Hillary Clinton e-mail administrator to plead the fifth

Hillary Clinton look bored about the deaths of 4 Americans who asked for her help
Hillary Clinton look bored about the deaths of 4 Americans who asked for her help

This is from The Hill.


The man believed to have set up and maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server will assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answer questions as part of an open records lawsuit against the State Department.

Bryan Pagliano will decline to answer questions from Judicial Watch, the conservative legal watchdog group, during a deposition scheduled for Monday, his lawyers wrote in a court filing on Wednesday afternoon. 

The move forecloses the possibility that Pagliano would break his months of silence about the server issue, even as scrutiny has intensified on his role.

Pagliano’s lawyers told Judicial Watch more than a week ago that he would not be answering any questions, they claimed in their filing on Wednesday, and asked that it drop its subpoena. The organization refused.

In the filing, Pagliano’s lawyers tried to have a federal judge block Judicial Watch from recording his deposition, given his planned refusal to answer questions.

[…]“Given the constitutional implications, the absence of any proper purpose for video recording the deposition, and the considerable risk of abuse, the court should preclude Judicial Watch … from creating an audiovisual recording of Mr. Pagliano’s deposition,” they wrote.

Videotaped depositions “pose a serious danger to deponents invoking the Fifth Amendment,” the lawyers added, pointing to past court decisions warning that the video makes a good “soundbite.”

[…]The IT expert has previously refused to answer questions on Capitol Hill, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights before the House Select Committee on Benghazi and rejecting requests from leaders of the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security committees to answer their questions.

Last month, the State Department said that it had lost the backup archive of Pagliano’s emails from his time at the department. However, it had been able to cobble together some emails through the accounts of other officials.

The sound bite of the IT administrator pleading the fifth would make a wonderful ad against Hillary. And don’t forget how Lois Lerner of the IRS also pleaded the fifth about the Obama administration’s persecution of conservative and Christian groups in an election year. These Democrats wouldn’t want to incriminate themselves and go to jail, would they? Better to plead the fifth and avoid being held accountable for what you did. It’s the Democrat way.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton e-mail administrator to plead the fifth”

  1. Yes, it is the democrat way. Miss sagging wonder woman should be on the carpet for her supposed ignorance. Why is she not being held accountable? Mr. Sorros’s money and Saudi money are paving the way to oblivion. Far too many liberal dim wits.


  2. The questions I need answered before I’ll vote for her

    In an interview you laughed about killing Qaddafi. Killing a man, any man, is serious business. It is no small matter. It’s not funny.
    My first question is; why did you laugh about taking a man’s life?
    My second question is; do you enjoy the death of others?
    My third question is; what’s wrong with your soul?


    1. Killing Khadafi opened a power gap for the Muslim Brothermood to walk into, and now Islamic State is battling is out with Asisi in Egypt, thanks to Hillary’s stupidity and irrational emotionalism. Pray that IS doesn’t win there.


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