Obama administration gave Planned Parenthood $550 million in 2015

Barack Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood
Barack Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood

The Daily Signal reports:

Whether you’re a painter, pastor, lawyer, or laborer (pro-life or pro-abortion), you work for Planned Parenthood. A portion of every paycheck goes to the world’s leading abortion business through the federal and state taxes allocated by your elected representatives and the unelected bureaucrats they empower.

For the fiscal year ending in June 2015 (just before the Center for Medical Progress videos were released), over $550 million of your hard-earned tax dollars went to Planned Parenthood.

Bad, especially if you are a pro-life taxpayer.

But there is good news – in the United States, we have federalism, and individual states have acted to stop the funding of abortion providers.

Since the authenticated Center for Medical Progress videos were released showing Planned Parenthood officials bartering over the prices of baby body parts, 15 states have taken action to end or limit its taxpayer subsidies.

Here are just a few examples of what state legislatures and governors have done:

  • New Hampshire canceled over $600,000 in annual state grants to Planned Parenthood.
  • Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas moved to exclude Planned Parenthood from the states’ Medicaid programs “for cause,” citing its waste, abuse, and potential fraud and the evidence of violations of the law and ethics demonstrated in the Center for Medical Progress videos.
  • Wisconsin and Arizona have slashed the Medicaid reimbursement for certain drugs for entities like Planned Parenthood that receive them at artificially low rates under a federal government program, denying them windfall profits and making those funds available to more women and families.
  • Ohio, Florida, Utah, and Wisconsin have also eliminated Planned Parenthood from other federal and state grant programs administered by the state.

These actions have potentially eliminated tens of millions in annual taxpayer subsidies going to Planned Parenthood. This represents a small part of the hundreds of millions that it receives, but it is a solid start. And these efforts may at least cut into the $59 million in “excess revenue” the abortion outfit reported last year alone.

Now, I read the $59 million in “excess revenue” figure as Planned Parenthood’s PROFIT off their terminations, and selling the body parts of the unborn victims to the highest bidder.

Remember the Republican bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood? The Democrat President Obama vetoed that bill. It was passed by a majority of Congressmen and Senators, but Obama is a Democrat, and he vetoed the bill. Do you know anyone who claims to be pro-life who voted for Obama? Maybe you should ask them about that veto, and about the $550 million subsidy.

One thought on “Obama administration gave Planned Parenthood $550 million in 2015”

  1. I’ve had many pro-choice advocates here in blogland take exception to my calling legalized abortion a genocide. The most-often cited reason is that the killing is not systematic.
    I don’t know how abortion on demand could be more systematic by definition.


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