Kavanaugh: “I did not have sex in high school or for many years thereafter”

Brett Kavenaugh, his wife, and his two daughters
Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, and his two daughters

So, Brett Kavanaugh did an interview where he and his wife answered questions about the vague and unsupported charges being made against him by registered Democrat women. In the interview, he explained that he did not have sex in high school or for many years thereafter, which is what you would expect from a Christian conservative.

Here’s part of the transcript from Daily Wire:

Brett Kavanaugh: […]When I was in high school – and I went to an all boys catholic high school, a judgment (ph) high school, where I was focused on academics and athletics, going to church every Sunday at Little Flower, working on my service projects, and friendship, friendship with my fellow classmates and friendship with girls from the local all girls Catholic schools.

And yes, there were parties. And the drinking age was 18, and yes, the seniors were legal and had beer there. And yes, people might have had too many beers on occasion and people generally in high school – I think all of us have probably done things we look back on in high school and regret or cringe a bit, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about an allegation of sexual assault. I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone. I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years there after. And the girls from the schools I went to and I were friends —

Martha MacCallum: So you’re saying that through all these years that are in question, you were a virgin?

Brett Kavanaugh: That’s correct.

Martha MacCallum: Never had sexual intercourse with anyone in high school –

Brett Kavanaugh: Correct.

I know this is going to be hard to believe for the average Democrat, since they seem to be incapable of understanding how seriously religious people take the moral demands of their religion. But take it from me, there are Christians who take the Bible’s teaching on sobriety and chastity seriously. I’m in my early 40s and still a virgin, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sex is for marriage. Period. People who are serious about their faith order their lives in a way such that they maintain their sobriety and chastity. Real Christians do.

Anyway, here’s a short clip showing his response above:

The full video is here.

But there’s something else I want to say about this, and about my alias.

Clarence Thomas

You see, I have known that women on the secular left made false charges for some time. My first exposure to the idea that women lied against innocent men for their own reasons was in Harper Lee’s book “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which I read in my freshman year of high school. The victim of the lies was a colored man, like me. I understood the message of the book very clearly.

This story came to life during the nomination of my favorite Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas looks a bit like me – we’re both non-white males. When I saw the Democrats put forward a woman who made unverifiable claims to try to stop a pro-life man from reaching the Supreme Court, I learned a valuable lesson. Secular leftists women will lie and ruin a man’s career in order to protect their right to have sex with hot bad boys, and escape the consequences. That’s what this is all about – promiscuity and abortion.

Take a look at Clarence Thomas’ response to the Democrat lies, and think about how this would have affected a young non-white male watching this, and thinking about his future, and wanting to have an influence as a Christian:

Sometimes, I look back on this testimony and think whether what happened to Clarence Thomas made me distrust women. Once I realized that women – that any woman – was capable of lying like this to punish a good man, I stopped believing that women were trustworthy by default. Certainly, what happened to Clarence Thomas pushed me towards becoming a software engineer – a high-earning, male-dominated field where I would have limited exposure to false accusations.

Later on, I would read the exit polls of elections. I experienced shock and disbelief about how many young, unmarried women wanted to identify as Democrats and support Democrat policies. It really became clear to me that I had to make decisions about education, career and finance that would avoid the risk of secular leftist women finding out what I really believed, and making false accusations at me to hold me back in my career, and in my life plan. I wasn’t quick enough at this, because once a woman who found out that I was a virgin and believed in chastity before marriage spread it all over a company I was interning with. Fortunately, this was just a contract job. But I was not offered a full-time job with them afterwards. I learned my lesson from that. Most good men can probably tell you a story like that – when they learned that being a good person would draw a hostile response from women who were interested in pursuing fun and thrills against the moral law, then escaping judgment and consequences afterwards.

I think women who imagine that they want to get married some day should really think about what message their silence in the face of injustices to people like Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh sends to young, successful conservative Christian men. Women, we are watching you. And we are evaluating you to see whether you are on the side of the radical feminists, or on the side of Christianity and conservative pro-family policies. So far, most women I’ve met seem to have a lot more allegiance for feminism than they do for morality, marriage and family.

Defending good men is not something that you can cram for at the last minute after wasting your life having fun with the wrong people and pushing policies that promoted selfishness. Good men will ask you questions, and if you’ve been on the secular left most of your life, you won’t know how to respond, and you won’t have any demonstrated actions to show that your allegiance is with us, instead of with the liars.

Don’t cry to good men later that you want marriage when you didn’t do anything to defend the honor and reputation of good men when we were under attack.

7 thoughts on “Kavanaugh: “I did not have sex in high school or for many years thereafter””

  1. A sub-point here: the incredulity of people in the secular world to a person telling them that he remained a virgin through his youth is so revealing. I’ve always thought that this is the real watershed moment whenever it happens. People who have chosen to go along, run their thinking by groupthink, conform to the water they swim in in contrast to people who’ve chosen to discern, think for themselves, and resist conformity. Also to respect an objective standard in the face of ridicule. There are many, many people who have elected to save sex for marriage no matter how long that will be.
    But the conformists cannot ackowledge that there are people who have a higher standard, and incidents like this remind them that they may have traded something precious for a mess of tasteless stew.

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    1. It’s frustrating. I think people on the secular project all their selfishness and sinfulness onto Christians and conservatives, imagining that we are living the same as them. So they interpret all our conversation about morality and conscience as hypocrisy. They just aren’t good at appreciating perspectives different from their own, and respecting the differences.

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  2. Agreed! To all the women who are attacking Kavanaugh, think about if it happened to your brother, your boyfriend, your husband, your dad, your own son etc… “always believe” is for helpless little children, NOT supposedly empowered women who can fight for themselves! Evidence must be considered, and both sides must be scrutinized! However, in this case I think they’re just playing the rape card, sort of like crying wolf, and it will hurt all real victims as now they will not be believed due to others making allegations just to smear people! As to the other point, you’re right too, in this hook up culture, it’s hard for these liberals to believe anyone could actually have some self control and wait! Insulting to many, like myself, too, but true! Any woman who wants a good husband should stand up for the men in their life, not demonize them and turn in the blink of an eye! I pity the men who are self-hating and drinking the #metoo kool aid also!

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  3. It’s crazy how many people believe that it’s impossibe to remain a virgin until marriage. It’s very honorable to have your lust under control and only have sex with the woman you want to spend the rest of your life and found a family with.

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  4. I never bothered to tell any non Christians that I was a virgin. I did have some that would ask if I did like women because they never saw me going on dates like them and I didn’t make rude comments and jokes to the women around us.

    Where I am the people I knew weren’t anti Christian so I am sure it wouldn’t have bothered most of them had they known. I just never bothered discussing the topic because other than if one brought it up personally for a discussion I would thar thought to discuss it


    1. We were looking through a book of Arthurian legend paintings that she had brought in, and I mentioned that Galahad was my favorite knight because he was chaste. And that went all over the office.


  5. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis (who apparently was quite the hound dog in his younger, pre-Christian days), whenever you have sexual relations with someone, you set up a permanent relationship that is to be eternally enjoyed, or eternally endured.


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