4 thoughts on “Here’s what is happening in Democrat-run states where Trump was leading last night”

  1. Christians bailed on Trump in MI.

    I observed cheating as a poll watcher in a Detroit precinct during a presidential election many years ago – a black guy walked to the booth witha senile senior citizenand I was close enough tohear him say vote D. I told the Republican HQ, but the Republican won, so they didn’t care. We couldn’t find enough folks to poll watch the city precincts, but the Dems flooded the areas.
    Too many Christians watch sports or TV instead of poll watching and knocking on inner city doors. The cities can manufacture votes because we’ve abandoned them.

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  2. In shorter terms, God had no obligation to bless our docility and laziness.

    Same goes for blessing pastors who don’t shepard sharpened minds like you do at this blog. Pastors ask for blessings for their sermons and then proceed to leave the sheep mentally flacid. White men shorted Trump, and I’ve told stories here of a couple guys I know who turned to Biden. Fact is that in my church of 300 members and 600 weekly attendance, I know at least 30 never-Trumpers, and I don’t know a half of the church probably. It’s a pto-life, homeschooling, bible-teaching, men-only pastoring church.
    Piety to them (those who did vote for Trump) means telling others this election doesn’t bother them and that we should remember our real citizenship. No, they don’t get it, no one is saying this is thr permanent kingdom, that’s not at issie , so I am tiring of the spiritual responses to a evil result.
    Satan is a destroyer and wrecking the country and I should be nonplussed as a measure of spiritual maturity?


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