Fakebook introduces new algorithm to promote far-left news sources

Fakebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)
Fakebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)

The Federalist:

Fakebook purposefully throttled specific news outlets after the election, limiting the distribution of posts from certain pages and accounts under the guise of combating “false and misleading claims” about election results and fraud. The New York Times reported the censorship increase Tuesday.

The New York Times reported the big tech company relies on a “secret internal ranking system” called news ecosystem quality scores (N.E.Q.) to determine which journalism the company will allow to circulate on the platform. Fakebook CEO Mark Yuckerberg reportedly expanded the N.E.Q.’s algorithm presence following the election to “make sure authoritative news appeared more prominently.”

Sources such as CNN, The New York Times, NPR, and others benefitted from Yuckerberg’s changes, receiving more traffic and distribution on the site while others lost page views and reach. Fakebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox bragged about the company’s decisions and reportedly said he was “proud of how the company had applied labels to election-related misinformation, pointing users to authoritative information about the results.”

4 thoughts on “Fakebook introduces new algorithm to promote far-left news sources”

  1. Just FYI… Your link to The Federalist isn’t working. I found the article, and it looks like it’s because you have the word Facebook capitalized. It’s the only difference I see in the URLs


  2. I noticed that I was getting a disproportionate number of ads and articles in my feed from NYT, WaPo, etc. (pretty much Leftist sources).

    As much as I didn’t like to do it, and I rationalized it was necessary (AND I get the citations from other friends anyway), I blocked all NYT/WaPo/etc. ads off my feed.

    Regarding Fakebook’s “Fact-checking,” I observed to a friend that Fakebook mark certain things (especially political-oriented statements) with their “fact-checking” — and things they don’t agree with get “Mostly false” or “Somewhat false”.

    Even the son of a certain figure posts statements like “crowds gathered today at Washington DC in support” and Fakebook marks it as “Somewhat false.” Okay, so there were some counter-protesters or something. But it’s disingenuous to mark this as false.

    Our friends over at the homonym of 10^100 modified their search to skew to certain information if you make your searches more general. (i.e., to defeat this algorithm, you have to know very specifically what you are searching for). They also have been removing any videos posted where the monitors had issues with count1ng ball0ts.

    Then Fakebook posted their own vids about how this could never happen.


    I can live with losing fair and square.

    I just find it reprehensible to squelch the truth and name yourself the gatekeepers of truth.

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