A modest proposal for dealing with illegal immigrants at the border

Net annual cost of illegal immigration
Net annual cost of illegal immigration: 116 billion per year (Source: FAIR)

I want to write about Christian apologetics and moral issues, but all the news is about illegal immigration. So I feel that I must address some of the endless stream of lies and misrepresentations of the problem coming from the mainstream media.

Here is a helpful article from the Daily Signal that corrects four of the myths:

During the White House press briefing Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said: “This is a very serious issue that has resulted after years and years of Congress not taking action.”

Here’s a look at four of the more questionable claims made about the enforcement action.

“The Democrats forced that law upon our nation,” Trump asserted last week.

Democrats, backed by some media commentators, counter that it’s not the law but a Trump administration policy.

Actually, experts say, the situation is a combination of a bipartisan law and a Clinton administration policy.

In 1997, the Clinton administration entered into something called the Flores Settlement Agreement, which ended a class action lawsuit first brought in the 1980s.

The settlement established a policy that the federal government would release unaccompanied minors from custody to their parents, relatives, or other caretakers after no more than 20 days, or, alternatively, determine the “least restrictive” setting for the child.

In a separate development, in 2008 the Democrat-controlled Congress approved bipartisan legislation to combat human trafficking and President George W. Bush, a Republican, signed it into law.

Section 235 (g) in that law, the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, states that unaccompanied minors entering the United States must be transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement rather than to the Department of Homeland Security.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit expanded the Flores settlement in 2016 to include children brought to the country illegally by their parents.

For consistency between the provision of the anti-trafficking law and the 9th Circuit’s interpretation of the Flores agreement, children who came into the country illegally with parents had to be taken into HHS custody, said Art Arthur, former general counsel for Immigration and Naturalization Services (now known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as well as a former federal immigration judge.

“As soon as their parents are detained, the children are classified as unaccompanied,” Arthur, now a resident fellow for law and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Signal.

Some media outlets have called the practice of separating children from parents at the border “unprecedented” or a “new low” for the United States.

That is the most important point that needs to be corrected. It’s important to note that families seeking asylum that enter the country legally are NOT separated. The separation is only for people with minors who enter the country ILLEGALLY and then are caught. But the main point is that everything the media is complaining about today was legal under the Obama administration. The only difference is that the media at that time had no interest in making Obama look bad.

Now for something very helpful for this problem. Oh, it’s true that Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would immediately solve the problem and prevent it from happening again. His solution drew the praise of moderate conservative David French, who normally doesn’t like Ted Cruz, and favors ending family separation at the border for those caught entering the country illegally.

But that’s not the only solution that’s been proposed. Here is John Zmirak’s solution, which he posted at The Stream.

He writes:

Since the law won’t let us hold children more than 10 days, and the squealing elites won’t let us separate them from the adults who claim to be their parents, we need a sane compromise. One that:

  • Respects our national sovereignty and the rule of law.
  • Keeps families together.
  • Lets our bishops go back to attending George Soros’ conferences. And
  • Most important of all, heals Laura Bush’s broken heart. Hasn’t that woman suffered enough?

My plan shifts the cost of this complex policy where it really belongs. It offers the people who clamor the loudest from illegal immigration (and profit from it more than most) the chance to also absorb its costs. In the words of Nicholas Nassim Taleb, we offer them the privilege of having some “skin in the game.”

Yes, Harvard and Yale of course. In fact, all the Ivies. (Yes, Cornell counts.) Also Brandeis, Stanford, Duke and even those state universities that flirt with “elite” status, such as UNC and UVA. Out of respect for Catholic bishops’ firm stance on these issues, major Catholic schools should also take part, such as Georgetown and DePaul University.

At each of these schools the comfortable, often lavish dormitories currently inhabited by students should be filled with migrant families. Students, for their part, will reside in tent cities constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

I’m having a lot of debates lately with stupid, spoiled progressive millennials. They don’t know anything about the world, and they never cite anything to back up their claims. They think that they can pay off the debt by taxing the productive, but they don’t know what the debt is, nor how much the productive pay in taxes. They think that universal health care will reduce health care costs, but they don’t know how much it costs in other countries. They think that illegal immigrants, who by definition CANNOT pay income taxes, would be a net gain to the economy because they pay more in taxes than they use in education, health care, etc.

I really can’t stand these stupid stupid young people. And that’s why I have to say that the Zmirak proposal has a lot more going for it than the Cruz proposal. We definitely need to put the costs of leftist compassion onto the leftists. Maybe we could also house illegal immigrants in the homes of religious leaders who have spoken out in favor of illegal immigration.

6 thoughts on “A modest proposal for dealing with illegal immigrants at the border”

  1. When President Obama was distributing the thousands of children he allowed into the country around the nation, I said he should take responsibility and house and care for them all at the White House paying for them out of his pocket. This is a similar plan of “put your money where your mouth is” or “skin in the game.” I must admit I have not yet read Ted Cruz’s plan which is most likely more practical but would probably require bipartisan “hands on” which rubs both elite extremes as wrong, as in too hard for our comfort and/or political careers. Lord, help us!

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  2. I’d also like to point out the timing of it. It wasn’t a front and center issue during Obama’s “scandal free” administration. At least one of the pictures that are being used as an emotional appeal is four years old. Many celebrity politicians had much different views on criminal immigration than they do now. This issue gets a lot more focus than the rampant FBI corruption. The russian collusion fantasy needs more time to come true. Most importantly, this is just in time for the left to campaign on since the “blue wave” is more of a “blue leaky faucet” because of all their failed narratives and extreme stances on losing issues.


  3. I know too, a lot of this separation issue being demonized, and compared to the Holocaust or the slave trade is more liberal propaganda to tug at your emotions. When I first heard about it, I was puzzled too and thought there must be more to the story. Upon further research, it turns out the move may be best for the kids, as they could have been exploited by gangs and human trafficking, as well as being from 3rd world poverty and abusive parents. Sure, some probably came from parents with good intentions wanting a better life, but many are exploited and if they can’t prove the child is theirs, then they are taken for their own protection. The facilitates look clean and decent to me, not “concentration camps” by any means! The pictures of the big warehouses are for 75 hours only, or from the Obama administration used as propaganda against Trump! Hopefully, the kids may be given a better life staying in the US, but then again, the real question is who’s paying for all of it? I’m all for the kids getting better futures than their parents, but not if it means draining our resources and the welfare system from cradle to grave. The best solution for the US I think would be to deport the kids with their families. It’s harsh, but many could “cheat the system” by bringing their kids to be taken and housed in America. Deportation as a family would solve bringing the kids to be anchor babies…


  4. The fault lies not with the Trump administration, or with America or its immigration policies, or even Obama or Clinton.
    The fault lies with illegal aliens who bring their kids along with them as they flagrantly break the law.
    Setting a great example for their kids, aren’t they?


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