The backlash against Karen Pence reveals the fascist ambitions of the secular left

The Pence family: Karen is on the right
The Pence family: Karen is on the right

I saw this story about Mike Pence’s splendid wife Karen getting a job teaching in a Christian school. The school has Biblical views on sexuality, i.e. – no sex outside of marriage and marriage defined as one woman and one man. Well, the mainstream media didn’t a Christian woman behaving like a Christian in public, and they decided to shame her for being a Christian.

Here are the facts from the centrist Washinton Examiner:

The story at issue is that Pence has resumed teaching at a school that “does not allow gay students,” and otherwise discriminates against homosexuals. Well, that’s a rather slanted way to describe the situation.

The school requires adherence to beliefs that include rejection of all forms of pre- or extramarital sex, specifically including heterosexual activity outside of marriage. It’s not homosexuality per se the school disapproves of; it’s the act of sex except as pro-sanctioned by the Bible. This may sound strange to those with oh-so-modern sensibilities, but it’s hardly invidious discrimination.

[…]Yet that crucial context, that the school bans its students from engaging in all forms of sexual activity considered immoral by Christians, is buried (if included at all) in multiple leading news outlets in the bowels of stories beneath headlines and lead paragraphs portraying the school as being particularly ” anti-gay.”

If you’re relying on the mainstream media for your news sources, then you’re almost certainly being lied to.

The secular leftists in the media always Christian moral rules as bad things that exclude and hurt people’s feelings. The secular left treats the feelings of being offended or excluded as more important than the Constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of association.

What was interesting to me about this article was the tone of the original story from the Washington Post.

This article from The Federalist explains:

It’s progressive dogma that leads Harvard-educated Washington Post editor to incredulously ask how traditional Christian schools can even “happen” in contemporary American society. She is not merely questioning whether Second Lady Karen Pence is right or wrong to teach at a Christian school –after all, Americans are free to be critical of  people’s faith (well most)—but rather how the existence of a school that adhere to the teachings of a church that counters progressive dogma can exist at all.

This is the same progressive moral dogma that justifies years-long attacks on the livelihood of Christian bakers and florists. It’s the same dogma that justifies coercing nuns to offer the rite of birth control. If one doesn’t adhere to these commandments, the state, the most powerful institution in the world, will sue them into submission.

The secular leftist wonders “how can people who disagree with me be allowed to exist at all?”

The Daily Caller noted:

Several progressive groups including the NOH8 Campaign, the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project targeted Karen and the school over its faith-based policies. The Trevor Project even announced it plans to send 100 copies of a book depicting the Pences’ pet rabbit as homosexual to the school.

If you ask the secular leftists in the mainstream media “what would you do about Karen Pence and Christian schools, if you had all the power in the world, and were not accountable to anyone?” And the answer is pretty clear from their treatment of Christian bakers, florists, wedding photographers. The would use any means necessary in order silence and coerce Bible-believing Christians into behaving like progressive atheists. And why not? This has been the pattern of the secular left throughout history. Just look at Stalin, Mao, and the other secular leftist tyrants in atheist countries.

Ben Shapiro to the rescue

So where is the church on this? Well, I have noticed that many Christian pastors have nothing to say about politics, or any of the conflicts between Christians and the secular left. A friend of mine from Ohio just sent me this clip of pastor Alistair Begg, a pious fundamentalist pastor with limited real-world abilities, denouncing those who take political issues seriously. I am so sick and tired of these useless pastors who are coasting on the religious liberty that was provided for them by bolder men in ages past. (Aside: Wayne Grudem is pretty good on policy and politics, though)

But wait! The battlefield has not been abandoned by everyone. You see, Orthodox Jews have the same kinds of rules for their religious schools as evangelical Christians do. So, the task of defending Christian religious liberty was taken up by Orthodox Jew and conservative superhero Ben Shapiro.

Here is this Thursday podcast:

Watching Ben reminds me of being at university, feeling very alone, and then discovering videos of William Lane Craig debating atheists on campus. “Is anyone going to speak up for us?” Yes. Someone is going to speak up for us. Make sure you subscribe to Ben’s podcast. I never miss a single episode.

10 thoughts on “The backlash against Karen Pence reveals the fascist ambitions of the secular left”

    1. Love your comment! When I was an atheist, I was a lot like you, LOR. I LIKED people holding themselves to Christian morals – I believed the last 7 Commandments after all. I even homeschooled under Christian coverings, and I believed that Christian standards were, generally speaking, MUCH better than no standards at all.

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  1. One of the arguments against Christian schools is that the staff is not “balanced”. They want us to hire teachers of all “religious” persuasions. But we know what happens when we try to balance religion with secularism – many of the biggest secular universities began as Bible colleges, Imagine a barrel of apples, one rotten one spoils the barrel, but you can’t add more good apples to reverse the rot. This trend of evangelical atheism, with their agenda of freeing the world from the tyranny of Christ is spreading like rotten apples.

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  2. In onr news outlets the headline was.

    Mrs pence gets a job in antilgbtq school. Because saying it was Christian eliminated all their argument and they need to demonize the woman


  3. They claim the schools must be balanced. But what happens when you ask them to balance their myths of natualalism with even disclaimers that these things aren’t proven yet. We just assume it will be true.

    We assume life will just appear despite all of science saying otherwise. Life will get more complicated and evolve up over deep time even though in the lab all we find are minor variations withing a kind and if we break things too far the organism dies instead of a mega evolution as would be necessary for an atheist explanation of the Cambrian explosion

    Only Christian schools need the unbalanced teaching of non Christian ideas becaue the far left are full of despots, that dislike other though. Humans are not the Borg I explain to atheists we naturally want independent thought and diversity of views.

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  4. If CNN is objective news reporting, then I will have to change my view that the earth is not flat, the Holocaust never took place, and 9/11 was an inside job.


  5. “Progressive” message of the Nazis to the Jews living in Germany, from 1932-1945:

    You have no right to live among us as Jews.

    You have no right to live among us.

    You have no right to live.


  6. “If you’re relying on the mainstream media for your news sources, then you’re almost certainly being lied to.”

    Excellent line!


  7. “A pious fundamentalist pastor with limited real-world abilities, denouncing those who take political issues seriously.”

    For what its worth, I believe he’s primarily responding to the growing call for the Church to embrace issues of ‘social justice’. That and the abandonment of the Gospel for a social gospel. I’ve seen this myself in the Anglican Church, with Bishops acting as constant spokesmen for Socialist causes. On the other side of the political aisle, there’s also the bizarre Theonomy movement to defend against and political shills like Robert Jeffress. While folks may criticize his approach; I believe he’s coming from a place we can all sympathize with.

    The issue does not actually appear to be about ‘denouncing those who take political issues seriously’, as from a brief perusal, Begg himself has spoken out on the subject of abortion and postmodern trends in society. He is making a distinction between the role of the local church (evangelism) and individual Christians (who can and ought to speak out against these things). Its a complex issue, and while their solutions/distinctions may not mesh with my own, or yours, that doesn’t mean that they don’t take political issues seriously. Its primarily an argument over the function of the local church; not a denouncement of those who take political issues seriously.

    “My beloved brothers, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires” – James 1:19


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