Eyewitnesses to voting irregularities have signed sworn affidavits

Twitter doesn't like people sharing sworn affidavits
Twitter doesn’t like people sharing sworn affidavits

The following post is written by a friend, who is also a software engineer. I have linked to his sources at the bottom of the post.

Here’s my attempt at piecing together evidence for fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Misinformation is everywhere and it’s possible I have something wrong, so feel free to add, remove, or correct:

1. Voting software added votes for Biden: Antrim county, MI said their Dominion voting machines gave Biden a 29 point lead over Trump (6000 votes), even though Trump beat Hillary by 30 points there in 2016. Manual counting revealed the machines erroneously gave extra votes to Biden. [1,2] The error was blamed on a missing software update.[3] 47 other counties in Michigan also use Dominion voting machines.[4] In Oakland County, MI, separate voting software glitched 1200 votes from a republican county commissioner to his democrat challenger.[5]

2. Poll watchers denied access: Chair of the Federal Election Commission (nominated by Trump in Sep 2017, voted in by senate) says voter fraud is happening, poll watchers are not being allowed to watch.[7] Others testify of being denied access.[8,9]

3. USPS changed postmarks: Project Veritas interviewed USPS workers from Michigan[10] and Pennsylvania[11] who said the offices were illegally changing dates on ballots to allow late votes, even those postmarked on Nov 5th and 6th. Both post office supervisors hung up the phone after they were asked about it. This skews the election because Biden’s supporters are more likely to vote by mail. USPS told Veritas they’re now investigating.[12]

4. Non-citizen votes: Historically about 16% of non-citizens illegally register to vote, and about 82% of the time they vote Democrat. Those numbers alone are far more than enough to swing the election from Trump to Biden in swing states.[13] In 2013, Obama prevented states from requiring registrants to provide proof of citizenship.

5. The ratio of mail-in ballots favoring Trump vs Biden for any state should remain about the same over time as they come in, because they’re shuffled when in the mail. Or perhaps drift gradually from democrat to republican because republicans live further from cities. But in key swing states we see the opposite, with them either gradually or drastically jumping toward democrat as votes were counted late on election night.[14]

6. In Detroit, Poll challenger Andrew Sitto reports that “tens of thousands” of ballots arrived at 4:30am, with all he observed going to Biden. Poll challenger Daniel Gustafson confirms, adding that the ballots arrived in large, unsecured bins, with no label indicating their source of origin. At the same site, Republican poll challenger Robert Cushman reported poll workers adding votes from unregistered voters, registering them all with a Jan 1, 1900 birthday. Each of these witnesses signed sworn affidavits.[15]

7. I don’t think there’s anywhere that has more votes than what there are people registered to vote.

8. The middle of the night jump in Biden votes in Michigan happened because Shiawassee, MI adding an extra zero to Biden’s count. That’s since been fixed.[16]

9. The Wisconsin middle of the night Biden jump is said to have been from Milwaukee absentee ballots arriving all at once.[17] Milwaukee is very liberal and democrats are more likely to vote by absentee, plausibly explaining the high ratio of blue ballots? If not for some of this other evidence?

10. Trump Campaign has filed a lawsuit claiming 10s of thousands of votes in Nevada were from people who didn’t live there.[18] A sworn affidavit from a witness in Nevada says, “5 or 6 additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes” A poll worker in Nevada was told to process ballots even when the signatures didn’t match the names.[6]

Twitter and FB are censoring much of the content questioning the election results, whether legit or not. Even Trump’s tweets. It’s scary to see them take that power over the president.

Biden’s gaffe from two weeks ago about creating “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history” seems almost prophetic.[19]


By the way, I noticed that trying to tweet the sworn affidavits being referenced  is being blocked by Twitter. They don’t want people to hear these statements, because they’re in the tank for Biden.

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