Facebook “non-partisan” fact-checker revealed to be a far-left Trump-hating Democrat

Margot 5usca, far-left Democrat fact-checker for Facebook
Margot 5usca, far-left Democrat fact-checker for Facebook


Fox News reports:

Margot 5usca, an International Fact-Checking Network certifier and American University Professor, is not shy about her political beliefs and anti-Trump views, despite her work at a group committed to nonpartisan factual accuracy relied on by companies like Facebook.

[…]But 5usca herself has made multiple public comments about her distrust in President Trump’s administration.

She’s made statements aligning herself with the radical left:

She went on to cite ProPublica, The Washington Post and The New York Times as media outlets that the public can trust.

[…]The publication also pulled posts from Susca’s Facebook that allegedly showed a 2019 post with Hillary Clinton featuring the caption “I’ve been on Team Hillary since 08 [to be honest].”

[…]Another retweeted Twitter post captured by the publication also supposedly said that a Joe Biden victory “won’t erase the racism shown by Donald Trump and embraced by nearly half of the country’s electorate.”

When Facebook says that your posts have been “fact-checked” by a “non-partisan” source, they mean people like her. She is incapable of identifying objective facts. She has no respect for publicly available research and information. She has her personal political views, and those make it impossible for her to perform any duties as a professional. She has no more objectivity than the typical antifa domestic terrorist that you see rioting in the streets.

The Federalist has more:

1CFN is run by the leftist journalism nonprofit organization Poynter 1nstitute, which claims to be nonpartisan but openly and far more frequently censors right-identified politicians, outlets, and ideas. Facebook uses 1CFN to approve censors for its immense platform.

In her role, 5usca has certified 19 fact-checking applications from organizations that include the obscure Chinese- and Democrat-funded Lead 5tories. Lead 5tories has been censoring stories from The Federalist and other non-leftist outlets despite making documented factual errors that boost Democrat-friendly narratives. 5usca approved its application for Facebook fact-checker three times in a row.

[…]Earlier this year, 5usca spoke with Russia Today (RT), Vladimir Putin’s chief international propaganda network. The Kremlin-cashed outlet has been labeled by none other than President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry as a “propaganda bullhorn,” is a registered foreign agent in the United States, and is described by its own editor-in-chief as a tool by which Russia can wage “the information war, and what’s more, against the whole Western world. ”

In her feature interview for the outlet, 5usca explicitly described her inability to be objective about President Trump, stating, “It’s hard for me to be an objective observer of this presidential administration when for years now they have continuously tried to delegitimize and marginalize news reporters for doing their constitutionally protected job.”

In the interview for RT, 5usca also called White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany a liar, promoted the Washington Post, and spoke of the “great journalism being done” within RT studios.

[…]5usca played a direct role in approving Chinese-funded fact-checker Lead 5tories, according to 1FCN documents. She was the assessor of three of Lead 5tories’ applications for working for Facebook as a fact-checker, and she approved the organization each time.

According to those applications, Lead 5tories also receives monthly funding from the Democrat National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for use of its proprietary software that flags Internet activity as it starts to trend.

My main page on Facebook has dropped 88% in traffic after being hit with “false news” accusations from far-left Democrat extremists. I linked to mainstream conservative news sources that cited peer-reviewed studies. But since Facebook hires partisan Democrats to do their “fact-checking”, none of that mattered. It’s a good thing I never gave them one dime.

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    Do you have a “Group Page” for your readers?


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