Biden wants to reverse Trump’s pro-life executive orders, force taxpayers to fund abortion

Major pro-abortion group endorses Joe Biden for President
Major pro-abortion group endorses Joe Biden for President

Life News reports:

Americans can expect to be forced to send hundreds of millions of tax dollars to pro-abortion groups if Joe Biden is confirmed to be the winner of the White House.

Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat, promised to reverse President Donald Trump’s progress for life when he takes office, including ending the Mexico City Policy and restoring Title X funds to Planned Parenthood.

These two executive orders alone defunded Planned Parenthood and the British-based abortion chain Marie Stopes International of more than $200 million U.S. tax dollars.

But they are just a few of the targets of a pro-abortion Biden administration, and abortion advocacy groups already are pressuring him to do more.

Jacqueline Ayers, vice president of government relations and public policy for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, told The Hill that they hope Biden will restore funding to her abortion chain on his first day in office.

“We think many of these issues actually could be addressed day one, in an executive order that explicitly talks about the new administration’s commitment to sexual reproductive health care,” Ayers said.

Among other priorities, Christianity Daily reports Biden also is expected to repeal a Trump executive order that granted relief to charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor. Biden would once again force them to follow the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate, which includes drugs that may cause abortions.

Jessica Marcella, of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health, also urged Biden to act quickly to restore Title X funds to pro-abortion medical groups. If he does not, she said some facilities may close.

“It is essential a Biden administration act as expeditiously as possible, on day 1 or within 100 days, to get money flowing back to providers, particularly to jurisdictions that don’t have Title X services right now,” she told The Hill. “Even right now, there are health centers on the brink of closing, just trying to hold on for a reversal of fortune and restoration of Title X’s integrity as a program they can participate in.”

In 2019, Trump enacted the Title X “Protect Life” rule to ensure that the program does not indirectly fund abortions. Title X provides family planning and other health services for low-income individuals. Planned Parenthood could have complied with the rule by stopping abortions or completely separating its abortion business from its actual health services, but it refused. Instead, it prioritized abortions over women’s health and it was defunded of about $60 million.

2 thoughts on “Biden wants to reverse Trump’s pro-life executive orders, force taxpayers to fund abortion”

  1. It’s going to get worse than that. Kamala Harris I understand even voted against funds for babies that survive abortions. No one and nothing should get in the way of a woman’s “right” to murder her offspring in her limitless pursuit of hedonism regardless of cost.


  2. Biden is a politician through and through. I don’t know if he’s changed his mind as he’s gotten older, or if he’s just an opportunist like Clinton. It’s hard to say, but his reversal on this is significant, in my opinion.


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