Facebook bans Christian apologist David Wood for posting the death threats he received

Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)
Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)

I got banned from Facebook for 3 days this past week, for a post that I shared on my personal account to my 45 friends. I’ll tell you what I posted below, but more important than me is famous Christian apologist David Wood. He received several suspensions from Facebook for posting threats he received, and for being critical of N*zism. Finally, he just quit entirely.

Here is his video on YouTube, which he explains what got him banned four times in a row:

He shows the five things in particular:

  • he posted a threat from someone who wanted to r*pe his mother in front of him
  • he posted a historical photo showing Hitl*r with his ideological allies
  • he posted another threat from someone who wanted to r*pe his wife in front of him
  • he posted another threat from someone who wanted to “chop chop chop” his head off
  • he posted another historical photo of someone dissenting from N*zism

So what can we infer from this? Well, if Facebook was angry at the people who posted the r*pe threats and the death threats, then they would have taken on those people. But Facebook censored David, the victim of those threats, instead. And similarly with the shaming of N*zis. If they disagreed with the N*zis, they could have let David’s posts stay. They decided to censor David instead. I think it’s pretty clear what that means.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about the people who Facebook favors over David Wood, this excellent article from The Daily Caller will prove helpful.

My 3-day suspension from Facebook

I also got a 3-day suspension from Facebook last week, for posting a video of several men rescuing a dog who was stuck in some flowing water and in danger of drowning. I originally posted it on Twitter, and I made two points above the video. First, I explained why I thought that it was wrong for everyone to shame all men for t*xic masculinity, when clearly some men were using their masculinity for good. Second, I said that the women who found men to be t*xic should remember that they often choose those men. I then took a screenshot of the tweet, and posted it on my personal account on Facebook, where ONLY my 45 close friends who know me in real life could see it. This was not posted to the blog’s public page, but to my personal page, to an audience of 45 people.

Here’s the video:

You can see why Facebook would ban this, it makes masculinity look good. And that’s against Facebook’s Communisty Standards. And you can’t tell women who complain about men to just avoid the ones who are dangerous, because that would imply that women have some responsibility to make wise choices. I think they do, but Facebook disagrees with me, and thinks I should be banned.

Well, I asked around, and I found that no one had complained about the post. But apparently, Facebook found that it opposed their “Communisty Standards”, so I got banned anyway.

Going forward

So what did I learn from this? Well, I learned to keep voting Republican, because they’re the only ones who seem to be concerned with censorship by the big social media companies. And that’s probably because the censorship by fascist companies like Facebook always seems to go in one direction – against Christians, against conservatives.

I think anyone who wants to make a difference on this misandry issue should consider sharing news stories, videos, etc. that put good men in a positive light. It’s important to intentionally counteract the cesspool of the secular left by promoting good content. Anything that shows a happy marriage, good use of legal firearms for self-defense, a family with a lot of children, homeschooling children, long-lasting marriage, chastity, etc. is bad for the secular left, and therefore bad for Facebook. Post all the good stuff you can.

By the way, you can find me here on MeWe and Minds, if you want to connect with me there. Those platforms don’t censor Christians or conservatives.

6 thoughts on “Facebook bans Christian apologist David Wood for posting the death threats he received”

  1. I have friends on my personal Facebook that get put in Facebook jail regularly. Quite a few people who get banned post screen captures of the message they got, and the “offending” post. Note one of them have posted actual hate messages or advocated for violence and murder, nor have any of them ever threatened anyone. Yet I have personally reported posts that have done that, and got responses from Facebook telling me they were not against Facebook standards. Insane!
    Their covering of images for possible graphic violence is also questionable. I had one go through and clicked to reveal it, only to discover it was a text graphic basically about free speech and how disagreeing with someone doesn’t equal hate.
    Not long ago, I’d read an article about the staff that does this. Facebook contracts it out to another company. They get paid poorly, and work conditions are awful. They also have to view and read some incredibly horrific posts people make – videos of actual rape and murder, for example. It’s astonishing, what vile things people will post to social media. Many ended up severely traumatized and forced to quite due to PTSD. At the same time, they have to have discussions about what should or shouldn’t be banned.
    By contracting it out, Facebook gets to wipe their hands clean of the damage they do, while at the same time, they get to play the brave heroes in banning “hate” on their platform.

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  2. “By the way, you can find me here on MeWe and Minds, if you want to connect with me there. Those platforms don’t censor Christians or conservatives.”

    Paul Elam of A Voice For Men recently announced that he’s migrating there as well. We’ll see how long they last.


  3. I hardly post to Facebook and using it is often a sign that I am killing a few minutes and too lazy at the moment to look through bookmarks of sites I like to see if one has an update.

    I would not mind to see the decline of Facebook for its attack on diversity of thought. Under their attack against anything not far left.

    If it wasn’t for a few local buy and sell groups my usage would be much lower


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