What is Planned Parenthood?

Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood
Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood

This article from Live Action News lists 5 main points that describe Planned Parenthood.

They are:

  1. Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s number one priority.
  2. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have mechanisms in place to help pregnant women who want to stay pregnant and need prenatal care.
  3. Planned Parenthood has never done a mammogram, and the self-breast exams can be done by women at home for free.
  4. Planned Parenthood routinely gets caught breaking the law.
  5. They charge more for the services they do provide than you would pay for the same service at a real health clinic. And they over-bill the government for it, too.

Here is a short video on the first point, for those who cannot read the whole article:

Even those who are pro-abortion should be concerned about the last two points.

Let’s see the details on the fourth one – breaking the law:

One Live Action investigation on Planned Parenthood’s complicity in sex trafficking revealed that “seven Planned Parenthood clinics in four different states were willing to aid and abet the sex-trafficking of minor girls by supplying confidential birth control, STD testing, and secret abortions to underage girls and their traffickers.”

Live Action also exposed that the abortion chain was willing to cover up sexual abuse. Live Action reported: “Investigations found eight Planned Parenthood clinics in five different states were willing to cover-up sexual abuse, disregarding mandatory suspected statutory rape reporting laws.  Clinics also provided instructions on how to circumvent parental consent laws.

Of course, The Center for Medical Progress blew away any doubts that the abortion chain had altruistic motives when last summer it exposed the abortion giant’s motives to obtain aborted baby parts for use in research. While the abortion giant denied making any profit from its human fetal tissue dealings, it’s become clear there is profit involved. In fact, a congressional committee has been investigating the abortion chain’s wrongdoing since last summer and has found several indicators of questionable legal issues regarding human fetal tissue practices related to the nation’s abortion facilities. One name that appears throughout the committee’s investigation is Planned Parenthood, as indicated in this report.

And the fifth point – over-billing the government:

The abortion chain routinely over-billed Medicaid for its costs, and even admitted it last year. A former Planned Parenthood employee, Sue Thayer, filed a lawsuit against her former employer. Alliance Defending Freedom, who represented her, reported:

Sue found out that Planned Parenthood does whatever it can to cut costs and raise revenue—particularly on the abortion and birth control side of the business. After contracting with drug companies to purchase birth control pills at a bulk discount of about $2.98 per one 28-day cycle, Planned Parenthood would bill Medicaid for $35 and be reimbursed about $26. And, without reporting it to Medicaid, they would also collect a “donation” from the woman to help offset the cost of the “free contraception.” But double-dipping in the profit of birth control still wasn’t enough.

It’s apparent that profit is the motivation behind everything Planned Parenthood does. It behooves the abortion chain to offer “cancer screenings” and other legitimate services because they can bill Medicaid for the costs–and over-bill Medicaid, by its own admission.

Why do the Democrats who run the government give money to an organization that does these things? Answer: because Planned Parenthood gives political donations to the Democrats, and they need that money to win elections.

Do you want to be on their team?

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