Clinton VP Tim Kaine co-sponsored bill to overturn every pro-life law, nationwide

Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood
Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood

I have nothing positive to say about Donald Trump, although I very much like his VP pick Mike Pence. But I don’t like Hillary Clinton, or her VP pick Tim Kaine.

Life News reports on Kaine’s pro-abortion record:

Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion running mate Tim Kaine will be a participant in tonight’s vice presidential debate. One question moderators should consider asking him that’s why he is co-sponsoring a radical bill that would overturn every single pro-life law Nationwide.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates are promoting the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act. It’s radical pro-abortion legislation that they are hoping to be able to get through Congress despite pro-life Republicans controlling both chambers currently.

LifeNews spoke with Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee about the legislation. He says it’s one of the most extreme pro-abortion pieces of legislation ever introduced in Congress. It’s so extreme that the typical pro-abortion members of the house and the Senate have co-sponsored the bill but so has Tim Kaine who claims to be a Catholic with a moderate position on abortion.

“This is the most extreme pro-abortion bill ever introduced in Congress.  It would invalidate nearly all state laws that apply to abortion, including waiting periods and laws to protect the conscience rights of pro-life health care providers, and would require funding of abortion in most government health programs,” Johnson explained. “It would also render meaningless nearly all limits on late abortions.  It would more accurately be titled the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.”

“Yet, 35 senators and 143 House members, all Democrats, have co-sponsored this radical bill — including vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine,” Johnson added.

Kaine has said he thinks women should be able to abort their babies and has added that he is going to “get comfortable with” Hillary Clinton’s push for free abortions paid for by American taxpayers.

We have enough trouble getting Christians to be pro-life without having high-profile pro-abortion people claiming to be Christian.

My position on this election is that people can vote for Trump-Pence if they want, as long as they admit Trump’s problems and don’t lie for him. But I am recommending that no one vote for Clinton-Kaine. These two do have a record of political action, and it is very much against the causes that I believe in, as a Christian and a conservative.

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