The Democrats who cried wolf: how incompetent Obama and corrupt Clinton lost the election

Why do people think that CNN are biased leftist clowns?
Why do people think that the mainstream media is biased against Republicans?

In the Tuesday elections, the Republican party won the Presidency, and held onto the Senate and the House of Representatives. Republicans also hold a majority of governorships and state legislatures.

How did this happen? Did the Democrats not paint all of their opposition as racist? Yes, they did. Did the Democrats not paint all of their opposition as sexist? Yes, they did. Did the Democrats not paint all of their opposition as Islamophobic? Yes, they did. Did the Democrats not paint all of their opposition as homophobic? Yes, they did.They said all those things. That’s how they talk about Republicans.

But this time, the American people did not accept the normal caricature of Republicans. This time, the voters decided to vote Republican in every possible race, in overwhelming numbers.


Rich Lowry of National Review explains:

Yet again, Democrats breathlessly declare the Republican candidate a Nazi — and wonder why no one is listening.

The Republican nominee for president is a racist, sexist threat to American democracy — and this time, we really mean it.

In a nutshell, this is the Democratic argument against Donald Trump. In a wild, topsy-turvy political year, it is the one exceedingly familiar piece of the political landscape — because it is a version of the argument the Left makes against every Republican nominee.

That this line of attack is so shopworn, just when Democrats think we need it most, has led to self-reflection and regret from one of the harshest commentators on the left. The HBO host Bill Maher said the other day that “liberals made a big mistake” when they attacked George W. Bush “like he was the end of the world,” and did the same thing to Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Maher himself was a prime offender, with no hesitation about resorting to Nazi analogies (he compared Romney’s aides to Adolf Hitler’s dead-end loyalists, and Laura Bush to Hitler’s dog).

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been touring the country saying that Trump isn’t like past Republican nominees, even though they were attacked in exactly the same terms.

George W. Bush was a man of deep faith who did all he could to reach out to minorities and soften conservatism’s edge. Yet right out of the gate in 2000, the NAACP ran an ad accusing him of being all but complicit in a hideous racist murder in Texas. His botched handling of Hurricane Katrina wasn’t portrayed as a mistake in trying circumstances, but of his disregard for black people. He was called a fascist, a war criminal, and a would-be theocrat.

Obama now says Romney was only “wrong on certain policy issues.” This is rank revisionism. His campaign’s entire approach in 2012 was to disqualify Romney as a person, basically for being too coldbloodedly rational and prim and proper (i.e., the opposite of Trump).

Romney was not, as an Obama ad put it, “one of us.” He basically killed people with his heartless layoffs. He posed a real and present danger to Latinos with his policy of “self-deportation.” He was waging a “war on women.” One prominent piece of evidence for Romney’s unhinged sexism was his entirely anodyne, if awkward, comment that he asked for “binders full of women” when making appointments as governor of Massachusetts.

Harry Reid infamously alleged, with no evidence whatsoever, that Romney didn’t pay taxes for a decade. When the Republican candidate released his returns, it turned out he had overpaid. And so it went.

It has always been the case that Republican leaders are retrospectively deemed statesmen by the Left when they are dead or retired. It has happened to Ronald Reagan, who went from a warmongering right-wing radical to a statesmanlike moderate; to George H. W. Bush, who was an out-of-touch elitist and now is the epitome of class; and to George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, who now are getting their revivals.

This isn’t about the softening passage of time so much as opportunistically using past Republican politicians as a bludgeon against contemporary Republican politicians.

Genuinely alarmed by Trump, Bill Maher apparently realizes how tinny it sounds to lodge against him all the accusations routinely made against any other Republican. It was just a couple of years ago that Paul Ryan – an earnest policy wonk who operates in the inclusive style of the late Jack Kemp – was attacked as a racist for commenting on men not working in troubled inner-city neighborhoods.

If this isn’t crying wolf, what is? Confronted with Trump, Democrats don’t have any radioactive denunciations in reserve. They have all been deployed against a couple of generations of Republicans whose politics and characters were starkly different than Trump’s. And will surely be deployed once again – the charges never change, just the target.

The problem is that the blame for the election cannot be placed on Republican voters being motivated by racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc. This election result was caused by two things: 1) the Democrats inflicted 8 years of failed social policy, fiscal policy and foreign policy on the American people, and 2) the Democrats ran the most entitled, secretive, corrupt candidate who has ever run in any American election.

The problem is that the average Democrat voter has not been following the news closely enough to understand how damaging the failed policies of Barack Obama have been, and  how bad their candidate really was.

