Will Christine Ford be charged with perjury after her ex-boyfriend’s sworn testimony?

Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, and his two daughters
Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, and his two daughters

Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend told the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath that he witnessed her coaching a friend on how to take a polygraph. So what? Well, Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she “NEVER” (her words) coached anyone else about polygraphs. Looks like someone is going to be facing perjury charges all right, and not about farting or drinking beer!

First, The Federalist recalls how Ford answered questions about her polygraph at her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing:

At last week’s hearing, Ford was specifically asked by Rachel Mitchell, an experienced sex crimes prosecutor who was hired by the committee to question Ford and Kavanaugh, whether she had advised anyone on how to take a polygraph.

“Have you ever had discussions with anyone, beside your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?” Mitchell asked.

“Never,” Ford responded.

“And I don’t just mean countermeasures,” Mitchell said, “but I mean just any sort of tips, or anything like that.”

“No,” Ford said.

“[H]ave you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?” Mitchell continued.

“Never,” Ford replied again.

The Federalist article has the full statement.

The Wall Street Journal notes: (it’s pay-walled)

The statement was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Ford’s lawyers didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The writer’s name was redacted. In the letter to the committee, the writer said that he dated Dr. Ford from 1992 to 1998, found her to be “truthful” and said he had no ill will toward her.

He wrote that she never told him she was a victim of sexual assault or mentioned Judge Kavanaugh’s name.

He said that while they were dating, Dr. Ford lived with a female friend. That person was interviewing for a federal job. The writer said he witnessed Dr. Ford help her friend prepare to take a lie-detector test.

Because of her background in psychology, the writer said, Dr. Ford was able to help her friend understand “what to expect, and how polygraphs worked,” putting her mind at ease about the forthcoming test.

In his letter, Sen. Grassley wrote that Dr. Ford’s testimony at the hearing “raises specific concerns about the reliability of her polygraph examination results. The Senate therefore needs this information.”

National Review adds:

The two dated for six years and Ford never expressed a fear of flying or closed spaces, traits she told the committee she struggles with, he said.

The man also claims Ford lied about and then admitted to charging a credit card they used to share for about $600 of merchandise.

Personally, I don’t believe her story, and now that we have evidence that she perjured herself, I’d like to see her face criminal charges and spend some time in prison.

And I’d like to see her lawyers investigated and disbarred, if they are found guilty. And I want them to explain who is paying their lawyer fees and for Ford’s polygraph. If Ford or Ford’s lawyers are linked to George Soros, then we can certainly do something about George Soros’ influence in America.

And we can have an FBI investigation of Diane Feinstein’s on-staff Chinese spy – and find out what he was doing working for her for 20 years. I’d like that investigation to last as long as the media took smearing Trump with Russia collusion nonsense.

But first, let’s confirm Kavanaugh. This week. I want all the Democrat senators in red states to go on the record on where they stand on Kavanaugh. I want it done before the mid-terms, so everyone in Indiana, Montana, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Missouri are very clear about who they should vote for in the mid-terms.

Note: at the time of writing (Tuesday night) this story had only been reported on National Review, The Federalist, the Washington Examiner, Fox News, the Daily Caller, and other right of center outlets. Not one far-left news media source, e.g. – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, etc. had a thing to say about it. This failure to report happens ALL THE TIME (remember the Gosnell trial?) Remember that next time you are consuming fake news from the progressive mainstream news media. They lie.

9 thoughts on “Will Christine Ford be charged with perjury after her ex-boyfriend’s sworn testimony?”

  1. “Personally, I don’t believe her story, and now that we have evidence that she perjured herself, I’d like to see her face criminal charges and spend some time in prison.”
    You, me and multitudes of others, WK, but I think it’s wishful thinking. Nothing will happen to her, Souad Faress, or that sow who falsely accused those four dentists of rape.

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  2. And it looks like Dr Ford was staying in Delaware with the friend she coached on the polygraph, Ms. McLean, when she wrote the letter to Feinstein. (https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/10/03/christine-blasey-ford-friend-in-delaware-was-career-fbi-agent-and-likely-together-during-accusation-letter-construct/)

    Ms. McMcLean, who worked with the FBI for 24 years, retired from when President Trump took office in 2016, denies being coached but did attend the Kavanaugh hearing with Dr. Ford. (https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/10/03/retired-fbi-agent-doj-lawyer-ms-monica-mclean-attended-kavanaugh-hearing-with-blasey-ford/)

    The articles above are well sourced and go into a lot of information and facts – none of which look good for Dr. Ford. And all of which raise more questions about her motives and truthfulness.


  3. Actually, Dr. Ford is turning out to be an interesting combination of space case/liar, victim/perpetrator, puppet and provocateur. Even though she will probably skate as far as consequences go, here’s what I REALLY hope will come of all this:
    1. EVERY red-state Democrat votes against confirming Kavanaugh.
    2. EVERY one of them loses in November, giving us a near supermajority in the Senate.
    3. And as a cherry on the sundae, Republicans even keep the House of Representatives, which heretofore I had expected would change hands.
    Seeing as how this whole smear campaign was launched by the Dems to get power, no revenge could be sweeter. I look forward to the Dems’ account of the last three weeks, titled “What The #%?!!€&! Happened?!”


  4. Women who lie about rape should be thrown in prison for a minimum of 10 years with no chance of parole.

    A woman who used to be a friend tried to get me to lie to her boyfriend who was also a friend of mine. I refused to cover for her. Her response was to go to all of our mural friends and say I told her I wanted to rape her. Luckily they knew she was lying.

    I had another friend hook up at a party. The next day she decided it was rape. The school got wind, kicked him out, and had him arrested. During the trial she started an online smear campaign against him. She posted his name, address, and phone number. Eventually she cracked and admitted to lying under oath. Nothing ever happened to her. Nothing. Even after he was found innocent the school refused to let him back in. To top it off, he was getting so many death threats online, over the phone, and left at his door he changed his name and moved across the country.

    People like this are why I don’t believe women.

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