Democrats oppose bill to protect faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies

Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church
Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church

Republicans are doing a good thing by making sure that Christian-owned adoption agencies and foster-care agencies are allowed to operate in line with Christian moral values. They’ve introduced legislation to protect these businesses from being sued because they prefer to place children in homes where a mother and a father are present. The Democrats are not happy, though.

The Federalist explains:

A House committee passed a bill earlier this month that would allow faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies to continue operating in accord with their moral beliefs. Democrats responded calling the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act “disgusting, deeply immoral and profoundly offensive,” “unconscionable,” and “shockingly biased.”

The Inclusion Act was first introduced in 2014 to protect faith-based adoption agencies and foster care providers from state and local governments’ discrimination against their services solely because of their religious mission to place children in loving homes with both a mother and a father. The bill sought to counteract a growing trend of invidious discrimination on the basis of faith. It became even more necessary when the city of Philadelphia moved to shut down faith-based foster-care providers earlier this year.

The law doesn’t force LGBT-friendly agencies to do anything, it merely protects faith-based agencies from the kind of fascistic lawfare practices we’ve seen in the Masterpiece Cakeshop and Arlenes Flower’s cases, where Christians are bullied by the secular state to act as if they were non-Christians.

The article explains:

Different providers recruit different types of families. For example, Christian providers, which often work directly with churches or other faith-based charities, usually recruit Christian families. If you get rid of some of the providers, you get rid of some of the families. The fewer providers doing the work of recruitment, the fewer homes for children.

Simple enough, right? Yet the Left obfuscates by claiming LGBT couples should have a right to force providers to violate their faith or go out of business, while showing no concern for children in desperate need of families.

The fact that we are talking about shutting down adoption agencies and foster care providers in the midst of a nationwide opioid crisis, where thousands of children have been displaced from their homes and need families to take care of them, shows just how radical and heartless the progressive movement has grown on any issues labeled LGBT-related. Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, who voted unanimously to kill the Inclusion Act, made it clear: they would rather see children suffer than tolerate the very existence of faith-based providers. That position is not only indefensible, it’s immoral.

It is not the Christian-owned businesses who start these wars by trying to force their views on other people, it’s the secular authorities in Democrat-run cities and states who start it.


Since the legalization of same-sex marriage, faith-based child welfare providers have become an early and frequent target of the Left’s pressure campaign. In 2006, Boston Catholic Charities became the first major religious organization to end its adoption services when faced with a choice between violating state law or violating its religious mission of placing children with families with both a mother and a father. Since then, authorities in San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and Illinois have followed suit, forcing faith-based agencies out of their child welfare systems. In Illinois, 3,000 children were displaced as a result.

In Philadelphia, Catholic Social Services is fighting to keep its adoption agency’s doors open amidst pressure from city authorities to abandon its religious mission. The city is presently facing an adoption crisis and could badly use the help of providers such as Catholic Social Services, which currently has 35 open homes for children. Instead, Philadelphia has chosen to fight these faith-based providers in court, putting radical identity politics ahead of children’s real needs.

[…]A number of Catholic hospitals have faced lawsuits for declining to facilitate transgender mutilation procedures. States like California and Illinois have gone after pregnancy centers for refusing to promote abortion. Faith-based schools could also soon find themselves in danger of closure by blaspheming to adhere to leftist orthodoxy.

Furthermore, there are signs even churches could eventually find themselves under attack. In Iowa and Massachusetts, houses of worship have already had to take legal measures to combat attempts to force them to open their bathrooms and other public facilities based on an individual’s “gender identity,” which would violate their understanding of human nature. Given current trends, it seems unlikely these will be the last attempts to force churches to substitute political correctness for their doctrine.

When the secular left presents their views, they make themselves sound so nice and tolerant. But the truth is that they are the ones who weaponize the state and law to force Christians to act against their moral convictions, or be shut down. That’s actually happened with these Catholic adoption agencies.

It’s very important for Christians to be discerning about what the Bible actually says about issues like sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, marriage and so on. Because if Christians don’t inform themselves with facts, it’s very easy for them to be dragged along into supporting a progressive agenda because it’s presented to them as good and noble. We need to do a better job of thinking with our minds, instead of with our feelings. Especially when the issue is the safety and welfare of children. In the vast majority of cases, children do better with a Mom and a Dad, and that’s undeniable.

2 thoughts on “Democrats oppose bill to protect faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies”

  1. Come on, WK. You know that the feelings of the transgendered and the homosexuals is far more important than the health, safety and even lives of children. Get with the program.


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