J. Warner Wallace: I am not a Christian because it works for me


Here’s a must-read post from Cold-Case Christianity author J. Warner Wallace.


Life on this side of my decision hasn’t always been easy. It’s been nearly seventeen years since I first trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I still struggle to submit my prideful will to what God would call me to do. Christianity is not easy. It doesn’t always “work” for me. There are times when I think it would be easier to do it the old way; easier to cut a corner or take a short cut. There are many times when doing the right thing means doing the most difficult thing possible. There are also times when it seems like non-Christians have it easier, or seem to be “winning”. It’s in times like these that I have to remind myself that I’m not a Christian because it serves my own selfish purposes. I’m not a Christian because it “works” for me. I had a life prior to Christianity that seemed to be working just fine, and my life as a Christian hasn’t always been easy.

I’m a Christian because it is true. I’m a Christian because I want to live in a way that reflects the truth. I’m a Christian because my high regard for the truth leaves me no alternative.

I think this is important. There are people who I know who claim to be Christian, but they are clearly believing that God is a mystical force who arranges everything in their lives in order to make them happy. They are not Christians because it’s true, but because of things like comfort and community. But people ought to become Christians because they think it’s true. Truth doesn’t necessarily make you happy, though. Truth can impose intellectual obligations and moral obligations on you. Seeing God as he really is doesn’t help us to “win” at life, as the culture defines winning.

Winning in Christianity doesn’t mean making lots of money, or being famous, or winning human competitions, or being approved of by lots of people. Winning for a Christian might involve things like building relationships with people and leading them to know that God exists and who Jesus is. That has no cash value, and it’s not going to make you famous. Actually, it will probably cost you money and time, and make you unpopular with a lot of people.

The Bible doesn’t promise that people who become Christians will be happier. Actually, it promises that Christians will suffer for doing the right things. Their autonomy will suffer, as they sacrifice their own interests and happiness in order to make God happy, by serving his interests. Christianity isn’t something you add on to your before-God life in order to achieve your before-God goals. When you become a Christian, you get a new set of goals, based on God’s character and his design for you. And although you might be very successful in the world as part of serving God, there is no guarantee of that. Christianity is not life enhancement.

6 thoughts on “J. Warner Wallace: I am not a Christian because it works for me”

  1. Christianity may have many benefits that will take years to be noticed. Many won’t wait 30 or 40 years to see. Hey moat people are healthier late in life with out physical cost of drugs random sex and hard living destroying the body. And those hundreds of dollars saved weekly in not doing pointless sins.

    And as you get older if you save your money and have friends you rely less on needing the govt to provide most your income.

    But common sense and planning isn’t fun

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  2. Great post, WK!

    In this PC day and age, it is pretty easy to attract haters by standing for Christian Truth. Just tell everyone you know that abortion is child sacrifice (or murder), and gay “marriage” is a figment of their imagination. If you don’t get defriended and hated for that, then you must be waffling or not have many friends or family members.

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  3. Atheists don’t realize that at its core Christianity is denying the world’s way of thinking. Being loved isn’t required and in many cases may mean that we are onto the truth.

    Only weak people are intimidated by threats and the strong believing Christians will remain without the weak believers on the mix, so it ends up with a more pure Christianity.

    So the atheist hope of a world with no God or belief in God will never happen because forcing non belief in God will only purify the church from all the chaff believers


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