How Obama lies about terrorism in order to justify closing Guantanamo prison

Is Barack Obama focused on protecting the American people?
Is Barack Obama focused on protecting the American people?

How do you close a prison that contains senior terrorists who were captured on the battlefield while trying to kill American soldiers?

You have to lie to the American people, that’s how.

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard explains:

Almost seven years later, much to Obama’s frustration, the facility remained open. Closing it had proved much more challenging than Obama had theorized as a candidate trying to win an election and a new president acting on his idealism. It turned out that the jihadists who remained in Guantánamo were there for a reason. Many of them were truly, as the cliché had it, “the worst of the worst.” Al Qaeda leaders, top Taliban officials, the men who planned the 9/11 attacks, veteran jihadists caught plotting follow-on attacks on U.S. interests, and even those al Qaeda operatives believed to be charged with carrying out the next wave of assaults on the U.S. homeland.

The news in the president’s interview wasn’t that he intended to make good on his promise to close Guantánamo, however belatedly. It was instead the president’s attempt to mislead the American people to accomplish his controversial objective.

“I am absolutely persuaded, as are my top intelligence and military advisers, that Guantánamo is used as a recruitment tool for organizations like ISIS,” Obama said, endeavoring to create a national security rationale for closing the detention facility. “And if we want to fight them, then we can’t give them these kinds of excuses.”

This isn’t true. There is virtually no evidence that jihadists use Guantánamo as a significant recruiting tool, and national security experts from across the political spectrum who have tested the claim have judged it false.

He wasn’t finished. “Keep in mind that between myself and the Bush administration hundreds of people have been released and the recidivism rate—we anticipate, we assume that there are going to be—out of four, five, six hundred people that get released—a handful of them are going to be embittered and still engaging in anti-U.S. activities and trying to link up potentially with their old organizations,” Obama said.

That wasn’t true. When Obama made this claim, 653 detainees had been released. Of that group, 196 had been confirmed (117) or suspected (79) of returning to jihadist activity upon their release. Those numbers came from the office of the director of national intelligence and represent the U.S. government’s official count of Guantánamo recidivism. Nearly one-in-three former detainees returned to the fight, not a “handful,” as the president suggested.

There was more. “The bottom line is that the strategic gains we make by closing Guantánamo will outweigh, you know, those low-level individuals who, you know, have been released so far.”

Again, false. The U.S. government—under George W. Bush and Barack Obama—has released dozens of veteran jihadists whose terror résumés include senior positions in al Qaeda and like-minded groups. And of course Obama had himself transferred five senior Taliban officials to Qatar in order to secure the release of Bowe Bergdahl.

So, at a time of escalated threat levels from international terrorists, the president of the United States is releasing dangerous jihadists against the advice of the military and intelligence professionals who have studied the threat for years, and he’s lying to the American people to downplay the threat.

Who is Obama protecting when he releases ISIS commanders for a deserter like Bowe Bergdahl? Not us, and not our allies. He’s protecting Islamic terrorists. Does he not know what they are doing to their victims in the Middle East, or does he know and just not care?

Consider this article from the far left UK Independent:

A Yazidi girl who was repeatedly raped by Isis fighters set herself on fire to make herself unattractive to the men.

The teenager, who asked to be identified only as Yasmin, had escaped Isis captivity and was in a refugee camp in Iraq when she thought she heard Isis soldiers’ voices outside her tent.

She said she doused herself in petrol and set her body alight in a deliberate attempt to disfigure herself. The flames burned her hair and face, also badly damaging her nose, lips and ears.

The 18-year-old is one of 1,100 refugee women and girls who have been brought from refugee camps in the Middle East to south western Germany for specialist psychological treatment.

Do Democrat voters care about the victims of terrorism? Gay marriage, subsidies for abortionists, welfare and free condoms – that’s what Democrats care about. There just wasn’t any concern about Islamic terrorism during the 2008 and 2012 elections. ISIS didn’t exist when American troops occupied Iraq – the vacuum created by us leaving created ISIS. This epidemic of rape of Yazidi women is what Democrat voters wanted. They voted for this, they wanted it.

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