bill pro-life critics describe as unconstitutional overreach from Washington.

“For the first time in 20 years, our committee is considering a proactive bill that would guarantee the constitutional right to abortion care; free from the interference of any politician, who has no place in making this very personal decision,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., said of the Women’s Health Protection Act.

[…]There are currently hundreds of state laws regulating abortions, varying from regulations on clinic standards to outright bans on the procedure, all part of what pro-choice advocates describe as an unprecedented attack on abortion access.

[…]The bill grants health care providers a “statutory right” to perform abortions and effectively voids a long list of regulations at the state level. These include requirements that doctors perform certain tests or procedures prior to an abortion. The bill also prohibits limitations on providing abortion services via telemedicine, an emerging form of access that pro-life leaders have criticized as dangerous.

The bill’s text includes a provision blocking abortion bans prior to fetal viability, and grants post-viability abortions in cases where a health care provider believes the continuation of the pregnancy “would pose a risk to the pregnant patient’s life or health.”

I have a friend who is a Never Trumper. He’s not very informed about policy, he’s just talks and talks about how much he doesn’t like Trump. When I try to talk about Trump’s pro-life policies, executive actions, and judicial nominations, he changes the subjects to his feelings. He really likes to talk about his feelings. I don’t think there’s a single Biden voter who could list specific policies implemented by Trump. Not on abortion. Not on any issue. They all just focused on how they felt about Trump. And those feelings were largely conditioned by the mainstream news media.

So, on Wednesday, he was busy talking about how much he hates Trump for fighting against election fraud. I asked him if he had spared any thoughts about what the Democrats were about to do in terms of policy. He hadn’t. He has no idea about their actual legislation. He wasn’t discussing policy with anyone throughout the entire election cycle. He doesn’t know enough about policy or legislation to have those conversations. He can talk a lot about Star Wars, sports and movies, though. He’s very convincing on those topics. Very passionate. But nothing to say about abortion legislation. Nothing to convince people to vote pro-life.

What is more important in life? To talk to others about how pro-life you are? Or to get pro-life results? We had pro-life results when Trump was President. Now we’re going to have pro-abortion results under Harris / Biden. My Never Trump friend is delighted that Trump is gone. He thinks that he’s a “social conservative”, too – a real pro-family, pro-life guy. That’s what he likes to tell everyone.

5 thoughts on “Expect Biden / Harris to overturn all state-level restrictions on abortion”

  1. So spot on.
    I have one friend who voted Biden because he thought Trump was breaking up families (the border crossers). He’s ardently pro-life. I can’t figure it out.

    I have a slightly different way than you of pointing this out. I wonder if the elimination of gender words in Congress and now of any abortion restrictions is worth it to them in order to get a combative tweeter out of the office. I haven’t tried that formulation out yet, because, as my border family example demonstrates, there is evidence to believe that reason is completely ineffective.


  2. You do realize that, constitutionally, the President cannot overturn what the states have implemented. The President does not have that authority. The Supreme Court can rule on the constitutionality and the congress can create a “law of the land”, but the President cannot create laws, even by Executive Orders.


  3. I’ve dealt with a few people like the one you’ve mentioned. Those in my example, however, seem to be more aware of the political as well as very knowledgeable about Scripture. They all denied Trump their vote on the basis of “voting one’s conscience”. I asked how their consciences can handle the ascendancy of those who have expressed their desires to implement policies which are wholly un-Christian and anti-Christian. Their response is that they will trust God…that all things work to His master plan.

    But basically, it comes down to allowing all the suffering, denying all the positive results of Trump’s policies, just because of his tweets and his manner. It’s like saying, “I don’t want that dude to save me from drowning because he says rude things.” It’s a very superficial basis for choosing who should lead our country. I was a Ted Cruz guy last time around. He didn’t get the nomination. I took a chance because of the alternative was too horrible to consider, as well as because he talked a better game. He proved himself over the last four years and these people threw it all away because he wasn’t Jesus Christ perfect. Excuse the manner of expressing myself, but that’s the way it is. Now we all will suffer for such short-sightedness and pseudo-sanctimony. AND more children will die.

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