The average Democrat voter:

  • does not know about Benghazi being blamed on a Youtube video.
  • does not know about the disasters in Libya and Egypt following our military interventions.
  • does not know about our failure to support pro-democracy forces in Syria, arm the Kurds, give anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, and give missile defense to European countries.
  • does not know about the details of the Iran nuclear deal.
  • does not know about the running of assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
  • does not know about the handing out of taxpayer money to green energy companies run by Obama bundlers.
  • does not know that Obama doubled the national debt from 10 to 20 trillion.
  • does not know that Christian business owners are forced to celebrate gay marriage and cover abortifacients in the health insurance plans they offer to employees.
  • does not know about illegal immigrants killing Americans after the federal government fails to deport them.
  • has not watched the Center for Medical Progress videos showing Planned Parenthood officials optimizing abortion procedures in order to maximize profit from organ trafficking.
  • has not watched the Project Veritas videos showing Democrats talking about organizing violence at Republican events, and organizing voter fraud.
  • does not know about terrorist attacks committed by Islamic refugees who were fast-tracked to green cards while skilled legal immigrants had to wait in line for decades.
  • does not know that Obama blocked construction of the Keystone pipeline, and that labor force participation is at a 30-year low because of Obama’s anti-business policies.
  • does not know that thousands of veterans have died waiting for healthcare, while VA bureaucrats falsified records and collected big performance bonuses.
  • does not remember how Democrat politicians wanted to give space to BLM rioters to break the law.
  • does not understand how Hillary circumvented information security policies to hide her emails from her employer, and how the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign donors in exchange for access and favors.
  • believes that Obamacare is working as designed, and that everyone kept their doctor, kept their health plan, and is now paying less premium, with a lower deductible.

The average Democrat voter is not well-informed, and does not realize that the average Republican voter is aware of all of these things and more – and that this is why the average Republican voter voted for a clown like Donald Trump, rather than vote for a corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton. They voted against Hillary because she intended to double down on policies that we all know have failed catastrophically.

In my experience, the Democrats I know never ask me to explain my views, nor do they read any new source or scholarly work that contradicts the caricature they have of Republican voters. Republicans are familiar with the views on the other side, but Democrats believe caricatures. At some point Democrats have to put truth above their need to feel superior to others, and get informed. Laughing at people who differ with you on serious issues for substantive reasons does not lead to irenic discussion.

The real losers of this election are the celebrities, entertainers and the mainstream media. They have lost their authority to scare Americans with caricatures of Republican political views. I am not happy at all with a Trump presidency, he has just done too many things to burn bridges with me: false accusations against Cruz, slandering George W. Bush, petty insults against Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, etc. But I am glad that Hillary Clinton lost the election and I am glad that the Democrats wasted so much money trying to get her elected. I am happy that the mainstream media lost. I hope that the people like Stephen Moore, John Bolton, Trey Gowdy, etc. who are on board with Trump (I’m not, I’m a #NeverTrump Cruz supporter) are able to punish the Democrats and shrink the size of government. That would be a really good thing for America.

Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy
Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy

My advice to Democrats is this: pick up a book by Thomas Sowell and read it. Try “Basic Economics”, which will teach you how different economic policies have actually worked out in different times and in different places. Then maybe you will have a more accurate picture of reality which will help you to understand what motivates the people who disagree with you on public policy.

15 thoughts on “The Democrats who cried wolf: how incompetent Obama and corrupt Clinton lost the election”

  1. The average Democrat voters do not care about any of your bullet points. They vote Democrat because of their identity, not because of their ideology.


    1. Do you think that they might be motivated by racism, sexism, and bigotry? I ask this because whenever I try to get into a policy discussion with some of the ones I work with, they start to talk about how much they hate white people, how much they hate men and how much they hate Christianity. Maybe they are just projecting their motivations onto conservatives?


