Ontario government-run schools deny parents opt-out from pro-gay curriculum

Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau
Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau march in gay pride parade

Remember the curriculum that was designed by the Liberal Party child pornographer? Well, Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne isn’t going to give parents any opt out from it for their children.

Life Site News explains: (H/T Tim and William)

If anyone doubts that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government will overrule parental rights in favour of its inclusivity agenda on behalf of LGBTTIQ — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, queer and questioning — students and parents, the evidence — literally — points clearly and abundantly to the fact that it will, and is.

And if anyone doubts that teachers in the public school system are encouraged to bring up references to LGBTTIQ issues in any and all subjects at their discretion, because equity and inclusivity is embedded in the curriculum, again, the evidence is in.

That evidence is found in the opposition factums in the Steve Tourloukis case, heard June 23 by Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Reid, and in which the Wynne Liberal government intervened on behalf of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, as did the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

“Requests to exempt students from the very portions of the curriculum that promote diversity, inclusivity and acceptance cannot be granted without the risk of appearing to endorse the non-acceptance of students of other races, sexual orientations, family backgrounds, gender expression and gender identities,” states the Attorney General of Ontario’s factum.

[…]“Children who are themselves LGBT, who had LGBT parents, family or friends, or who had experienced homophobic or transphobic bullying based on being perceived as LGBT, could feel less valued and accepted if the Applicant’s children left the room every time people like them or their family or friends were discussed,” stated the document, submitted by lawyers Josh Hunter and Emily Bala.

The government lawyers argued that, given “the Legislature’s pressing and substantial objective of ensuring that public schools are accepting, inclusive, and diverse,” it follows that “permitting the Applicant’s children to leave the classrooms whenever planned lessons communicate acceptance of different family backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities or gender expression would undermine that Legislative purpose.”

HWDSB lawyer Mark Zega argued much the same.

“How could the Board provide an accommodation that would forbid a teacher from stating that there is nothing wrong with same-sex marriage and allowing a child to leave class every time such a topic arises, when the Board is required to discourage homophobia in schools?”

This, he stated, “would amount to an implicit condemnation of person who have suffered prejudice and stereotyping, and who have been singled out on the basis of their sexuality.”

Christian parents are allowed (and even required by law) to pay taxes that pay the salary of the Ontario premier, the Ontario attorney general, the Ontario judges, the Ontario lawyers, the Ontario school administrators and the Ontario teachers. Their money is good enough for the Liberal Party and for the government-run public schools that serve the Liberal Party. But their human rights are not good enough for the Liberal Party. Only the human rights of the Liberal Party and their allies matter.

Let’s look at the particular case where this all came out:

Tourloukis, as readers may know, is the Hamilton dentist and father of two who asked his public school to give him advance notice when teachers would be presenting on a number of sensitive subjects, so he could decide if his children could opt out, if they risked being exposed to “false teaching” according to their Greek Orthodox faith.

These topics included, among others, “discussions or portrayals of sexual conduct that he determines to be unnatural/unhealthy (anal sex, oral sex, sadism, masochism, fetishes, bondage, etc.),” and “discussions or portrayals of homosexual/bisexual conduct and relationships and/or transgenderism as natural, healthy.”

When Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board refused his request, Tourloukis launched a legal action in 2012, asking for court declarations that he has final say over what his kids are taught in school, and that the school board’s refusal to give him advance notice violates his Charter rights.

[…]Tourloukis was informed “that all educational materials could potentially conflict with his stated objective, as equity and inclusivity principles are integrated and embedded within Ontario public education and within the Board,” noted the board’s factum (emphasis added).

The Ontario government argued the same.

If the Tourloukis children were permitted to opt out at their father’s request, they could end up “missing a substantial portion of the school year given the breadth of the Applicant’s religious objections, including in particular the fact that principles of equity and inclusive education are embedded throughout the curriculum the Board is mandated to teach to all its students” (emphasis added).

That LGBTTIQ issues could be raised in any subject is clear from the 2014 update of the Equity and Inclusive Strategy (EIE), first introduced in 2009 under then education minister Kathleen Wynne, herself a lesbian “married” to another woman.

The EIE Strategy aims to help school boards move “beyond tolerance and celebration to inclusivity and respect,” stated the Attorney General’s factum.

The updated guidelines “note that the principles of equity and inclusivity need to be reflected throughout the curriculum and learning materials so that students can ‘see themselves reflected in the curriculum’.” One example is “using texts written by gay/lesbian authors.”

As I said before, this was all done with the consent of false Christians over the last few decades – when economically illiterate “Christians” became obsessed with feelings and peer approval to the point where they were willing to vote to expand a secular leftist government in order to get free health care – which now means free sex changes, free IVF, free birth control, free abortions, etc. This was more important to Canadian “Christians” than their own freedom of conscience and religious liberty. In Canada, Christianity is shallow, anti-intellectual and disconnected from practical realities.

If you want to know how things will go in the United States, you should look north to Canada. They are about 5-10 years ahead of us. It’s very important for Christians to take note of what gay activists and their allies in secular leftist parties like the Liberal Party or the Democrat Party are doing to put gay rights above religious liberty rights.

2 thoughts on “Ontario government-run schools deny parents opt-out from pro-gay curriculum”

  1. Not all of us are “Christians” in Canada, some of us are the true believers. I can tell you it’s surreal to watch darkness slowly descend over the country.


  2. This is exactly why we, Christian conservatives, should consider making a sacrifice for God and move to blue states. It is more than a far gone conclusion that HRC will be the next president and the Supreme Court will have a liberal majority for the simple reason there aren’t enough of “us” to get a Republican candidate to 270 electoral votes.

    If we take the easy way out and continue to live in homogenous red states where a majority of the population agrees with us, we will never ever win the Presidency nor take back SCOTUS. We have to follow WK’s advice of doing not what feels good for ourselves or to be liked by our like minded peers but instead what is good for God, which is for a some of us to relocate to blue states. We can then begin to influence people to our views at the source and eventually flip these states to purple or red states.

    It will not be easy and will take decades but we have to started yesterday or else our way life will continue on this downward spiral.

    This is why I respectfully disagree with WK when he says don’t ever move to blue states because of the latest anti-Christian/abortion/religious freedom/gun laws. The best way to solve this problem is to attack it at it’s source which is to cross into enemy lines and defeat the enemy from within. We have to prophetize Christianity where it is needed most and it’s not in Texas or Arkansas, it’s at the left coast and Northeast corridor.

    Love to hear your thoughts on this, WK!


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