Accountability: VA officials who were suspended with pay return to work

VA health care wait times
VA health care wait times

This is from the Washington Free Beacon.


Veterans’ Affairs health system in Phoenix, Arizona, who were suspended following revelations of fake waitlists and delayed patient care will return to agency jobs Monday.

The Arizona Republic reported:

Lance Robinson, associate director of the Phoenix VA Health Care System, will be assigned as a planner at the VA’s southwest regional office in Gilbert, known as VISN 18, according to spokeswoman Jean Schaefer. Brad Curry, the system’s chief of Health Administration Services, will serve as a data analyst. The two men have been focal points in a controversy over the VA’s perceived failure to hold leaders accountable for mismanagement and misconduct that caused a breakdown in care for veterans in Arizona and nationwide.

Robinson and Curry were placed on paid leave and given termination notices in May 2014. During their suspensions, they have been given hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits.

[…]Thousands of veterans were placed on fake waitlists at VA hospitals in recent years. Dozens of veterans died while waiting for care at the Phoenix hospital.

Let’s review what the problem is, using this article from Breitbart News.


The Department of Veterans Affairs office Inspector General has released a report revealing that about 307,000 sick veterans have died while waiting for care on the VA’s eligibility waiting list. In fact, the report finds that many have been dead for more than four years.

Now, what does Hillary Clinton think of the VA scandal? Is it a serious issue?

Not so much:

She says: “It’s not been as widespread as it has been made out to be”.

2 thoughts on “Accountability: VA officials who were suspended with pay return to work”

  1. It’s interesting how they apply the “if it saves one life” trope. Reforming the VA, nope. Disarming the public, yep. Abortion, nope, not even if it saves women’s lives from monsters like Kermit Gosnell. Chipping away at the first amendment with hate speech laws, yep.

    I wish I could find a pattern there.


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