      1. WK,

        The problem with the Democratic party is that it is comprised solely of progressive secularists or liberal Christians/Catholics, who themselves do not meet the basic criteria (the sine qua non) of true Christian faith. The mindset of the progressive secularist is fashioned by the two underlying philosophies that you often reference in your posts: a naturalistic version of neo-Darwinian evolution and post-modernism (or more technically, epistemological contextualism). This mindset over time, if not countered, begins to develop beliefs that the only two things that truly exist are the material world and the will of the individual. This worldview cannot incorporate notions like original sin or subservience to a transcendent power (i.e. God), because the individual will is supreme (and therefore supremely good, for it fashions its own standard of morality) . This is what Nietzsche called, “The Will to Power.” It is what drives the left. They don’t assume a discoverable truth that they then eventually should orient their lives around. Rather, they create narratives and look to impose them upon groups in the hope of establishing conditions that they will find preferential. This is the true nature of the vast majority of the Democratic party. One of the reasons why Republicans have struggled to counter-act this ideology, is because by-in-large the Republican party has still maintained (although it is dwindling) a majority of individuals, who believe that they should, minimally, make an endeavor at finding out the Truth about things. This is obviously noble, but at the same time, those in power have failed to create a unified narrative that presents that Truth in a impactful and compelling way. The democratic party has given itself over to simply story-telling for the sake of holding onto worldly power and prestige, but because they focus only on story-telling, they have become quite good at it. This election is almost miraculous, because it appears as if the American people actually saw through these tall-tales, in spite of all the media bias that spins it out 24-hours, 7 days a week. At the highest levels this “democratic” ideology is probably motivated by greed, at the lowest levels by fear. The country used to have the Judeo-Christian worldview as its guiding narrative. This was and, as we know, is the only view that combines both Truth and narrative. It will be interesting to see how much Truth Trump will bring back into the narrative that he’s entitled “Making America Strong Again.”


  2. My first feeling is that while a vote for Trump was a vote against Clinton for many. Secondly, i think that your calling out economics and, more specifically trade policy, is why states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and potentially Michigan (too close to call) went Republican.


  3. My concerns for a Trump presidency are these:

    There is the risk of confusing Trump and his policies with the best ideas of free market economics. Trump has suggested some policies that conservative (or libertarian) economists have long rejected.

    There is the risk of confusing Trump with conservative Christianity. Trump has acted and spoken in ways that Christianity does not condone. And any claims he’s made to being part of the flock are highly suspect (by any meaningful definition of the word “Christian”).

    There is the risk of confusing Trump with the perspectives of the average American. Trump has said and done a lot of things that make even his most ardent supporters cringe.

    There is the risk that those strongly identifying with the Republican Party will be unwilling to criticize President Trump, thus leading to the idea that Republican is now equal to Trumpism.


    1. I agree with you. That’s why I am #NeverTrump. I think we are going to be in big trouble because he won. My post is a correction to those on the left who are obsessed with hating whites (racism), men (sexism), and Christians (bigotry). I want them to understand that they lost the election by resorting to name-calling, because conservatives had authentic, policy-oriented concerns about a Hillary presidency which would have secured and perpetuated eight years of failure by incompetent Obama. They dismissed our substantive concerns and called us names instead, and they lost.


  4. “Crying wolf” is an interesting analogy. I think it is a pretty valid point here, too. When each and every Republican candidate has been put forward as an evil, woman-hating Nazi, it becomes a tired argument. It’s obviously false to say that of people like Bush, McCain, and Romney, but the “argument” was used anyway, and it worked. But it also meant it was trod upon and retreaded for this election (I saw ads in Iowa that did the same thing for the Republican nominees for the House and Senate). It had lost its effectiveness.

    But that meant that, going with the analogy, when the wolf shows up–a man who has recordings of himself talking about sexual assault with numerous accusations swirling around him, not to mention attacks on religious liberty in the form of talking about banning people of one faith from the country, etc., etc.–the argument just seemed tired. Ho hum, in fact. Yeah, yeah, of course the accusations will be made that this go-round the Republican nominee is a woman-hating crazy man. That’s what they’ve been saying about every Republican ever!

    Unfortunately, like the boy who cried wolf, the fallout is going to be pretty rough here. Maybe, hopefully, it will usher in an era in which policies can be debate much more thoroughly. And, let’s be honest, Trump could have easily been attacked on policies because they go against the voter base that lined up to support him (i.e. protectionism, etc.)!

    It was a rough election. I’m hoping it will serve as a really rude awakening for both major parties to see how many fled to third parties and how ineffective some forms of campaigning were. Maybe, just maybe, we can get back to talking about policy and the like. But I fear the storm we’re going to have to weather before that will be severe.


  5. Well said. I was #nevertrump and #neverhillary, but I’m really glad she lost. Good riddance! Hoping Trump keeps at least a couple promises and isn’t just the usual Leftist (if he had run as a Democrat all his supporters would have hated him). All in all, it was a best-case-scenario yesterday. So glad some people ignored the media.

    And isn’t it delicious how the Leftist media and the DNC created the Trump phenomena and their monster turned on them?! Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

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