Radical feminists oppose shutdown of underage sex-trafficking site

Women's March
Women’s March

Wow! Read that tweet by the organizer’s of the Women’s March (which doesn’t even represent all women). A web site that facilitates “sex work” was shut down by the FBI, and the Women’s March is upset. What can it mean?

Well, here’s an article from The Federalist to explain. (H/T Sean M.)


Last Friday, the FBI seized Backpage.com, a website well known for facilitating the sale of trafficked minors, mostly girls, for sex all over the United States. On Monday, seven top Backpage officials were arrested after being indicted on 93 counts, including money laundering and facilitating prostitution, 17 cases of which involve trafficking victims as young as 14. The Washington Post says Backpage earned an estimated $500 million in prostitution-related revenue since its launch in 2004.

The National Center on Missing and Exploited Children reports that 73 percent of all child sex trafficking cases it has handled involved Backpage.com. According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Backpage reached 97 countries and was the world’s largest single facilitator of sex trafficking. NCOSE also reports that from January 2013 to March 2015, 99 percent of Backpage’s global revenue was attributable to prostitution advertising. During that time, it made nearly $51 million from prostitution ads in California alone.

The rest of the The Federalist article makes clear that nothing in that web site’s operations made sex-trafficking “safer” for women. In fact, the whole “sex work” business is dangerous for women:

While it’s impossible to say all women in prostitution are trafficked into it, numerous young women and girls tell us they were sold into sex against their will into the industry that traffickers, sex buyers, and their supporters try to legitimize with terms like “sex work.” We do know, thanks to the research of Melissa Farley at Prostitution Research and Education, that 70 percent of those in the sex industry link their entry to prior sexual abuse.

Most say they entered as minors, which in the United States qualifies as trafficking. Many enter feeling they have no other options, reducing the sense of free choice in the matter. Once they’re in, 89 percent of “sex workers” say they want to get out of the industry but feel they have limited options. You don’t call an industry safe when women are coerced into it and have difficulty getting out.

According to Farley’s comprehensive studies, as many as 99 percent of those in the sex industry have said they experienced violence within it. Thanks to ladies like Marian Hatcher, who leads the human trafficking division at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, we know that 37 children and adults between 2007 and 2016 were killed as a result of online sex ads like those at Backpage.com. You don’t call an industry safe when women face threats to their lives and agency within it.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to look back and see how we got to this point. Just a few decades ago, women generally did not have sex before marriage. Instead, they avoided sex with hot bad boys, found a man who could do husband roles early on, and got married. We had a lot of 40, 50 and 60 year marriages. Lots of children and grandchildren. Photo albums full of pictures. Family, relationships and community. In those days, women were more comfortable with the obligations of relationships, and they were happy to give up some freedom in order to have a strong family and home.

Today, things are different. Feminism won. Women don’t look for men who would make good husbands and fathers. Women don’t marry early because they see marriage as boring and sexist. Unfortunately, having a lot of fun with bad boys in your 20s isn’t a plan for the next 60 years of your life.

Instead of backtracking on their mistakes, the radical feminists are now telling us we have to go forward. How far forward? We have to normalize prostitution and sex-trafficking, too. Once upon a time we had rules around sex, and men played by those rules. Now, the old rules that protected women are gone, and the radical feminists are the ones driving it. Their ideology means more to them than women’s happiness and safety.

And it’s not just harmful sex work that the radical feminists support. Radical feminists also championed sex-selection abortions, which allows mothers to terminate their children for being the wrong sex. Radical feminists also support race-selection abortions, which allow mothers to terminate their children for being the wrong race. And no-fault divorce law were championed by radical feminists and their trial lawyer allies, resulting in an epidemic of fatherless children. Fatherlessness is really bad for little girls, and little boys, too.

Well, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see how radical feminism has made the lives of women, born and unborn, better. Just because a few women made poor choices with men, and got angry at all men, that isn’t a reason to let them burn down the institution of marriage. Maybe we should just encourage young women to make better choices about when to marry and who to marry than the bitter feminists did? That’s what we used to do, and it seemed to me that women were a lot safer and happier with that.

17 thoughts on “Radical feminists oppose shutdown of underage sex-trafficking site”

  1. “Feminism won”

    Should read: “Men let feminism take over”. What this post tells me is that its true: Women only care about themselves and couldn’t give a rats ass about what happens to others. Kids being trafficked for sex? Meh, who cares, so long as I can make a name for myself by standing up for sex workers rights and get my virtue signal on, its worth it. These are the most despicable people on the planet.

    There is a reason God put woman under the authority of a men, namely her father and her husband. There is a reason why He says He found one man out of a thousand with integrity and ZERO women. But, hey, who are we to point that out. Just misogynist pigs, I guess. Lord come quickly, I’m ready to leave.


    1. Erm. Not all women. Just unregenerate fallen women who need Jesus!
      We (human beings) are all self-centred without Christ – self and self-will is the root of sin.

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  2. In addition to SnapperTrx,
    Today, things are different. Feminism won. Women don’t look for men who would make good husbands and fathers. Women don’t marry early because they see marriage as boring and sexist. Unfortunately, having a lot of fun with bad boys in your 20s isn’t a plan for the next 60 years of your life.
    They do manage to marry later to beta white knight men, who pay the price for doing so! As long as these men continue to be the cannon fodder for the divorce courts, and divorce rape, they will continue to
    be that way, period! Those men get what they deserve!!!!
    Women have to be under the Authority of a good man!
    It will not work any other way!!!!!


    1. I have a friend who was previously married and I’m watching him scour the Christian dating sites to find a wife. So far, all the women have been disasters who went wild with alcohol and bad boys till they hit the wall at 30-40. I think k he’s searching because he’s already had sex and it had some effect on him. For guys like me who have stayed chaste through to 40, we aren’t as swayed by sex. We’re looking for character and demonstrated ability at Christian worldview. If we don’t find it, then we don’t feel obligated to do something stupid to “save the day”. I’m chivalrous, but you marriage is not the same as holding a door open for a woman.


      1. It might be more beneficial for him to scour realdoll.com instead of dating sites! 😆 Seriously, unless he is a younger guy if the only reason he is looking for a new woman to date/marry is sex he would save time, effort and money investing in an expensive toy that won’t cause him grief! It’s a horrible suggestion, I guess, but its were a lot of guys are going to be heading when they realize that women are quickly becoming a lost cause. Not all women, but even God said he searched and searched and found ONE man with integrity and ZERO women! Good luck to your friend!


      2. Praying for one of my sons who’s done that. I freaked inwardly when he told me. Now he’s dating someone with major baggage. Praying.


  3. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    The traditional family is the foundation of a free and prosperous society. We have destroyed that foundation and are reaping the harvest, particularly from fatherless boys (Florida, a recent example).

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  4. As an aside don’t feel bad WN. Many husbands get no more sex than you do 😉

    As another aside, I think sex is the only service that one can legally give away but cannot charge for. At least not cash.


  5. Not a surprising response; feminists don’t seem to care about anyone except themselves.

    I don’t think it’s possible to quantify the damage that feminism has done to our society; it’s poisoned everything from politics and families (women don’t have the right to a loving father apparently but that’s assuming their mother doesn’t just kill them in the womb) to art and beauty (fat acceptance, the trashy & lazy way that young women dress, etc).

    I think that if we could get stronger father figures into the lives of young women we might see some progress on this issue but with the way that fathers and young men are treated by society and the church this isn’t going to happen any time soon unless men fight for it.


  6. The tweet:
    “The crackdown on Backpage is not about ending trafficking; it’s motivated by the patriarchal notion that women should not be free to do what we want with our bodies…”

    Yeah, I’m sure it was about the “Patriarchy” and not about counter-trafficking despite being spearheaded and celebrated by counter-trafficking organizations like DeliverFund… (https://deliverfund.org/)

    These feminists are absolutely stuck on their own political agenda, I’ve been hearing about the issue of Backpage for a while now and it was massively used for evil. Shutting it down was 100% about protecting women and children from being easily sold.


  7. People on the left as a collective. Have a similar trait that they are ok with harm and bad ok of it is a consequence of what needs to happen to fulfill their agenda. Children forced to prostitution, abortion on demand… Pick any other topic.

    The similar trend is always turn a blind eye. Even their political heroes can be evil and that is ok if they push an agenda they like.


  8. Thanks for sharing this. God gave me a prayer challenge last month and that was to pray bigger, and when I asked how He said pray globally what is heavy on your heart and share the challenge with other prayer warriors and tell them to share the challenge with the intercessors they know. Each person’s prayer may be different than the one who shared the challenge with them but by each of us praying for a global need we will cover the earth and all the peoples needs in prayer. My cause to prayer for is human trafficking. There is a website priclessmovement.com where people can find organizations in their area that are fighting this.

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